Key Points

  • FedEx implemented some adjustments to its fuel surcharge in April 2022
  • The change in fuel surcharge will affect FedEx Ground, Express and Freight
  • Easyship tools can help you get the best shipping rates today

With the recent rise in fuel prices, it is only reasonable to predict its impact on shipping rates. While shipping rate is primarily determined by the dimension and weight of your package, location, courier, and speed, the new FedEx surcharge review might add some extra bucks.

FedEx has increased fuel surcharge for the following services: FedEx Ground, Express, and Freight. This change will be reviewed and updated regularly based on the weekly National US Average on Highway Diesel Fuel Price report.

Information is key. As an eCommerce merchant, there are other facts that you need to know about the current changes so that you can prepare adequately for subsequent shipments. This blog post covers it all. Let's get started.

What are FedEx Surcharges?

Generally, a fuel surcharge is an additional charge to the cost of services. Like every other service provider that uses fuel, FedEx has a fixed method of calculating fuel surcharges. The fuel surcharge and applicable is always mapped out in FedEx's surcharge table on their website. Typically, FedEx updates its tables weekly as determined by the diesel price change.

It is vital to demystify some misconceptions about FedEx's fuel surcharge. The fuel surcharge is not added to cover the cost of fuel. Instead, it is charged to countervail the sudden fuel cost increase.

Understanding FedEx's fuel surcharge will help you prepare for your upcoming shipping activities and clear your doubts about the price surge.

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How are FedEx Surcharges Calculated?

The way service providers calculate their fuel surcharges is quite different from one another. And it is essential to familiarize yourself with how your courier calculates its own to help you get ahead. Like other carriers, there is a formula for calculating fuel surcharge. It looks like this

  • Original price of fuel - New price of fuel = fuel price difference
  • Difference in fuel price divided by Miles per gallon = Cost per mile
  • Cost per mile multiplied Distance Traveled = Surcharge

If, for example, FedEx's fuel price standard is $5.00 per gallon, an additional $0.01 per mile will be added surcharge. Here is what we mean: say from $5.00, the price of diesel per gallon increases to $5.06, then the fuel surcharge will increase from $0.01 to $0.02 and $0.03 per mile if the fuel price increases to $5.12.

According to recent news, FedEx will be effecting this fuel surcharge on FedEx Ground, Express, and Freight in April due to the increased fuel cost.

FedEx Surcharges: What to Know in 2022

The recent rise in fuel prices in the US, coupled with the crisis in Ukraine, has necessitated that couriers adjust their shipping rates. This increase is also apparent in the fuel surcharges as the price of diesel per gallon increased to over $5.00 per gallon.

As earlier mentioned, FedEx fuel surcharges are updated regularly. The price percentage for FedEx Ground and FedEx SameDay city shipments is adjusted weekly based on the US per gallon diesel price update.

At the time of writing, the FedEx Ground and Express surcharge for August 1st-7th, 2022, is $0.512 per pound and $0.516 per pound from August 8th-14th. You can find the latest information about FedEx Fuel Surcharges on their website so that you can always stay informed.

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