Key Points:

  • ePacket shipping is an affordable, fast, and convenient shipping service offered by merchants and third-party logistics providers in China and Hong Kong
  • There are currently 44 countries where ePacket shipping is available
  • ePacket shipping is designed for lightweight packages that weigh less than 2kgs

As an eCommerce business owner, it’s important to have the right courier service. While there are many available, one of the more popular ones for the Chinese market is ePacket. This full-fledged carrier service - which includes ePacket tracking in the USA and other countries - is useful for anyone shipping out of China.

As one of the biggest markets and manufacturing hubs in the world, the ability to ship from or within China gives eCommerce store owners an edge, and ePacket can help with this. Of course, like any shipping service, this service comes with a list of pros and cons, but it’s steadily gaining popularity, especially among dropshippers.

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What is ePacket Shipping?

Simply put, this is an affordable, fast, and convenient shipping service offered by merchants and third-party logistics providers in China and Hong Kong. It’s specifically designed for lightweight packages that weigh less than 2kgs. Many big eCommerce platforms use the service, including AliExpress, GearBest, Lazada, and Banggood.

Is ePacket the Same as EMS?

No, they’re different. But, the two services are connected since they’re both offered by China Post, the Chinese national postal service. EMS handles domestic and international shipments of all sizes, while EMS ePacket (the official title) is specifically designed for lightweight, cross-border shipments. The two services differ in pricing, delivery timelines, and China ePacket tracking, among other features.

What’s The Difference Between ePacket and Other Couriers

As we’ve already mentioned, there are numerous differences between EMS ePacket and other China Post services. However, the service is also different from the services available from other couriers such as FedEx, USPS, UPS, and DHL. Below are a few of the service’s unique features.

  • While most couriers will be able to deliver heavier goods, ePacket won’t deliver packages that weigh more than 2kgs (4.4lbs)
  • Delivery parcels shouldn’t be over $400 in total value; other carrier services will accept more expensive shipments
  • Most big couriers will ship worldwide to over 200 countries; ePacket only ships to select countries - around 44 at last count
  • Delivery timelines range between 7-10 business days; most couriers will take longer than this for international shipments unless you opt for express services
  • Rates are often cheaper than other couriers, meaning eCommerce sellers can better protect their bottom line
  • Undeliverable goods are sent back to the seller, without any additional cost; this service isn’t always offered by other couriers
  • It offers united China ePacket tracking, including ePacket tracking USA when your parcel is being transferred by USPS.

Which Countries Can I Ship To?

While every eCommerce store owner would love to use ePacket delivery services  - it is often cheaper and faster than other services, and offers great China ePacket tracking - the service is only offered in select countries. There are currently 44 countries where the service is available, all of which are listed below.

List of Current ePacket Destination Countries

Australia Austria Belgium Brazil
Canada Croatia Denmark Estonia
Finland France Germany Gibraltar
Great Britain Greece Hong Kong Hungary
Ireland Israel Italy Japan
Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malaysia
Malta Mexico New Zealand Netherlands
Norway Poland Portugal Russia
Saudi Arabia Singapore Spain South Korea
Sweden Switzerland Thailand Turkey
Ukraine United Kingdom United States Vietnam

How Does ePacket Delivery Work?

To make the most of the service, you have to understand how it works. Here’s what you can expect when using the service:

  • As a merchant, you’ll use ePacket delivery and tracking when you have orders shipping from China or Hong Kong
  • This service will move the shipment from a location in China or Hong Kong (for example, a warehouse store)
  • Once the shipment reaches its final border location in China or Hong Kong, an international courier will take it to its destination country
  • Once your shipment has reached its final destination country, a local courier (such as USPS) will take over for last-mile delivery

How Do I Track an ePacket Delivery?

Whether you’re looking for information about ePacket tracking USA, China ePacket tracking or any other country, you’ll be glad to know that the service comes with tracking that follows your shipment from its starting point to its final destination. This is applicable even when your parcel is taken over by international carriers or local couriers in a destination country. This way, eCommerce sellers and customers can monitor their packages at all points during delivery.

As with any courier tracking process, you’ll need to make sure you have the correct ePacket tracking number before you begin. Here’s how to efficiently utilize the China ePacket tracking when your packages are in transit:

  • Get your ePacket tracking number from the courier service being used
  • Log into your account on the relevant courier’s website
  • Click on “your orders”
  • Click on “track ePacket”
  • Enter the tracking number

How Much Does It Cost?

One thing that will help you stay ahead of the competition in the online marketplace is offering low-priced (or free) shipping. That’s why it’s important that you find shipping options that are cost-effective without compromising on speed, efficiency, and quality.

Easyship can help with this. We work with many of the major couriers around the world to offer our clients the best available shipping rates. While we don’t currently have China listed as an origin country, we work with many of the couriers that will handle the international shipping and local last-mile services for your packages, including USPS ePacket. And, if you’re shipping to China, we can certainly connect you with cost-effective, high-quality shipping services from countries we currently operate in, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Singapore!

If you are shipping from China and do want to use this particular service, then it’s important you understand the cost of the service. If, for example, you’re sending a 1lb package from China to any address in the U.S., you should expect to pay approximately $5.00. But, if the same package is sent from the US to China with one of USPS’s international mail services, you can expect to pay around $50. So as you can see ePacket is certainly affordable.

Below, you’ll find some basic cost estimates of using China ePacket tracking and delivery to send packages from China to other countries around the world. The estimates are for a single 2kg package.

  • China to the UK: $21.62
  • China to the US: $23.40
  • China to Australia: $20.44
  • China to New Zealand: $21.90

You can check here for a more extensive list of shipping rates.

Does ePacket Go Through Customs?

Well, yes. Like all international shipments, these parcels must go through customs. This might require you to pay applicable duties and taxes when your package arrives in its destination country. Luckily, even if your package is held up in customs, you'll be able to see where it is thanks to ePacket tracking USA. Here’s what you should be doing to stay on top of customs issues:

  • Familiarize yourself with your country’s local laws, especially with regards to duties and taxes for imported items
  • Keep extra copies of customs paperwork in case they need to be reviewed

Alternatives to ePacket

Some of the major reasons eCommerce store owners are increasingly opting for ePacket delivery include its affordability, speed, and tracking, which gives vendors and their customer's ease of mind while they await their goods. It's particularly useful for China ePacket tracking and ePacket tracking in the USA.

However, ePacket isn’t always the right solution for every eCommerce merchant. While we don’t currently offer to ship from China, our team is always happy to chat with you and offer advice if you need it. But, if you are shipping from one of our origin countries, you can sign up for a free Easyship account today to access a wide network of affordable courier solutions that will get your goods to almost any country in the world, including China.

ePacket Shipping FAQ

Which is better ePacket or Aliexpress shipping for dropshipping?

ePacket dropshipping can cut down your delivery time by more than 50 percent, making it the better shipping option.

Can I use dropshipping with ePacket in Europe?

Yes, you can use dropshipping with ePacket in Europe.

What is ePacket shipping?

ePacket shipping is specifically designed for lightweight packages that weigh less than 2kgs.