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Enhance Your eCommerce With Easyship Integrations

Integrating your eCom. store with shipping partners is big game. Here's how to link your store with Easyship, and how it helps you drive more sales.
Enhance Your eCommerce With Easyship Integrations
Ian Heinig

By Ian Heinig


April 15, 2021

Increasingly, it takes a diverse set of tools to create a seamless customer experience. Shoppers today demand a variety of shipping options, plus delivery features like insurance, tracking, and free returns.

Even before the age of global shipping with blazing fast delivery, logistics was a hurdle for merchants. Coordinating with shipping partners can feel like a full time job even before you've made your first sale.

Fortunately, integrating your eCommerce store with Easyship unlocks every logistics tool you need to succeed. This is true whether you use an eCommerce platform like Shopify or BigCommerce, a crowdfunding site like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, a marketplace like Amazon or Ebay – or all the above.

Our shipping integrations run on open APIs, allowing you to link seamlessly with all your shipping partners. Easyship integrations are the gateway to greater conversions, reduced shipping costs, and customer loyalty. In just one click, you'll instantly access features that elevate your store experience, drive sales, and streamline your shipping processes.

Here are the one-click integrations that Easyship offers to eCommerce merchants.

5 Benefits of Easyship eCommerce Integrations

Easyship is the go-between for your eCommerce store, your customers, and your shipping partners. In other words, Easyship integrations allow for the open and very beneficial exchange of data between all your tools.

Once integrated, for example, your store pulls accurate rates from courier sites into checkout. Order updates transfer immediately from couriers to customers. And you can manage all store order and shipping activity from the Easyship dashboard.

Integration is doubly crucial for international or omnichannel merchants. Without the ability to coordinate shipments between multiple warehouses, third-party logistics providers (3PLs), and overseas couriers from a centralized platform – things can go awry in a big way.

Basically, an integration automates away the tedious processes that cut into profits and productivity. In addition, you unlock powerful features that elevate your brand experience, including:

  • Instant Access to Discounted rates: Merchants save up to 70% off retail on 250+ global shipping solutions with Easyship’s pre-negotiated discounted rates. These ‘business class’ savings are available immediately without creating a courier account or any minimum order thresholds. If you like, you can also link your courier account to use your own rates.
  • Product & Order Sync: Syncing your products with Easyship lets you automatically generate accurate shipping rates for all orders. This also means that incoming store orders creates a unique shipment in your shipping dashboard. Having full control over all shipping activity in one area greatly helping to expedite shipping and fulfillment. To sync, you can either bulk import your products, or use the one-click sync option.
  • Dynamic Rates at Checkout: This powerful cart automation feature lets you display three accurate shipping rates at checkout – the cheapest, the fastest, and the best-value option. Rates are sourced from courier sites in real-time. Set rule-based shipping preferences to use default shipping services based on order specifics, including SKU, order value, item weight, destination, and more.
  • Full Cost Visibility: Show shoppers the total cost of shipping at checkout, including any duty and tax, surcharges, etc. With fully landed costs for all orders, you clinch more conversions and gain loyalty with shoppers that value transparency.
  • Automated Document Generation: Easyship integrations allow you to generate all shipping documents automatically, including shipping labels and customs paperwork for international orders. Each document is pre-filled for you based on the shipping data from your shipping partners so you save time on fulfillment every day.

Easyship Offers 10+ eCommerce Integrations

Easyship is a direct shipping partner with top eCommerce platforms, crowdfunding sites, and marketplaces. This means you can integrate your eCommerce platform with Easyship in just a few clicks.

When you link your account, you’ll instantly gain access to 250+ global courier solutions, discounted rates, and powerful features that streamline the shopping and shipping experience.

To start, simply download the Easyship app in your platform’s app marketplace. Next, you’ll sync your store account with Easyhip in a single click.

Easyship eCommerce Integrations

Once your orders appear as shipments in Easyship, you’ll know everything is connected and ready to roll.

Easyship integrates with the following eCommerce platforms:

For support integrating any of the above platforms, click the appropriate link above. You’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to connect your software with Easyship.

Easyship Integrations for eCommerce Platforms

With Easyship as a shipping partner, you unlock a suite of features to enhance your webstore. We’re proud to serve merchants of all sizes, from high-volume international importers to eCommerce newcomers who only use USPS shipping. Ever merchant benefits from the connectivity and interoperability of linking their commerce channels to their shipping platform and courier website all at once.

Want to try Easyship? It’s free to create an account – and it’s always free to use if you’re shipping less than 100 orders per month. What’s to lose?

In fact, most of our 10,000+ users save so much with our discounted rates that the $29.99/month subscription pays for itself and then some. Here’s where to create your free account.