Key Points:

  • There are around 4.3 billion email users worldwide, and that number is expected to l grow to 4.7 billion by the year 2026
  • A customer email list is one of the most important assets for your business
  • Easyship offers customized branded tracking emails for your shipment emails and other emails

Is your newsletter marketing driving sales to your online store? If so, you are on the right track to growing one of the most important digital marketing channels. But how can you accelerate that growth? It starts with developing a strategy for growing your signups. After all, the first step is to convince potential customers to say “Yes! I’d like to hear from you!”

Currently, there are around 4.3 billion email users worldwide, and that number is expected to l grow to 4.7 billion by the year 2026. We all use email, and historically, it has proven to be one of the most effective digital marketing channels. Every $1 spent will generate a return on investment (ROI) of $42.

Now comes the challenging part: how to increase newsletter signups? First, let’s look at why newsletters are important for an eCommerce business.

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How a Newsletter Can Help Your eCommerce Business

A customer email list is one of the most important assets for your business. Every person on that list is a prospect or a customer. But having a list is just the start. You need to be able to actively engage subscribers on a regular basis to keep them visible to your brand, visiting your website and ultimately converting to paying customers.

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Let’s take a look at the major benefits of email newsletters for online stores.

  • It channels organic and authentic traffic to your website through email signup
  • Creates trust and confidence between you and your customers
  • Builds and improves your business reputation
  • A well-written newsletter builds the base for your marketing strategy
  • A good newsletter can show your qualities and expertise, it can show the customer your understanding of your industry
  • If handled properly, it can help you generate referral leads which are vital for small businesses. Add a small share with a friend or share to social media button for people to share it if they like the content
  • Newsletter signup gives your business maximum exposure. It is the neatest and clean and uncomplicated method for advertising yourself
  • It makes your audience familiar with your business to an extent that they feel part of it. Introducing new services or products becomes easy and is well received because of this relationship
  • The targeted goal of the newsletter signup is to generate sales. Why is email signup important? To increase sales. Why do you request customers to “signup for our newsletter”? The answer again is to increase sales. A good newsletter does a lot to achieve this goal.

10 Tips for Acquiring New Newsletter Subscribers

Once you have established that email is going to be a priority channel for your digital marketing, the next focus needs to be on how to increase newsletter signups. You can apply and experiment with multiple strategies and tactics to determine which are the most successful. We’ve outlined 10 best practices that are widely adopted across the industry.

This will give you a great start on fleshing out your email marketing strategy and how to increase newsletter signups.

  1. Providing an incentive in return for signing up is always a very good tactic to get attention and encourage people to take some action. A free coupon, sweepstakes or a gift item, etc. anything that you think will work for your audience can be added as an incentive
  2. Show the value of your subscription to first-time visitors or prospective customers. If you have a large number of subscribers, you can display that number to give confidence. You can take your best newsletters so far and show their headers to give a glimpse of the interesting content you create
  3. Add a popup form for email signup on the homepage of your website. This improves your chances of getting email signup compared to forwarding to a signup page
  4. Add more content regularly so that your website is always filled with interesting things for the customers. Adding informative, helpful content will keep your audience coming back to your website. This great content can in turn be added to your newsletters to drive interest.
  5. Make your newsletters and emails shareable. This will increase your business outreach and exposure
  6. Make email signup pop look personal. The look and appeal should have warmth and personal touches like a picture of your editor or writer or any other staff member or even yourself
  7. SEO practices are very important. Focus on the long-tail keywords rather than short keywords as they are more effective
  8. Placement of your email signup popup is very important. New customers would want to know about you before subscribing, so place it at the center or the end or make it appear after the visitor spends some time on your website
  9. Utilize social media platforms to grow. You can attract a large number of subscribers with the help of social media. It's key that you regularly share your newsletters on your social channels.
  10. Consider using QR codes for the subscription. This is a unique way to increase your email list

Inspiring Newsletter Signup Examples

Inspiration is always out there if you want it. There are many successful newsletter signup examples out there and you can get ideas and inspiration from them.

We have compiled a list of a few of such newsletter signup examples

Tropic Feel Newsletter example
  • Travel brand Tropic Feel uses a strong community-oriented call to action to join the newsletter for news, tips, and promotions. They make it clear that by subscribing, you will be joining a community of passionate travelers.
Oral Essentials Newsletter example
  • Oral care company Oral Essentials uses an incentive call to action to entice new subscribers to join by receiving a discount on kits.
The Sill newsletter pop up example
  • The Sill incorporates an eye-catching visual to draw attention to the newsletter sign-up for the newsletter where subscribers will receive news, promotions, and discounters.
  • Skincare Apostrophe company saves their newsletter call to action for the bottom of their website after you’ve viewed the products, offering a clear incentive with the $10 off.

Drive New Subscribers to Your Newsletter to Boost Sales

Newsletters are an important strategy for online retailers looking to grow their audience, stay connected with customers, and ultimately convert new customers. A good newsletter will provide a mix of inspiring content and enticing deals to keep customers and prospects engaged.

Following the tips we’ve outlined will provide you with actionable tactics and provide solutions on how to increase newsletter signups. But a newsletter is just part of an email marketing strategy.

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