TL;DR: Easyship's integration with Webinterpret has revolutionized shipping for over 40,000 sellers, leading to an 80% increase in conversions and a 300% boost in GMV.

"With Easyship, Webinterpret has been able to offer Shipping as a core service alongside our existing suite of services.
In particular, it's been integral in helping us launch the Managed Shipping Program, which allows international and domestic sellers to display the most optimal shipping options on their listings."

-Adrien Salvat, Webinterpret CEO

Webinterpret Managed Shipping Program Seller Results:

  • +300% increase in international GMV
  • +41% increase in domestic GMV
  • +80% increase in conversions
  • +85% increase in overall GMV

Webinterpret’s Story

Launched in 2010, Webinterpret enables ambitious online marketplace sellers to expand their reach and break into new international markets, increasing cross-border GMV.

Features range from the seamless translation of listings to currency conversion, as well as efficient listing and synchronization on global marketplaces.The end-to-end cross-border solution at a glance:

  • User base of over 40,000 sellers worldwide
  • Impressive track record of generating over $2 Billion incremental cross-border GMV
  • Operates in more than 30 countries
  • Over 280 million live localized listings
  • Recognized Amazon and eBay partners

Inflection Point

The disruptive combined impact of Brexit and Covid-19 posed unprecedented challenges for ambitious cross-border sellers in 2020, including:

  • Strict border controls
  • Customs and duties
  • Import Sales Tax
  • Slower delivery times
  • Shipping and manufacturing delays
  • Increased prices

These factors compelled Webinterpret to find a new all-in-one cross-border solution. To fuel the global selling journey and drive international sales, Webinterpret recognized the need to provide a comprehensive range of features, including shipping and returns. 

While excelling in empowering sellers to expand their businesses internationally, Webinterpret acknowledged that shipping and logistics were outside their expertise. Recognizing the need for a reliable shipping partner to complement their services, ensuring a seamless end-to-end experience for sellers worldwide.

Easyship Boosts Webinterpret Seller Conversions by 80%

Easyship Solution

Easyship allows Webinterpret to focus on its core specialties of internationalization and marketing, while seamlessly delivering exceptional shipping solutions through an innovative single integration.

Webinterpret could now confidently offer their sellers an optimal all-in-one solution, supporting localization, smooth international shipping, and buyer satisfaction.

Instead of building a shipping tool from scratch, Easyship's industry-leading white-label solution called for a single API integration to be built. Offering a robust international eCommerce shipping solution, through a single, easy-to-maintain integration.

This white-label shipping platform built on the Easyship API allowed sellers to ship directly from the Webinterpret platform, owning the entire customer journey. Easyship’s powerful public API provided access to:

  • Pre-negotiated discounted courier rates
  • Linked own accounts
  • Label generation
  • 50+ powerful shipping tools for sellers
  • Rates at checkout
  • Tracking
  • Return labels
  • Over 550+ courier solutions
  • Custom branded dashboard
  • Full financial reconciliation
  • Automatic optimal route calculation
  • Shipping insurance
Easyship Boosts Webinterpret Seller Conversions by 80%

The solution offered a fast time to market, with only a single integration to maintain, going live first for sellers based in the UK, resulting in +35X increase in shipments within the first 6 months. 

This was followed by successful launches in the US and Germany. As two of the largest eCommerce markets, this allows access to affordable and simple domestic and cross-border shipping to hundreds of millions of sellers.

Industry-leading time-to-market rapidly creates results:

  • Over +35X increase in shipments within first 6 months

Q3 2022 results:

  • 6.3X increase in international shipments for US sellers
  • 1.3X increase in international shipments for UK sellers


Discounted Rates for Millions of Amazon and eBay Sellers

Easyship has revolutionized shipping for Webinterpret sellers, unlocking exclusive discounted courier rates negotiated by Easyship.

Using Webinterpret, businesses selling on Amazon and eBay can now effortlessly purchase shipping labels at significantly reduced prices, with discounts of up to 91% off. Plus, there's no need for any minimum orders or even creating an Easyship account.

Automatically Calculate All Taxes and Duties

Sellers can automate all essential paperwork required for international shipping. From HTS code classification to taxes & duties and complete customs documentation.

By integrating with Easyship, Webinterpret sellers can now offer their customers a seamless and hassle-free international shipping experience, for any product they sell.

Single Integration Unlocks 550+ Courier Solutions

Through the powerful Easyship public API, Webinterpret can offer an unprecedented number of couriers to sellers.

Without the need to build or maintain a complex range of courier APIs themselves, all they require is a single easy-to-maintain and flexible integration. Enabling platforms to effortlessly incorporate powerful shipping and logistics capabilities into their existing infrastructure.

Easyship Boosts Webinterpret Seller Conversions by 80%

Increased Seller Conversions by 80%

Easyship's shipping plug-in is a game-changer, revolutionizing the way platforms can increase checkout conversions for their clients. Access to a market-leading ecosystem of couriers and over 220+ countries and territories makes international shipping as easy as domestic. 

Instantly democratizing shipping and logistics for sellers of all sizes, offering buyers the optimum shipping solution. Integrating effortlessly, improving the customer experience, and boosting conversion rates.

Industry Leading 99.99% Uptime

Processing thousands of orders a day incurs substantial costs when experiencing downtime. Even with the common industry standard of 99.95% uptime, it still results in 263 minutes of downtime per year, representing a significant opportunity cost.

Easyship ensures they maintain a highly stable integration, with a 99.99% uptime that minimizes any downtime.

300% Increase in International GMV for Individual Sellers

Easyship’s white-label shipping solution has made international shipping one of Webinterpret’s core services, unlocking a universe of potential new opportunities for millions of Amazon and eBay sellers around the world.

Truly democratizing international shipping, individual sellers have seen a +300% increase in international GMV.

Custom Branded Dashboard

Sellers' orders from both Amazon and eBay are consolidated on one intuitive user interface, giving them complete control of the shipping process. Sellers can also import and manage orders from multiple sales channels, with real-time updates. 

This powerful tool, combining functionality and user-friendliness, is designed to simplify the shipping workflow and let sellers take control of their logistics.

Complete Control of Seller Experience

Through this pure white-label solution, sellers never have to leave the platform. Allowing complete control of the user experience, while offering the same features as Easyship’s market-leading platform. 

Such as real-time shipping rates, automated tax calculations, and diverse courier options. Providing shoppers with transparency and choice, enhancing the checkout experience.

Easyship Boosts Webinterpret Seller Conversions by 80%

Automated Returns Process

Easyship’s innovative tech allows Webinterpret to offer sellers automated returns for both domestic and international listings. Including enabling orders that weren’t shipped through Easyship to be returned, plus the creation of the proper customs documentation. 

A return label is automatically sent to the marketplace account of the end customer that initiates the return. Improving seller conversion rates and customer lifetime value.

Specific Regional Accounts

Separate accounts for each major eCommerce market, plus a specific account dedicated to international returns, simplify both courier access and billing. This allows Webinterpret to flexibly manage international shipments and returns while focusing on what they do best.

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With Easyship, Webinterpret is now able to offer Shipping as a core service through a single easy-to-maintain integration. With an industry-leading time-to-market and enterprise expertise, schedule a meeting with the Easyship team today.

Unlock shipping, boost sales conversions and increase GMV, just like Webinterpret has for millions of eBay and Amazon sellers.

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