Key points:

  • Amazon Prime Day presents a prime opportunity for national brands to boost sales, increase customer retention, and expand market reach, making it essential to have a well-prepared shipping strategy
  • Key strategies for sellers include focusing on popular categories like electronics and health products, optimizing listings, leveraging promotions, and ensuring efficient shipping processes
  • Easyship’s multi-carrier shipping solution can help streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction during the high-volume Prime Day event

Amazon Prime Day is one of the most anticipated shopping events of the year, rivaling even Black Friday in terms of sales and customer engagement. For national brands, this presents a golden opportunity to boost sales, increase customer retention, and expand market reach. 

Amazon Prime Day sales have been rising gradually year after year. In 2023, sales during the event reached a new record high, over $12.9 Billion! To maximize these benefits and reach your sales potential within these 24 hours, it's crucial to have a well-prepared shipping strategy. 

In this guide, we’ll cover how to prepare for Amazon Prime Day, discuss key aspects like prime day deals, prime members, lightning deals, and how to find the cheapest shipping.

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What Were the Top-Selling Items in 2023?

To prepare your store for 2024, we have reviewed the top selling items and categories from last year.According to 2023 research by Numerator of over 5000 Prime Day shoppers, 2023 saw a slight dip in Amazon's market share compared to 2022. Dropping from 40% to 39%. Despite this, overall sales remained strong. 

Consumers primarily spent on electronics, home & garden products, and health & beauty items. Check out this quick breakdown of the top-selling items and key insights of 2023:

  • Most orders (73%) contained only a single item
  • Fewer than one-in-ten orders (8%) contained 3 or more items
  • The average spend per order was $58, with nearly a third (31%) of orders exceeding $100

2023 Top 10 Items Based on Total Units Sold:

Rank Item
1 Fire TV Stick
2 Temptations Classic Cat Food
3 Echo Dot 5th Gen
4 Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier
5 Blink Outdoor Camera 3rd Gen
6 Ring Video Doorbell
7 Blink Video Doorbell
8 Celsius Sparkling Drinks
9 Orgain Organic Protein Powder
10 Premier Protein Shakes

Top Sectors by % of Dollar Sales on Prime Day 2023:

Overall, the top-selling items of 2023 reflect a diverse range of interests among shoppers, from smart home and security devices to health and wellness products. The high average spend per order and the significant percentage of orders over $100 highlight the strong consumer demand and the willingness to invest in quality products during Prime Day. Brands should take note of these trends when planning their inventory and marketing strategies for future sales events.

2023 Prime Day Summary for Amazon Sellers

Amazon Prime Day 2023 saw robust sales, with electronics, home & garden, and health & beauty products leading the charge. Top-selling items included the Fire TV Stick, Echo Dot 5th Gen, and Blink Outdoor Camera, reflecting consumer interest in tech and smart home products. Despite most orders containing only a single item, the average spend per order was $58, with 31% of orders exceeding $100.

Key Insights for Sellers:

  • Focus on Popular Categories: Prioritize stocking electronics, home & garden, and health & beauty items, which accounted for significant portions of sales.
  • Optimize for High-Demand Items: Ensure sufficient inventory of trending products like smart home devices and health supplements.
  • Streamline Shipping: Given the high volume of single-item orders, efficient shipping processes are crucial. Utilize multi-carrier shipping solutions to compare rates and ensure timely delivery.
  • Leverage Promotions: Utilize lightning deals and exclusive discounts to attract Prime members and boost sales.
  • Prepare Early: Start preparing well in advance to optimize listings, manage inventory, and ensure your systems can handle increased traffic and orders.

Implementing these strategies can help Amazon sellers maximize sales and improve shipping efficiency during Prime Day. Ultimately boosting profitability and customer satisfaction.

How to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day: First Steps

Preparation is key to making the most of the Amazon Prime Day event. Here are some essential steps:

  1. Inventory Management: Ensure you have enough stock to meet the expected surge in demand. Use data from previous Prime Day events to forecast your inventory needs
  2. Optimize Listings: Update product listings with relevant keywords, high-quality images, and compelling descriptions. Highlight any Prime Membership exclusive deals to attract Amazon Prime members
  3. Plan Promotions: Strategize your discounts and promotions in advance. Consider offering limited-time deals or a lightning deal to create a sense of urgency for the big sale event
  4. Enhance Customer Service: Be ready to handle increased customer inquiries during this year's event. Provide clear communication about shipping times, return policies, and any delays
  5. Test Your Systems: Ensure your website, payment gateways, and inventory management systems are robust and can handle the increased traffic and transactions during big sales events

How to Find the Cheapest Shipping

Shipping costs can eat into your profit margins, so finding the best deals is crucial. Here’s how to do it:

  • Compare Carriers: Use multi-carrier shipping platforms like Easyship to compare rates from different couriers
  • Bulk Shipping Discounts: Take advantage of bulk shipping discounts to lower costs
  • Automate Shipping: Use shipping automation tools to streamline processes and reduce errors
  • Flexible Options: Offer a range of shipping options to your customers, including economy and expedited services
  • Local Warehousing: Consider local warehousing solutions to reduce shipping times and costs for regional orders
How to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2024: Ultimate Guide

What is the cheapest shipping in the US on Prime Day?

