Jody Chan chanced upon her life’s work during a trip to Rome in 2018. One day she encountered an old Italian brass worker, hammering away at a trinket on a church stoop. The man had created a flawless chain necklace from almost nothing.

The display of artistic mastery so inspired Jody, a former fashion student, that she decided right there to launch her own jewelry brand. Joined by her mother who shares her penchant for design, Jody launched Gabi the Label. The duo creates elegant jewelry from their Singapore studio plus curates unique pieces from jewelers worldwide for its online store.

Today, Gabi the Label ships to over 80 countries with seamless fulfillment – but the road to success wasn’t without its hurdles.

Beautiful Jewelry From Two Sources

Gabi the Label makes and sells jewelry of understated beauty and elegance, partially in homage to Italian man that motivated the venture. For Jody, a former student of the fashion business, launching an eCommerce store seemed the next logical step. Her mix of business acumen and creative vision have proven to be a potent driver for her company’s success.

Jody likes to think of her and her mother’s creations as pieces of wearable art. Their present specialties are earrings of ceramic and gold, inspired by their native Singapore, its culture, surrounding nature, as well as their explorations abroad.  

Traveling is just another opportunity to engage with jewelry, the best of which inevitably makes its way onto the website. The designer duo has a sharp eye for the unique, and purchases novelties from local artisans readily wherever they land, be it France, Hungary, or Germany. On a recent trip to Gdansk, Poland, they discovered an artist working with “Baltic Gold,” a local style that mixes amber and gold into truly unique pieces.

The dual approach to retail has proven popular with customers in Asia and increasingly in Europe and North America. But while creating and curating items came easy, getting orders out to customers was more of a challenge for Gabi the Label.

Unique Jewelry, Typical eCommerce Problems

After a couple of years in business, Gabi the Label was experiencing growing pains. Demand for Jody and her mother's creations had outstripped their fulfillment capabilities and was causing problems. Chiefly, the brand still relied on the same small pool of couriers to ship hundreds of international orders each month. Without access to a wider courier network with competitive rates, Jody was stuck overpaying on cross-border shipments to Europe and North America, her new target markets.

International buyers also complained of delivery delays and inadequate tracking from couriers, each service request adding to Jody’s already hectic days. She an her mom no longer had time to travel, instead mostly packed orders and ran to the post office. Stretched thin, Jody knew it was time to cut costs, improve the international shipping experience, and find a partner that could lighten the load of fulfillment.

From Hardship to Easyship

Gabi the Label found everything it needed in Easyship:

  • Discounted courier rates up to 70% off
  • Real-time global tracking
  • Trusty fulfillment partners

Aided by Calbin, her dedicated success manager at Easyship, Jody picked new couriers from our global network of hundreds. With Easyship, all courier rates were now discounted up to 70% off – and included global tracking. This meant that Gabi the Label could ship to anywhere affordably, even remote Fiji and Bermuda, while customers enjoyed total peace of mind.

Next, Calvin introduced Jody to a fulfillment partner in Singapore to help her streamline operations. Outsourcing fulfillment meant no more packing boxes or daily trips to the post office, which freed Jody to focus on scaling her business into Europe. To this end, she used Easyship's automated features to optimize conversions at checkout (Rates at Checkout) and further simplify fulfillment (Automated Label Generation).

Best of all, since Easyship integrates with the partner’s warehouse software, Jody can manage all her multi-channel shipping activity from her laptop. That is, while she explores Europe for beautiful new trinkets.

To learn more about Gabi the Label's journey, read the full case study.

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