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What are the last posting dates to Australia for Christmas 2019?

Gayatri Bhaumik

by Gayatri Bhaumik

On 2019 M11 27

by Gayatri Bhaumik

It may be summer down under, but the Christmas spirit lives on in Australia, which means you'll need to have the last posting dates for Christmas 2019 in Australia in mind as you prepare for the seasonal rush. We know you've got your Christmas promotions ready, your pop-up campaigns planned and your inventory ready to ship out. But you also want to make sure your orders get shipped out in time to give your Australian customers a merry Christmas. Don't forget that your fulfillment solutions will also need to prepare to keep up with the onslaught.

In Australia, online shopping is hugely popular. In fact, Australia's eCommerce value is expected to reach AU$35.2 billion by 2021. That's a lot of online shopping! Christmas is an especially busy season for Australian online retailers. In 2016, 24 million parcels were delivered in Australia around the holiday season, and only 5.6 million of these were from overseas. Manic Monday - the last Monday before Christmas - is the busiest day of the year for online shopping deliveries, so you'll want to bear this in mind. Make sure your customers are aware of Australia’s last posting dates for Christmas 2019.

2019 Holiday Delivery Cutoffs in Australia

If you want your customers to get their orders in time for Christmas? No problem. Once you've added your holiday shipping rates and methods to your site, you'll want to make sure your customers know the last day they can place their orders. This can differ depending on what courier you use, but you'll especially want to make sure it's clear what the Australia holiday shipping deadlines for 2019 are.

Last Posting Dates for Australia Post

Australia Post generally has some generous deadlines for holiday shipping, but you'll want to pay attention if you're planning to use their International services, as these have much earlier cutoffs. National services are pretty lenient, though, but you'll want to ensure your customers know the last posting dates for 2019 with Australia Post.

Australia Post Holiday Ship By Date
Australia Post International Economy December 3, 2019
Australia Post International Standard December 10, 2019
Australia Post Interstate December 16-23, 2019
Australia Post International Express December 17, 2019
Australia Post Express Post December 20, 2019

Fast Way Holiday Shipping Cutoffs

Service Holiday Ship By Date
Long Haul National Deliveries December 10, 2019
Short Haul National Deliveries
Same City National Deliveries

Sendle Holiday Shipping Cutoffs For Australia

Save yourself the stress of last-minute fulfillment and get your customers to order their purchases as early as possible - perhaps with a few cheeky holiday discounts? Even national deliveries will take some time at this time of year, so be prepared.

Service Holiday Ship By Date
Long Haul National Deliveries December 10, 2019
Short Haul National Deliveries December 16, 2019
Same City National Deliveries December 18, 2019

Note: Domestic deliveries to Perth holiday cutoffs are December 5th, 2019.

2019 Holiday Delivery Deadlines in Australia

Now that you're aware of all the holiday shipping cutoff dates, we've also put together a handy holiday shipping deadlines infographic for Australian merchants to see what services are available and how to schedule your own shipping cutoff dates to ensure your orders arrive in time for the holidays.

2019 Holiday Shipping Deadlines for Australia
Australian send-by dates to deliver packages in time for the holidays.

The holiday seasons are the busiest - and most profitable - for every business. Do you have your holiday logistics ready? If not, we're happy to help. We've got a shipping checklist ready for you to tick off, so you're all ready to give your customers a memorable Christmas.

Happy shipping, and happy holidays!