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Easyship Integrates with Linnworks for Total Shipment Management

Simplify your inventory management with an end-to-end shipping integration.
Easyship Integrates with Linnworks for Total Shipment Management
Ian Heinig

By Ian Heinig


October 18, 2021

Linnworks integrates with Easyship to harmonize your inventory management with all things shipping. With Easyship, Linnworks merchants gain a suite of multi-channel shipping and fulfillment features that help put operations on autopilot, including automated label generation, global tracking, and discounted shipping rates up to 70% off. Best of all, you can manage all your shipment activity right in Linnworks.

Foco is an NFL-certified apparel retailer that uses Easyship with Linnworks to simplify and save on shipping at every step. Disappointed with its previous tech, Foco sought a new platform solution that could save both time and money at once. In Easyship, Foco gained a comprehensive solution that integrated seamlessly with its tech stack for total shipment management.

Every Linnworks merchant can use Easyship for free for 50 shipments each month. Here’s what you can look forward to with your free integration.

Sync Inventory in Seconds

It takes just a click to integrate Easyship with Linnworks. Once synced, you can manage all your shipping and fulfillment activity in the Linnworks dashboard, including:

  • Generate shipping labels;
  • Access discount shipping rates;
  • Automate returns;
  • Coordinate global tracking
  • Brand your post-purchase experiences;
  • And much more.

To Foco’s delight, Easyship integrates with the warehouse management solutions (WMS) of its fulfillment partners. This allowed Foco to switch seamlessly from Shipstation (the brand’s prior solution) to Easyship without missing a delivery. After a quick integration, Foco was able to manage all its inventory, shipments, and returns at every fulfillment location in one simple dashboard.

To add Easyship’s shipping and fulfillment capabilities to Linnworks, just follow our guided integration flow.

Generate Shipping Labels Automatically

Linnworks merchants save time on fulfillment with the Easyship integration. Easyship allows you to automatically generate all shipping documents for all shipments, including:

  • Shipping labels
  • Return labels
  • Packing slips
  • Customer invoices
  • Customs documents (if applicable)

Foco uses automated document generation from Easyship to sail through fulfillment without a second thought. When an order comes in, all the required shipping paperwork is created instantly in both Linnworks and Easyship. Labels are ready to download and print from the order tab in Linnworks or the Easyship dashboard. By cutting out a step, Foco and many others save hours per week once spent on making documents ready for orders.

Labels on autopilot are doubly helpful for international shipments, which can be delayed at customs by inaccurate paperwork. With Easyship, though, every cross-border shipment to Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Canada comes with the paperwork needed to reach customers without getting hung at customs. With zero guesswork, Foco fulfills orders faster for greater customer satisfaction.

Save on Discount Shipping Rates

With Easyship, you can browse and buy discounted shipping labels right in your Linnworks dashboard. Ship with your favorite services from USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and 250+ global couriers. When you create a shipment in Linnworks, you can browse and buy discounted shipping labels at up to 70% off retail.

All shipping rates are sourced in real-time from courier sites and discounted automatically in the “Get a Quote” tab, as shown below.

Foco, which offers options for standard, expedited, and free shipping – saves 30% on USPS First Class Mail used for lightweight shipments. Expedited USPS deliveries save 5-10%. Research shows that cheaper shipping rates both raise the bottom line, but also reduce rates of cart abandonment with price-sensitive shoppers.

For a sample of your best savings, get an instant rate quote with our free shipping rate calculator.

Add Shipment Visibility to Linnworks

Easyship allows for total inventory visibility at every stage of the shipment journey. Faced with rising rates of returns and delivery errors, it’s best to be able to monitor shipments all the way to delivery (and back, sometimes). This way, you can be responsive to customers, proactive about resolution, and pave the way for customer satisfaction.

With Easyship, all tracking details appear in Linnworks next to the order number, letting you view the progress of any shipment at a glance. This includes delivery status, insurance options, courier choice, and other relevant details. Need to adjust the delivery address? Cancel a shipment? Use a different courier? You can do this all in the order details tab in Linnworks.

The free flow of data between Linnworks and Easyship enhances your tracking as well as your analytics. For example, Foco wondered which of its overseas markets was most profitable to ship to. A quick analytics report in Easyship revealed the company’s average cost to ship, rates of success, and returns by channel. Any business can use these insights, in combination with Linnworks analytics, to reduce costs, drive success, and make ideal business decisions.

Easyship with Linnworks for Superior Shipment Management

The Easyship integration augments the robust inventory management capabilities of Linnworks. Save up to 70% off shipping rates, save time on fulfillment with label automation, and enjoy enhanced tracking and analytics. For detailed help on how to integrate Easyship with Linnworks, check out the full support article or YouTube tutorial.