Key Points:

  • Green dropshipping is a supply chain management method where a retailer doesn’t keep goods in stock; instead, it transfers order details to a manufacturer who will then ship the goods directly to the customer
  • Green dropshipping eliminates the first part of the traditional shipping equation by shipping products only once, directly to the customers, once an order has been placed
  • Many companies are turning to dropshipping eco-friendly products as part of their commitment to environmental protection, such as AliExpress

Facing increasing environmental awareness amongst consumers, many companies are waking up to the fact that they need to develop and implement green strategies if they want to remain competitive. Green dropshipping is a fast-growing trend in eCommerce - and one that has the potential to be environmentally friendly. So, this Earth Day, we want to help you consider whether implementing green strategies and dropshipping can help your business. As you grow your online store, green dropshipping could save you a lot of time and money - and be a sustainable delivery solution.

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What is Green Dropshipping?

At its core, green dropshipping (or dropshipping in general) is a supply chain management method where a retailer doesn’t keep goods in stock; instead, it transfers order details to a manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler who will then ship the goods directly to the customer. However, with green dropshipping, the idea is to create an online store that involves dropshipping eco-friendly products. It's the perfect delivery method to consider for Earth Day.

This niche is becoming popular due to increasing awareness of consumers' environmental impacts. Green dropshipping specifically targets customers looking for sustainable, eco-friendly products that protect and preserve the planet and reaches them in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. This type of supply chain management is particularly marketable on Earth Day, when consumers may be more environmentally conscious.

Is Dropshipping Eco-Friendly?

Well, not exactly, since goods still have to be flown or sent by sea to customers. However, green dropshipping is a more environmentally responsible supply chain method, since it cuts down the amount of times goods have to be moved, so it can be used as a smart Earth Day strategy. Traditionally, goods would be shipping from the manufacturer to the retailer, who would then ship it on to customers.

Green dropshipping eliminates the first part of the traditional shipping equation by shipping products only once, directly to the customers, once an order has been placed. From this perspective, then, dropshipping is certainly a greener choice. If you go one step further by dropshipping eco-friendly products, then you’re certainly making a more sustainable choice.

Modern consumers have shown a decided preference for buying from socially-responsible businesses - and, they'll be especially concerned about this around Earth Day. According to Harvard Business Review, 65% of online shoppers prefer to purchase from companies that support social or environmental causes. Thus, by offering green dropshipping, you can appeal to these woke shoppers.

10 Ways to Green Your Dropshipping

To make your online store more eco-friendly and push the green dropshipping agenda, there are a number of steps you can take. Of course, you don’t have to do this just because it’s Earth Day - you can implement these ideas at any time of the year! The first, of course, is to use green dropshipping. But, you can take your support for the environment further with the below ideas for greening your business:

1. Use minimal packaging

Try to use as little packaging as possible - you should ensure that your boxes and cushioning materials are as close as possible to the size of your products. But don't do this just for Earth Day - it should be part of your strategy anyway.

2. Use durable or reusable packaging

Get creative and find a way to make your packaging reusable - we’ve got some ideas here - or at the very least, ensure that they can be recycled.

3. Use less ink

Ink is expensive and wasteful. If you need to use it, try to choose water-soluble or biodegradable options.

4. Outline clear recycling instructions

It’s always important to remind your customers that materials can be recycled. To do this, be sure to provide explicit instructions about how the packaging can be reused or recycled appropriately.

5. Find green companies

Green dropshipping involves finding an eco-friendly dropshipping supplier. Choose a company that clearly outlines its commitment to the environment.

6. Use green promotional products

Ensure that any promotional items you use are also environmentally-friendly. This could mean making marketing collateral from recycled materials, for example.

7. Give back to the environment

Instead of simply trying to minimize your environmental impact, try proactively contributing to regeneration efforts - for example, you could plant trees, support charitable organizations, and offset carbon footprints.

8. Minimize customer dissatisfaction and returns

Do as much as possible to prevent items from being returned. This could mean providing detailed product descriptions and images on your website, for example.

9. Reduce paper use

Try to cut the amount of paper you use in your company and replace whatever you do use with recyclable options.

10. Sell sustainable products

If you really want to go green, then you should specialize in dropshipping eco-friendly products.