Shipping thousands of orders on Prime Day? You might be expecting expensive shipping costs and slow delivery times, however with the right tools this isn't necessarily the case. To break down the cheapest shipping rates available, in this example, we are going to ship a small package from New York City to Los Angeles.

We will use the following dimensions and plug this into the Easyship Shipping Rate Calculator to compare prenegotiated rates from 250 plus couriers:

  • Weight of package: 2lb
  • Box Dimensions: 12in x 11in x 1.5in
  • Contents for customs forms: Accessory (No-battery)
  • Origin: New York City, NY
  • Destination: Los Angeles, CA

To help you analyze the cheapest international shipping options available, we have ranked each service, based on the estimated prices from over 250 global couriers. While also focusing on the estimated number of business days it takes to arrive at the shipping address, plus the type and quality of tracking available.

Courier Name Delivery Time Tracking Total Cost
UPS® Ground Saver 5 working days Regular $8.41
USPS - Ground Advantage 2 - 5 working days Basic $9.17
UPS® Ground 4 working days Excellent $9.20
FedEx Ground® Economy 2 - 5 working days Excellent $10.64
USPS - Ground Advantage Signature 2 - 5 working days Basic $12.67
USPS - Priority Mail 1 - 3 working days Regular $13.17
FedEx 2Day® 2 working days Excellent $13.47
FedEx Express Saver® 2 - 3 working days Excellent $13.47
UPS 3 Day Select® 3 working days Excellent $15.03
FedEx Ground® 1 - 3 working days Excellent $15.42
USPS - Priority Mail Signature 1 - 3 working days Regular $16.67
UPS 2nd Day Air® 2 working days Excellent $20.07
UPS 2nd Day Air A.M. ® 2 working days Excellent $22.04
UPS Next Day Air Saver® 1 working day Excellent $43.22
FedEx 2Day® A.M. 2 working days Excellent $46.39
UPS Next Day Air® 1 working day Excellent $49.76
USPS - Priority Mail Express 1 - 2 working days Regular $54.15
UPS Next Day Air® Early 1 working day Excellent $79.76
FedEx Standard Overnight® 1 working day Excellent $85.94
FedEx Priority Overnight® 1 working day Excellent $94.32

Cheapest Option

Courier: UPS® Ground Saver

  • Delivery Time: 5 working days
  • Tracking: Regular
  • Total Cost: $8.41

UPS® Ground Saver offers the most affordable rate at $8.41 with a reasonable delivery time of 5 working days and regular tracking.

Best Value Option

Courier: USPS - Ground Advantage

  • Delivery Time: 2 - 5 working days
  • Tracking: Basic
  • Total Cost: $9.17

USPS - Ground Advantage is slightly more expensive at $9.17 but provides faster delivery within 2 to 5 working days and basic tracking. This makes it a great value option considering the balance between cost and delivery speed.

Fastest Option

Courier: UPS Next Day Air®

  • Delivery Time: 1 working day
  • Tracking: Excellent
  • Total Cost: $49.76

UPS Next Day Air® ensures the fastest delivery at 1 working day with excellent tracking, though at a significantly higher cost of $49.76.


  • Cheapest: UPS® Ground Saver ($8.41, 5 working days, Regular tracking)
  • Best Value: USPS - Ground Advantage ($9.17, 2-5 working days, Basic tracking)
  • Fastest: UPS Next Day Air® ($49.76, 1 working day, Excellent tracking)

For budget-conscious shipping, UPS® Ground Saver is the best choice. For a balance of cost and delivery time, USPS - Ground Advantage is ideal. For the fastest delivery, UPS Next Day Air® is the top option despite its higher cost.

Prime Day Deals

Prime Day is well known for incredible deals and discounts. Here’s how you can leverage these price drops to your advantage:

  • Exclusive Discounts: Offer exclusive deals during the sales event to Prime members to encourage subscriptions and increase sales
  • Bundle Offers: Create bundle deals to increase the average order value and move more inventory
  • Flash Sales: Use flash sales or lightning deals to drive traffic and create urgency among shoppers

Prime Members

Prime members are the core audience for Amazon Prime Day. Here’s how to target them effectively:

  • Targeted Marketing: Use Amazon's marketing tools to target Prime members with personalized promotions and ads.
  • Exclusive Perks: Offer perks like free shipping, early access to deals, or additional discounts for Prime members.
  • Loyalty Programs: Encourage repeat purchases by integrating loyalty programs that reward Prime members.

