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Easyship Will Soon Become a Subscription Service

Easyship will switch over to a subscription service in November 2019. Find out why we're doing this, the good news for merchants and our planned rollout!
Easyship Will Soon Become a Subscription Service
Jacqueline Ostrov

By Jacqueline Ostrov


January 14, 2020

Easyship has become trusted by more than 100,000 users worldwide for their cross-border eCommerce and logistics needs. After 5 years of building an enterprise app,  the rollout of subscription occurred mid-November for Hong Kong, with all other markets slated to transition into a subscription service by February 1st, 2020.

We’re proud to announce that our commitment to enable small businesses will remain core to this offering, thus we will continue to be free for small merchants, for up to 100 shipments.

Here’s why we’ve decided to take this step, the good news for existing Easyship users and our anticipated rollout.

Reasons for Transitioning to a Subscription Model

As our all-in-one shipping platform has quickly become more advanced, we’ve invested heavily in the development of the platform. While this strategy has allowed us to grow our user base very rapidly, this has come with the considerable costs. Building great software isn’t easy, and also not cheap. We’ve now reached a scale where we need to charge for the maintenance of these upgraded features and capabilities, at least for heavy users of the platform.

Having a subscription allows us to not only maintain cutting-edge features, but also further invest in development to accelerate our broader product roadmap!

The Good News for Easyship Users

For small businesses and startups today the potential field of customers is not just local - it’s global. Merchants using Easyship’s shipping platform can continue to access our growing global marketplace of couriers and continue to grow their businesses by shipping to any of the 220 countries we service.

Easyship will always be free for new and small businesses. Users will only have to pay after reaching certain usage and shipment thresholds, while main features will still be available on the free version of our pricing plan.

We want to thank all our existing users that have been with us since the beginning, so existing users will see no disruption of service and access Easyship for free for the next 6 months, regardless of volume. At the end of this period, they’ll have a 50% discount for life on whichever plan they choose, should they require one.

Planned Rollout

The rollout of subscription occurred mid-November for Hong Kong, with all other markets slated to switch over by February 1st, 2020.

Easyship Will Offer Four Plans

  • The Free standard plan: which includes no monthly fees for merchants shipping up to 100 shipments per month. With this plan merchants have access to all core Easyship features: including dynamic checkout, unlimited store integrations, detailed analytics, our dashboard, and tracking at no additional charge; and
  • The Plus plan at $29 per month: which, in addition to all the advantages of the Free standard plan, also offers a higher shipping threshold, the ability to create branded tracking pages, branded tracking emails to consignees, multi-user accounts, and chat support; and
  • The Premier plan at $49 per month: which takes all the perks of the Plus plan and adds a higher monthly threshold, additional user accounts and phone support; and
  • Last but not least, clients qualifying for an Enterprise plan will be contacted by their respective account managers for account updates, if any.
Note: Shipping thresholds and pricing varies by market, pricing below is respective to the US. In the meantime, Easyship will continue to be free and not have any technological limitations for the next 6 months, all active clients will have a loyalty discount of 50% off for life. Find additional details on pricing here: Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom.
Sneak Peak at Easyship's US subscription pricing to be rolled out February 2020.
Sneak Peek at Easyship's US subscription pricing to be rolled out February 1st, 2020.

If you have any further questions about this change, please contact support.