10 Sustainable Products to Make Your Dropshipping Greener

With consumers becoming increasingly concerned with their environmental impact - especially today, on Earth Day - and opting to buy from eco-friendly companies, it makes sense for a green dropshipping company with sustainable ambitions to sell green products. Here are a few ideas:

1. Reusable bags

These bags not only minimize environmental waste but also make shopping easier. They can also be folded away for easy storage when not in use.

2. Copper water bottles

Ayurvedic medicine recommends drinking water from copper containers to access this metal’s health benefits. According to practitioners, copper bottles can positively charge the water, helping to balance the “doshas” (energy fields) in the body.

3. Reusable straws

There’s been a serious backlash against plastic straws in recent years, and as a result, most bars and restaurants no longer use them. Instead, they choose eco-friendly straws made from glass, metal, or paper. This will prove a perennially popular green dropshipping idea.

4. Finger puppets

Finger puppets are an excellent source of entertainment and learning materials for children. They help them develop language and communication skills easily. Handmade puppets, such as bees, cats, and lions, are made from hypoallergenic polyfills that aren’t hazardous to the environment.

5. Reusable coffee filters

These filters are another incredible idea for green dropshipping. They are popular with online buyers because they’re affordable and reduce wastage.

6. Beeswax wraps

Beeswax wraps have replaced the single-use plastic wraps that are commonly found in kitchens around the world. These long-lasting, visually-appealing food savers are very environmentally friendly since they can be reused regularly.

7. Reusable makeup wipes

The beauty industry is a major culprit in wastage, especially when it comes to makeup wipes and cotton rounds. But, many stores are now stocking reusable makeup wipes and cotton pads that are eco-friendly and reduce the amount of waste we produce. That's why these make a good green dropshipping product.

8. Artisanal soaps

Handmade soaps not only favor the environment but also contain natural ingredients, including shea butter and essential oils.

9. Natural beard balm

These days, the men’s grooming market is filled with products made with natural ingredients such as organic sunflower, shea butter, and beeswax. These products all have a minimal environmental impact.

10. Reusable diapers

Disposable diapers are hugely wasteful and cause significant environmental pollution. In a bid to save the environment, reusable diapers are increasingly common.

5 Top Sustainable Dropshippers

Many companies are turning to dropshipping eco-friendly products as part of their commitment to environmental protection, and it's especially relevant for Earth Day. Here are five big green eco-friendly dropshipping suppliers that may inspire you:

1. AliExpress

This renowned online platform has a smorgasbord of products for discerning consumers, including many eco-friendly options to ensure green dropshipping.

2. Worldwide Brands

This directory of bulk distributors and dropshippers is often updated with new eco-friendly products.

3. GreenDropship

As the name suggests, they offer more than 20,000 organic products and an extensive inventory of environmentally-friendly items.

4. Honest Green eSolutions

If you’re looking for green, organic food, supplements, and homeware, this is the place to go to ensure your green dropshipping ambitions.

5. Bangalla

This online platform is one of the oldest natural products wholesalers; they have a large inventory of eco-friendly products, ranging from cleaning and beauty supplies to energy-saving gadgets.

How Can Green Dropshipping Help You Cut Costs

Embracing green dropshipping doesn’t just save the environment. For savvy online retailers, it could also help reduce costs and build a sustainable business. Of course, only having to ship products once - directly to customers - means you aren’t paying multiple shipping fees; this is especially true if you can manage to reduce returns, too. That's why for this Earth Day, you should think about whether green dropshipping can work for you.

If you can also cut the amount of packaging you use, you’ll also spend less money on preparing your orders for shipment. Additionally, shoppers are generally more willing to pay for environmentally-friendly products, so you may be able to charge more for these products, thus offsetting your costs.

To cut costs even further, you need to find the most affordable shipping solutions for getting products to customers. This is where Easyship can help. No matter what type of product you ship, we can help you access a cost-effective courier service for your green dropshipping needs. Sign up for an account today to see the different couriers you can use to dropship with.

Save Money with Eco-Friendly Dropshipping

With increasing internet access, green dropshipping is becoming easier than ever before. Observing environmental conservation measures while running your dropshipping business will not only help your business preserve the environment but could also save significant operational costs. We hope this guide will inspire you to move towards a greener business this Earth Day.