Key Points:

  • The usual UPS delivery window is between 9 am-7 pm
  • Deliveries can sometimes be later than expected if drivers are running behind
  • Shipping with Easyship automatically gives you access to discounted UPS rates

Waiting for your UPS package to be delivered? Nobody wants to sit around waiting for their parcel to arrive, especially if you have things to be getting on with. If you've been waiting eagerly at home for a package to be delivered, then you may be wondering how late does UPS deliver? In this article, we'll look at the latest delivery time for UPS packages so you'll know when you can start winding down for the evening.

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When Is the Cut-off Time for Deliveries?

UPS deliveries are usually made between 9 am-7 pm. Saying that, the official delivery window for UPS is 7 am-9 pm so if your package turns up as you're cozying up to watch a film for the evening then that will be why. While most drivers will be heading back to base towards the end of the day, if there are a lot of packages to be delivered then your parcel may arrive a little later than expected.

However, even though the official delivery window closes at 9 pm,  UPS generally delivers packages much earlier. UPS will usually deliver packages between 9 am-7 pm for residential addresses. There are times when you could be waiting up until 9 pm because a lot of UPS drivers tend to work overtime.

How Accurate Is a UPS Estimated Delivery Date?

One of the great things about using UPS as your courier of choice is that their estimated delivery times tend to be pretty spot on.

There's nothing worse than being given an estimated delivery time, and keeping your whole day free so you can stay in and wait for your package to arrive, only for it not to. This is why even though some couriers may offer lower shipping costs, they may be more unreliable than others. You should always choose a trusted courier such as UPS so you can ensure that you get your packages on time and no one is left disappointed - especially if you are shipping a lot of orders over the holiday season.

As with every courier service, there are factors that can affect delivery times which include:

  • The time of day that you place the order (if you place it late in the day then it may not be processed until the next working day)
  • The location you are sending the package from
  • The destination of the package

What Happens if UPS Doesn't Deliver on Time?

If your UPS package hasn't arrived on time then it's important to find your tracking number so you can track your parcel to see if it's been updated. It may be that the parcel couldn't have been delivered due to unforeseen circumstances or there has been a delay somewhere along the line.

The best thing to do is keep calm, check for updates and remain patient.

Remember, during the holiday season there are a lot more orders than usual so if it is getting late and you find yourself wondering "how late does UPS deliver?" then your package may turn up just past the closing window. It's likely that over the holidays, delivery drivers are overworked and struggling to fit every delivery in. If your package does arrive slightly outside the delivery window, at least it turned up, right? Delivery drivers are usually meant to be finished for the day by 7 pm but if their deliveries haven't all been made then some drivers will work later in order to keep up-to-date.

The American customer satisfaction index (ASCI) score for UPS in 2022 is 74 (out of 100) which is generally quite a good score. For comparison, USPS's score sits just below 70.

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