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FedEx Overnight Shipping: Standard or Priority?

Is FedEx Standard Overnight Shipping a better option than Priority Overnight? Compare your options and find the best fit for your online business.
FedEx Overnight Shipping: Standard or Priority?

By Jules


September 6, 2019

You need to ship something out fast - stat! But which courier service should you use?

FedEx overnight shipping can do the trick. Two of the most popular overnight shipping options for FedEx include FedEx Standard Overnight and FedEx Priority Overnight, both of which offer their own unique specifics to consider.

So, which one is better for your online business? This guide helps to answer that question, taking a close look at factors like FedEx overnight shipping costs for both services, their delivery time and area, service days, parcel restrictions and more!

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FedEx Overnight Shipping: Standard Overnight vs. Priority Overnight

Both FedEx overnight shipping options offer fast, reliable courier options for online merchants seeking to move parcels out quickly and efficiently. While both are comparable in terms of pricing, they differ in a number of subtle but important ways that should be taken into account.

Notably, whether you opt for FedEx Standard Overnight or FedEx Priority Overnight service, be sure to understand that packages shipped on a Friday will only be scheduled for delivery to the recipient on the next business day on Monday. If that Monday is a public holiday, the delivery will be extended to Tuesday.

Let’s take a detailed look at both of these popular FedEx overnight shipping options!

1. Delivery Times

The most notable difference between both FedEx overnight shipping solutions lies in their delivery times.

With FedEx Priority Overnight, next-business-day delivery is completed by 10:30am local time for most parts of the United States. For some rural and remote areas of the country, delivery is done by 12:00pm, 4:30pm or 5:00pm local time. On Saturdays, delivery is completed by 12:00pm, 1:30pm or 4:30pm local time.

Using FedEx Standard Overnight, however, next-business-day delivery is done by 3:00pm local time to most U.S. addresses, 4:30pm local time for rural areas and 8:00pm local time for residences.

You should also take note that delivery times to and from certain ZIP codes in Alaska and Hawaii may slightly differ from the above stated time in the contiguous U.S. It’s also important to understand that FedEx overnight shipping costs vary based on location and parcel weight and dimensions.

2. Delivery Areas

FedEx Priority Overnight is available in all 50 U.S. states, while FedEx Standard Overnight is available in all 50 U.S. states where FedEx Priority Overnight delivery commitment is by 10:30am or 12:00pm local time. Hawaii service, notably, is outbound only for this shipping solution.

3. Service Days

FedEx Priority Overnight delivers Monday through Friday, with Saturday pickup and delivery also available for an additional charge in most parts of the United States.

FedEx Standard Overnight, on the other hand, offers Monday through Friday delivery with only pickup services available on Saturdays for an additional charge in most areas of the United States.

4. Parcel Size and Weight Restrictions

Both FedEx overnight shipping services have the following parcel size and weight restrictions:

  • Weight limit of up to 150 lbs.
  • Length of up to 119 inches
  • Length plus girth of 165 inches

Choose the Best FedEx Overnight Shipping Option for Your Online Business

FedEx Standard Overnight and FedEx Priority Overnight are both great overnight shipping options that work better in slightly different situations.

For especially urgent deliveries, FedEx Priority Overnight is the better choice given its 10:30am delivery commitment timeframe for most of the United States. FedEx Priority Overnight also works better if your business is in need of both pickup and delivery on a Saturday and are shipping to Hawaii from the mainland United States. FedEx Standard Overnight is still an excellent choice for overnight deliveries that aren’t quite as urgent.

So, which shipping solution is best for your online business? Fortunately, Easyship makes this simple to figure out by offering both FedEx Priority Overnight and FedEx Standard Overnight shipping solutions through its partnership with FedEx.

Sign up today to try out both overnight shipping solutions and see which one works best for you!