We’re excited to announce Easyship is now part of Zoho Marketplace, allowing businesses to easily integrate with Zoho Inventory (Zoho's inventory and order management app) and Zoho Commerce (Zoho's e-commerce solution).

This integration empowers Zoho's customers to grow their business through cross-border shipping. With Easyship, they have full access to our suite of shipping and fulfillment management tools including omni-channel management, shipping automations, integrated shipping solutions, and global warehouse solutions.

“We’re excited to now be included in Zoho Marketplace, and connect with a new group of business owners. Ambitious merchants are realizing the amazing opportunities of cross-border shipping to expand their businesses, and we know with our tools, Zoho customers will use our innovative shipping software to find new customers globally,” said Paul Lugagne Delpon, Co-Founder of Easyship.

Zoho Inventory is a cloud-based inventory and order management application that helps businesses of all sizes streamline inventory and order management processes. From configuring products, creating orders to delivering items and receiving invoice payments, Zoho Inventory simplifies everyday inventory requirements.

Zoho Commerce is a cloud-based e-commerce application that helps businesses customize their website, accept orders, track inventory and accept payments.

Zoho Marketplace offers integrations with leading apps, shipping couriers, payment solutions and other business tools.

"Cross-border online sales across the world had increased 21% from January to June this year compared to last year.  Businesses are increasingly setting up online stores and exploring cross-border trade to meet customer expectations. However, this poses a challenge. Apart from managing inventory and tracking delivery, they have to deal with issues like calculating custom duties, import taxes and other compliance risks. This integration enables businesses to not just sell online, but manage orders, ship globally and be tax compliant without any hassle," said Binoy Kumar. B, Director of Product Management, Global SCM Solutions, Zoho Corp.

With Easyship, Zoho Commerce merchants will be able to unlock global growth opportunities through streamlined delivery options with our global courier network, and localized last mile solutions in smaller markets. In addition, they can generate accurate rates at checkout, offering their customers the choice between fastest, cheapest & best value, as well as free shipping rules to drive conversions.

To learn more, visit the Easyship integration page on Zoho Inventory.  

4 Ways Easyship Can Help eCommerce Businesses Supercharge Their Shipping

When you sign up for Easyship, you are taking the next step in expanding your business through cross-border shipping. Our powerful shipping software and tools remove many of the challenges merchants experience with shipping and fulfillment. Here are four ways Easyship will help you solve your shipping challenges.

  1. Access to the Largest Courier Network: We have partnered with the leading couriers in the top markets to provide over 250 shipping solutions. Through our network you save up to 70% on shipping costs
  2. Automatically Calculating Tax and Duty Costs: No more headaches making these calculations, we do it for you. We make sure that you know upfront how much to pay and make it easy to decide if you or your customer will pay the taxes. Oh, and we automatically generate all the duty and tax documents required for international shipping.
  3. Real-Time Shipping Rates At Checkout: We provide your customers with three options: the fastest, the cheapest and the best value shipping options. These tailored shipping quotes leading to less cart abandonment, higher conversion rates and ultimately higher revenue for you.
  4. Curated Delivery Experience: Include branded tracking pages and emails for your customers. Our up to the minute tracking is often more accurate than the couriers, offering you peace of mind knowing your customers can check the status of their shipment at any time.

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