Key Points:

  • Easyship offers you multiple label printing options to maximize your number of choices
  • Knowing how to make a shipping label for your shipments can make your eCommerce order fulfillment and shipping process much faster and simpler
  • You will need to create a shipment with a courier service of your choice before creating a shipping label

As an online merchant, knowing how to create a shipping label further simplifies the process of shipping goods to your customers, both domestically and internationally.

Fortunately, Easyship makes this process very quick and easy! With this guide, you’ll be able to better understand how to create shipping labels without any hassle. Here’s how to do it!

Table of Contents

How to Create a Shipping Label

In order to successfully create a shipping label, there are a few simple steps you need to follow. Without further ado, here are the steps you need to follow on how to create a shipping label within a matter of seconds!


1. Create a Shipment

This is the first process in creating a shipping label. You will need to create a shipment with a courier service of your choice.

2. Choose Shipping Labels

After the shipment is created, just go to “Manage Shipments” to download your shipping labels. Check the boxes containing the labels you wish to download from the options listed.

3. Download Shipping Labels

After you’re done checking off the labels you need, the next thing to do is to click on the download button in the top-right corner.

4. Print Your Shipping Labels

Once you have the file containing the labels downloaded, the next step is to have your shipping labels printed. You can print as many shipping labels as you need. Take note that you can’t use the same shipping label on multiple boxes. Each box should have its own unique label.

Label Printing Options

So, creating and downloading labels is pretty simple, right? In addition to its simplicity, Easyship also offers you multiple label printing options to maximize your number of choices!

Each time you process a shipment, the courier service will always require unique shipping documents. By default, the documents are in A4 or Standard Letter paper size format, but you can change these formats to suit your needs.

Here are the various shipping labels printing options available:

Option 1: Shipping Label

This is where you can choose the size of your shipping label. You have the option of A4 size or Thermal size. Just check the format you prefer!


Option 2: Packing Slip

Here, you can choose whether to include this slip or not. You can also decide on its size, whether A4 half page, A4 full page, or Thermal size.

Option 3: Commercial Invoice

This option is only made available for international shipments. You have the option of choosing A4 size or Thermal size for the printout.

Option 4: Download Shipping Documents

This option to create shipping labels entails you choosing how you want your documents to be organized. You can choose to have separate PDFs for each shipment, or to have one PDF for all your selected shipments.

What If My Label is Rejected?

When creating a shipping label, Easyship sends all the information customers enter to the courier of their choice. With the information received by the courier, either one of two things take place – shipping labels are generated or error codes are returned. Rejected labels lead to error codes – but don’t panic! Solving the problem is simple.

Take note that you can always reach out to the Easyship customer service in order to further understand returned error codes. It might be as simple as changing a small piece of information in your shipment. Whatever the case is, you always have the option to fix the error directly on the dashboard.


Types of Errors

There are different types of errors that may cause your shipping labels to be rejected. These include:

  • Invalid recipient postal number/zip code
  • Invalid destination (city/suburb/postcode)
  • Invalid or missing element
  • Invalid or missing consignee phone number

Depending on the issue with the rejected shipping labels, they can be fixed with a few edits, or in more serious cases, the courier service will need to be reached in order to get more information on why the label was rejected. The error code determines the actions to be taken.

Rejected labels can be found under your “Manage Shipments” tab. If it requires a few edits, just click on the “EDIT” button and fix the errors. Rejected labels should also be reported to the shipping company through tickets or emails. Easyship prioritizes every report of rejected labels.

Easyship makes it simple to report shipping label problems you're unable to fix on your own

In editing rejected shipping labels, take note that should a change be made to the weight, dimension, or destination, it will require that the shipping rates be recalculated. This may lead to increased or reduced fees, subject to the changes made. Refunds are usually made for decreased calculations. If you’re unable to find any code for your rejected label, leave a report at the bottom of the edit page.

Create Shipping Labels with Easyship Today!

Knowing how to make a shipping label for your shipments can make your eCommerce order fulfillment and shipping process much faster and simpler.

Seems pretty easy, right? It really is! Sign up with Easyship today to start creating shipping labels for all of your shipments.