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How to calculate your shipping costs in minutes


by Jules

On 2018 M09 21

by Jules

Curious about how much it'll cost to send something to the other side of the world, or need to know how much your shipping budget will be to send your  product to thousands of customers worldwide?

The good news is that it's 2019, which means there are multiple tools available for you to calculate your shipping costs in minutes!

In this post, we'll share the basic information you'll need to get a quote, additional services and requirements that may apply affect the price of your shipment, in addition to some useful tools that'll help you calculate costs in a few clicks!

Using a shipping fee calculator

It's best if you have the following information on hand to get a basic quote:

  • Where you're shipping from (and postal code, if applicable)
  • The place you're shipping to (and postal code, if applicable)
  • The dimensions of your package
  • The weight of your package

Reminder: The dimensions and weight of your package greatly influences the cost of your shipment, especially if you're interested in using an express courier.

Learn more about dimensional weight and how to optimize your packaging to reduce shipping costs.

What can affect my shipping cost?

Note that the following services or requirements can affect the price of your shipment:

  • Shipping insurance: If you're interested in protecting your shipment from damage, couriers usually offer this at a very small fee - on average, 3% of the declared value of your shipment.
  • Shipping-related charges. These fees are related to the details of the shipment, such as the pickup location, the delivery destination, and the delivery hours. Examples are fuel surcharges and remote area surcharges. Learn more.
  • Parcel handling-related charges. This can be related to the items you want to ship, their packaging, weight, and dimensions. An example would be if you're shipping dangerous goods.
  • Duties and taxes: When you ship something to another country, you or the recipient of your shipment may be asked to pay additional duties and taxes before the shipment is delivered. Duties and taxes may apply based on what you are shipping and its value.

Useful Shipping Calculators

Easyship's Shipping Rates Calculator - For a basic estimate of your shipping costs, the Shipping Rates Calculator on our website is a great start. All you need is your origin, origin postal code, destination, and weight of your item to find the fastest and cheapest options. The results will allow you to compare prices between major couriers such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx. You'll also be able to see the delivery timeframes and pickup/dropoff options for each service.

Looking for a more accurate estimate? Sign up for a free account to get access to our Get A Quote feature!

Duty and tax calculator - If you're shipping something internationally and want to know if duties and taxes will apply, we've created a handy calculator to do just this!

Hot tip: You'll also be able to see duty and tax estimates when you use our Get A Quote feature on our dashboard.

Crowdfunding shipping cost calculator - Got a crowdfunding campaign to fulfill? Use our calculator specially made for crowdfunders in mind. All you'll need to input is where you're shipping from, dimensions of your shipment, weight, value per item, and item category to get an idea of what your costs will be to top destinations such as the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

We hope you find these tools useful!

For better estimates, sign up for our platform (it's free!) to get more accurate rates.

Additionally, if you're shipping high volumes, you can always contact our sales team for a free consultation and a more personalized quote.

Last updated June 20, 2019.