Key Points:

  • 43% of holiday shoppers will be turning to eCommerce this year for their seasonal purchases
  • The Easyship team rounded up some of our favorite products (and regular purchases!) that could make great holiday gifts
  • Easyship offers a suite full of premium shipping tools designed to scale your business globally

The holiday season is just around the corner, and we’ve got something for everyone on your list. And if you’re opting to shop online this year rather than in person, you’re not alone. In fact, 43% of holiday shoppers will be turning to eCommerce this year for their seasonal purchases.

To make things, well, easier, the whole Easyship team put our heads together and rounded up some of our favorite products (and regular purchases!) that could make great holiday gifts.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of eCommerce businesses we work with that provide a variety of products —  from a celebrity-designed jewelry line and skincare goodies to suitcases and formalwear, this guide has it all and it’s been hand-curated by our experts across the company for you!

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The Hygge Gift Guide: Curated by Easyship's Design Team

Our designers know a thing or two about aesthetics and functionality. These are their picks for getting cozy — and getting things done.

Hanalei - Exfoliate and Moisturize Set

Based on the Hawaiian Island of Kauaʻi, Hana Lei uses all-natural ingredients like aloe, papaya, and raw cane sugar to create all-natural, cruelty-free beauty products. The skin-care set is a two-step treatment system designed to leave the skin and lips feeling soft and supple. Step one is to exfoliate with a sugar scrub and then moisturize — either with the provided lip kit or lotion (sold separately). All products are made without parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

Stuart and Lau - Weekender Tote

The idea for a modern travel bag came to the founders of Stuart and Lau — fittingly enough — somewhere between Hong Kong and New York. Traditional suitcases can be cumbersome and hard to maneuver through crowded streets and backpacks, while effective for quick getaways, don’t quite have a modern look to them. Enter: The weekender tote. Sleek enough to fit in an overhead compartment and fabricated with materials that shield your precious cargo from the elements. Cool enough to make it into your OOTD picture and subtle enough for no one to notice.

Emerson and Oliver - Sterling Dia

Some outfits just need a little extra something, and we happen to think these bracelets are like a metallic exclamation mark. Sold in sets of 50, 25 or 10, no arm is left unadorned. Make no mistake: These are no ordinary bracelets, though. Dia bracelets are sterling silver springs. They are meaningful, functional, and beautiful, representing that we don’t “get over” things in life, rather we “go through” them.’

Learn with Mochi - Adventure Pack

Mochi encourages young people to learn, create and explore. It merges tech, art and play into one harmonious activity the whole family can get involved in, as, in this case, your child learns about the solar system. Mochi combines the best of Montessori and STEM education into an accessible, engaging digital game. Plus, we happen to think Mochi is very cute.

The Techy's Gift Guide: Curated by Easyship's Data Team

Now that the home is the office for the foreseeable future, we’re realizing how much we took the tech team for granted. Fortunately, these picks are user friendly and will be a game-changer for a certain someone who is still working from their bed, eight months later

Keyboardio - Keyboardio Atreus

2022 will be all hands on deck, literally. Trick out a laptop — or desktop! — a situation with a compact keyboard. Perfect for working in a compact space — like a home office or home-not-quite-office. Though much smaller than your typical keyboard, the Atreus functions just the same. The Atrues has 44 keys but the functionality of a 104-key machine because it functions in "layers" like a smartphone's keypad. And instead of a linear set up like a laptop, the Atreus has rows angled inward at 10-degrees to not compromise with key size. Best of all, this bad boy is compatible with macOS, Windows, Chrome OS, and Linux — all you have to do is plug and play.

NexDock - NexDock Touch

Know someone who has to have the next best thing? We know just the thing. The NexDock Touch harnesses the best of smartphone technology with the look and feel of a laptop for something special. Essentially, the Touch functions as a large touch-screen phone or tablet with the looks of a computer. But it doesn’t have the clunky hardware, like a fan, CPU, or memory. Quiet, productive, and creative. The Touch is set to launch in early 2021.

PurePort - PurePort Multi-Tool Kit

Ever had a cord go caput just as you needed it the most  — like during a meeting or very important “Harry Potter '' marathon while your computer is at 22% and the gang is about to defeat the big bad? There is no worse feeling. More often than not, the culprit behind fried chargers is debris like crumbs and dust. No more! With this tool kit you can poke, prod and pry  chargers back to life.

HyperShop - HyperJuice 130W USB-C Battery Pack

Recharge your battery on the go and look cool doing so. The sleek aluminum design that matches the MacBook perfectly for a cohesive vibe. Plus, you can charge your computer fully in an hour, from anywhere.

The Go-Getter's Gift Guide: Curated by Easyship's Sale's Team

For the person who lives and breathes Google calendar and was the first in your friend group to plan a Zoom Happy Hour way back in March to discuss “Tiger King,” we know just the thing.

The Crunch Cup - The Crunch Cup

This is the perfect gift for the friend who spends their days in Zoom meetings, their WFH calling cards being strewn about cups of cold coffee, half-eaten avo toasts and coal bowls of oatmeal. We can all agree that Soylent was so 2016, so let’s make soggy cereal a thing of the past, too. The to-go cup separates cereal from milk, keeping things crispy until you’re mid-chew. The crack and Prius-resistant (yeah, they tested it) product also has an altruistic tie. With 5% of profits from each cup going to fighting world hunger, it’s a cup of cocoa crispies you can genuinely feel good about.

