Key Points:

  • USPS delivers over 700 million pieces of mail daily with a delivery success rate of upwards of 99%
  • USPS Priority 2-Day shipping offers free tracking updates until your shipment arrives at its destination
  • Sunday and holiday delivery are available for an additional fee

USPS is often the cheapest US domestic courier service, but it isn’t always the most reliable.

Admittedly, USPS delivery times tend to slow during the holidays. The pandemic also threw USPS for a loop, leading to longer lead times. If you’re tired of customers asking you why their standard USPS shipment is “stuck in transit” – USPS 2-day shipping is the service for you.

USPS 2-day shipping, or USPS Priority Mail Express, is a day-definite delivery service you can trust. Your package arrives in less than two days or you get your money back. For a little extra, you can give costumes the speedy, reliable delivery they expect.

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When Is USPS Unreliable?

Empty mailboxes. Frustrated customers. We get it. You ship with USPS to save money, but sometimes deliveries take longer than expected. Delays aggravate customers and hamper the growth of your business.

Fact is, packages sent via USPS delivery services without a day-definite delivery guarantee (like 2-day shipping) are more likely to get delayed. This is because those delivery lead time estimates on most USPS services are just that: estimates.

The most common reasons for delivery delays on non-guaranteed USPS shipments include:

  • Holiday delays: USPS processes millions of more packages per day during the holidays which causes delays between Thanksgiving and New Year.
  • Pandemic restrictions: Added safety measures for customers and staff slowed delivery times, and some of these measures remain in place.
  • Inclement weather: Harsh conditions make it difficult to deliver packages in a timely fashion.
  • Incorrect address: Misentered or incorrect addresses are surprisingly common, and make delivery impossible until remedied.

Find more information about common USPS delivery delays.

As a guaranteed delivery service, though, Priority Mail Express bypasses these common delivery delays.

What Makes USPS Reliable?

Reputation for unreliability aside, USPS remains one of the most consistent shipping companies worldwide. USPS delivers over 700 million pieces of mail daily with a delivery success rate of upwards of 99%.

USPS can be reliable for the following reasons:

  • FedEx partners with USPS: FedEx partners with USPS to take over some of their door-to-door deliveries because of the influx of shipments and returns. This helps FedEx meet its delivery deadlines and keep its customers happy, especially during peak season.
  • USPS offers additional insurance: USPS 2-Day shipping includes $100 of insurance, while Priority Mail offers up to $50. Fortunately, Easyship also offers insurance up to.
  • USPS offers stable costs and fewer surcharges: USPS offers competitive rates for those small, lightweight packages. To see which option is best for your shipment, compare USPS mail services here.
  • USPS offers guaranteed delivery services: USPS 2-Day shipping guarantees delivery within two days with a money-back guarantee. However, other USPS services do not offer a money-back guarantee.

The Most Reliable USPS Service

USPS Priority Mail 2 Day Express is the fastest and most trusted USPS shipping service. With USPS 2-day shipping, you get 1-2 day guaranteed delivery by 6 PM with a money-back guarantee. Features of Priority Mail Express include:

  • Shipping insurance: USPS insurance protects your package from theft, damage, or loss in transit. USPS 2-Day shipping offers insurance coverage for up to $100 on domestic shipments and up to $200 on international shipments.
  • Package tracking: USPS Priority 2-Day shipping offers free tracking updates until your shipment arrives at its destination. That means customers can have some peace of mind knowing their package's whereabouts. Easyship also offers a curated delivery experience. All Easyship users receive the full benefits of USPS. We also offer an upgraded delivery experience with professionally branded landing pages, emails, and tracking updates, so your brand can set itself apart.
  • Weekend and holiday delivery: For an additional fee, USPS 2-Day shipping delivers 365 days a year, regardless of holidays or weekends. Customers can opt to upgrade their shipment to overnight delivery and have it delivered before 10:30 a.m. the next day.
  • Competitive prices: USPS 2-Day shipping prices start at $26.35 for a Flat Rate Envelope. In comparison to UPS and DHL, USPS generally has the cheapest prices for domestic shipments. However, for heavier packages, USPS is not a cost-effective shipping option. Easyship saves you 13% on all USPS Priority Mai 2 Day Express shipments instantly.  Here are the discounted rates for shipping a 5-pound package from New York to Los Angeles.

How much is 2-day shipping? Here we can see that by opting for USPS Priority Mail 2 Day Express shipping, we save $12.24 because of Easyship’s pre-negotiated rates. What are you waiting for? Get started here.

The Pros & Cons of USPS 2-Day Shipping

Here’s a list of the upsides and drawbacks of using USPS 2-day shipping for reliable deliveries.


  • Guaranteed 1-2 day delivery with a money-back guarantee
  • Cheaper than UPS and FedEx
  • Free package pickup service at home or office
  • Sunday and holiday delivery available for an additional fee
  • Includes tracking
  • $100 of insurance included
  • Includes proof of delivery signature record (if requested at the time of purchase)


  • Offers delivery to most US locations (Residents in smaller towns and rural areas may not be able to receive mail from the USPS because they live off the postal grid)
  • The maximum weight is 70 pounds for packages
  • The maximum combined length and girth is 108”
  • More expensive than economy USPS shipping

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USPS 2-Day Shipping FAQ

What does USPS 2-day shipping mean?

USPS Priority Mail 2 Day Express provides a next-day to 2-day delivery service by 6 p.m. with a money-back guarantee.

Does USPS 2-day shipping include weekends?

Sunday and holiday delivery are available for an additional fee.

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