TL;DR: Easyship's integration has revolutionized shipping for Shopify Australia, leading to a 4.5X increase in orders and a 2.8X increase in activations. The streamlined solution simplifies logistics, providing discounted rates, optimal route calculation, and seamless tracking.

Easyship's Impact on Shopify AU

  • Millions of shipments powered annually
  • 4.5X increase in orders within six months
  • 2.8X increase in Shopify AU activations post-implementation

In 2021, Shopify experienced a surge in Australian store activations and orders, thanks to Easyship's integration. By simplifying shipping logistics, Shopify was able to provide a superior customer experience and expand its merchant base. 

This case study explores how Easyship's solution addressed the unique challenges of the Australian market, leading to significant growth and efficiency improvements for Shopify merchants.

Shopify Australia’s Challenge

Shopify has been empowering entrepreneurs since 2006, supporting millions globally. Despite its success, Shopify AU faced a unique challenge: ensuring efficient, cost-effective shipping across Australia’s vast, sparsely populated regions.

The Inflection Point

Australian merchants struggled with high shipping costs and logistical complexities, hindering eCommerce growth outside major cities. With domestic purchases making up 89% of the market, Shopify needed a robust solution to democratize shipping for all merchants.

Tobi Lütke, CEO of Shopify, details the fulfillment challenge for merchants and the need for a cutting-edge, integrated solution:

“Building logistics infrastructure is a side quest every eCommerce entrepreneur is eventually pulled into because of the way the logistics industry works: a series of disparate players, all focused on different aspects.
To run your store you work with extremely carefully designed software. To run logistics, you will use pen, paper, and phone calls a lot. And most of the time your service providers don’t talk to each other. Coordinating them to act together is your burden.”

Easyship’s Solution

As the leading international eCommerce shipping platform, Easyship provided a ready-to-deploy diversified carrier solution for Shopify.

This integration eliminated the need for multiple courier relationships and complex logistics setups. Easyship's solution offered:

  • Discounted shipping labels directly through Shopify
  • Coverage to 100% of Australian addresses
  • Faster delivery times and cheaper shipping costs
  • Optimal route calculation and package tracking
  • Live rates at checkout and financial reconciliation
  • Shipping insurance and technical support


Since implementing Easyship's solution, Shopify has seen remarkable results:

  • 4.5X increase in Shopify orders over the first 6 months
  • 2.8X increase in Shopify AU activations


  1. Discounted Shipping Rates: Easyship enabled Shopify merchants to purchase shipping labels at up to 33.6% off, with no minimum order requirements or separate Easyship account creation
  2. Vast Courier Network: A single integration provided access to Easyship’s network of over 550 couriers globally, managed through Easyship’s patented algorithm
  3. Stable Integration: With 99.99% uptime, Easyship ensured minimal downtime and maximum reliability for Shopify merchants
  4. Seamless White-Label Solution: The Easyship API allowed merchants to stay within the Shopify platform, maintaining full control over shipping interactions and processes
  5. Transparent Billing: Easyship offered a fully landed cost with clear reconciliation, simplifying financial management for Shopify
  6. Boosted Conversions: Live rates at checkout allowed customers to choose the best courier option, enhancing the shopping experience and increasing conversion rates
  7. Unlocking Growth: Cost-efficient shipping solutions expanded Shopify’s reach to regional and remote areas, unlocking new customer bases
  8. Fast Implementation: Easyship’s quick integration enabled Shopify to add more couriers and ramp up shipments efficiently, especially during peak seasons like Black Friday


Easyship's integration has been a game-changer for Shopify in Australia, driving significant growth in merchant activations and order volumes. By simplifying and optimizing the shipping process, Easyship has empowered Shopify merchants to focus on sales and customer satisfaction. 

As Easyship and Shopify continue to roll out this solution globally, more merchants will benefit from enhanced shipping capabilities and cost efficiencies.