Nomad Lane - The Bento Bag

Imagine a blend between a soft duffel and a suitcase. That’s where you get the bento bag. Functional enough to stow under a suitcase but professional enough to stow under a table during a big meeting. The Bento Bag is an ideal gift for the person in your life who is on the go, who never leaves home without their Apple Watch, and who values functionality and durability. The bag works wherever they work — whether it’s the office, home office or backseat, road trip office. It’s 2022 — why not?

August McGregor - Suiting

Everyone needs a good suit. And there is no gift more special than bespoke suiting for all the special occasions 2022 has in store — whether they take place over Zoom, in a backyard or from a social distance. The lifestyle brand draws inspiration from iconic, showstopping UFC fighter Conor McGregor. The suits are perfect for the sports fan in your life who is always jetting off somewhere or has big weekend plans.

Tough Apparel - Nomad Socks

Socks are a very good gift — don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Especially these Tough Apparel socks, which sport a funky pattern destined to make you smile. NOt only that, but they’ll keep the gift recipient warm on the coldest winter days. Built to go all day, the socks are cushioned where needed for high-impact activities and also made with breathable knit because — to be honest — stocking stuffers don’t mean smelly feet.

The Artist's Gift Guide: Curated by Easyship's Copywriters

Have a friend who spent all of quarantine curled up with a good book and plans to spend this winter doing much of the same? Let our copywriting team take it away with some wordy suggestions.

Fluent Pet - Holiday Starter Kit

Everyone has a best friend whose best friend is their dog. This year, give them the gift they’ve always wanted: The ability to communicate with their pooch. Pet Fluent lets you know what’s on your animal’s mind with pressable buttons on a hex grid. But don’t take our word for it: Watch TikTok famous Bunny show you how it’s done!

NASA - Women’s Jacket

Some creative types live in the clouds. Why not meet them out there? This slim-fit women’s jacket is as stylish as it is authentic. It was actually worn during the America NASA and SpaceX Dragon launch. While few people will get to see stars, this might just be the next best thing for the space enthusiast in your life.

Square Off Now - Chess

It’s not 4D Chess — actually, it’s not even close. Square Off’s automatic chess set has smart, self-moving pieces and is capable of resetting itself. Great for playing with beginners, playing against yourself, or playing as two old pros. The long-lasting battery and sleek, modern finish are just a bonus.

Swing Juice - Golf and Tacos

For the rare golf fan in your life who also has a sense of humor. Jokes aside, it’s cool to show some humor on the greens. And not-so-subtly hint at what you want to snack on after. Swingjuice, an aptly named golf energy drink, is founded on the principle that golf fans can be down to earth. And this shirt certainly sends that message.

The Jetsetter's Gift Guide: Curated by Easyship's HR Team

There’s nothing wrong with practical gifts — or luxurious gifts, for that matter. Our HR team knows all about getting things done, but they also love a good treat.

Send a Friend - Fall Bundle

We could all use a little extra cozy right now. Send a message in the form of a plush gift bundle that has a charitable mission. This gift kit includes Send a Friend’s iconic plushies — with a seasonal twist in the form of cuddly add-ons — like a flannel for your Friend, tea and cute socks. What’s more, the business makes regular donations to children’s hospitals.

StrongBags - Latitude Series Combo

The person who is always on to the next big adventure needs a companion that can go the distance right there with them. StrongBags takes that a bit literally. Encased with polypropylene, the suitcases are virtually indestructible, making them quite strong. Whether the next adventure is cross-town, somewhere remote or transporting materials for a big meeting, they’ve got you covered over every bump and crack.

Truly special pieces for the special person in your life. Ethically mined and conflict-free, these are pieces the wearer can feel good about and in. Made with 14k gold and authentic diamonds, these pieces are the epitome of truly brilliance. Look good, feel good as they say!

Grace and Maggie - Baby Driver: Earl Grey Large Playmat

Play time just got an aesthetic upgrade! The purple-gray foam mat is double sided for double the fun. One side features a road-like pattern and the other a geometric print. Not only does it lead to hours of play, but it’s also safe. The mat, concepted by a parent, is made of non-toxic TPU foam material and meets International Toy Safety Standards. Plus, it makes playtime worry-free, as it’s waterproof, hypoallergenic, and non-flammable.

The Daydreamer's Gift Guide: Curated by Easyship's Interns

Our interns are an ambitious, goal-oriented bunch — and they know how to give a gift. Their recommendations are personal, whimsical and just plain cute.

Sophie and Toffee - Premium Elves Box Set

Who doesn’t love a good craft night? The Sophie and Toffee premium box set supplies you with everything you need for a glitter-gluing good time. And the best part is this is the gift that keeps on giving, as it’s a subscription box, for the crafty person in your life.

Amabilis Gear - Urban Responder Rucksack

Adventure is out there — even if it’s just finding a seat on the commute home. No matter the journey, you want to be prepared for anything and everything. The durable backpack draws inspiration from the Military in terms of design and materials used, making for a highly durable, weatherproof bag. Plus, it has so many pockets for storage!

10 Day Lashes - Sleep Mask

Don’t sleep sleep, as a concept. Most people need eight hours of sleep to be the best version of themself, according to the NHS. Why forgo precious moments of productivity — or watching TikToks (we don't judge!) — to a poor night’s sleep. Ethically made and charitably minded with 1% of proceeds donated to the Global Fund for Women, it’s a win-win-win.

Bow Select Tie - Fantasy Hollow Wooden Bow Tie

In this world, there are two kinds of people: Those who think that cools ties are a personality trait, and those who do not. For those who fall into the first camp, there is, perhaps, no better gift than a hollow bow tie made of wood, destined to liven up even the most drab of suits or parties. Talk about a conversation starter! The best part is that, as with all Bow Select Ties, there’s no need to tie this one. Splinters sold separately.

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