Prime Day - Multi Day Event?

Amazon Prime Day is not just a single-day event; it has become a multi-day shopping event for almost every prime member. Here’s how to stay ahead of the upcoming deals and offer the best discounts for conversions:

  • Extended Promotions: Offer deals before and after the official Prime Day to capture early and late shoppers
  • Multichannel Selling: Utilize other platforms like your own website, social media, and other marketplaces to promote your Prime Day deals
  • Monitor Competitors: Keep an eye on other major retailers and adjust your strategies to stay competitive

Lightning Deals

Lightning deals are a great way to boost sales in a short period. Here’s how to use them effectively:

  • Time Management: Schedule your lightning deals at peak shopping times to maximize visibility.
  • Scarcity Tactics: Emphasize the limited quantity and time to create urgency.
  • Highlight Popular Items: Feature your best-selling and most popular items in lightning deals to attract more buyers.

Boost Customer Satisfaction with Easyship Today

Preparing for Amazon Prime Day requires a strategic approach to inventory management, listing optimization, customer targeting, and cost-effective shipping solutions. By following the tips in this guide, national brands can enhance their operations, meet customer expectations, and significantly boost sales during this major retail event.

To streamline your shipping process and maximize your Prime Day success, consider integrating the Easyship app and eFulfillment services. With access to over 550 courier services globally and seamless integrations with leading eCommerce platforms like Shopify Plus, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Magento, Easyship can help you save time and money while improving your customer experience.

Get started today and take full advantage of Amazon Prime Day 2024. Increase sales, reduce costs, and delight your customers with seamless, efficient shipping solutions.

We also offer a range of easy-to-use shipping tools, to help streamline your shipping experience and delight your buyers. Popular features include:

  • Shipping Rate Calculator: You can use our shipping rate calculator to compare shipping rates from different carriers
  • Comparison Tool: With our courier comparison tool, you can compare the different shipping services offered by each courier, allowing you to choose your cheapest way to ship based on other factors, not just the cost
  • Insurance: To help keep your packages safe in transit, Easyship offers you insurance up to $10000
  • Tracking: From custom-branded tracking emails to automatic message alerts, Easyship helps you maintain package visibility with your buyers throughout the delivery process


Is Amazon Prime Day worth it?

Absolutely, Amazon Prime Day is worth it for both consumers and sellers. For consumers, Prime Day offers a wide array of discounts rivaling those of other major sales events, providing opportunities to get the best deals on electronics, household items, and more. 

For sellers, it’s a prime opportunity to boost sales, increase brand visibility, and attract new customers through special offers and discounts. Utilizing tools like the Amazon shopping app and Seller Central, brands can optimize their listings and take advantage of the surge in traffic during this period.

How to increase sales on Amazon Prime Day?

To increase sales on Amazon Prime Day, start preparing early by optimizing your Amazon listings with compelling descriptions, bullet points, and high-quality images. Leverage the Amazon app to engage with shoppers and offer exclusive discounts to create a sense of urgency. Utilize lightning deals and promote impulse buys. 

Additionally, targeting Prime members with exclusive offers and using Seller Central to monitor and adjust your pricing strategies in real-time can significantly enhance sales. Engaging in competing sales and advertising your promotions on social media and other platforms also helps attract a wider audience.

How do you benefit from Prime day?

Brands benefit from Prime Day through increased sales volume, enhanced brand exposure, and the acquisition of new customers. By offering discounts and participating in lightning deals, brands can clear out old inventory and introduce new products to a larger audience. Prime Day also drives significant traffic to Amazon listings, which can result in long-term benefits such as higher rankings in search results and increased customer reviews. 

Sellers can also benefit from Amazon’s promotional support and analytics tools to better understand customer preferences and tailor future marketing strategies.

Does Prime Day affect everything?

While not every product category sees the same level of discounts or attention, Prime Day affects a wide array of items, from electronics and home goods to fashion and beauty products. The focus is often on offering great deals on popular items, but almost all categories experience some form of promotion. 

Brands should monitor their competitors and adjust their pricing and promotional strategies accordingly to stay competitive. Using the Amazon app and Seller Central, you can track the latest deals and ensure your offerings are attractive to shoppers.

Do you really save on Prime day?

Yes, shoppers can save significantly on Prime Day with discounts that often rival those of Black Friday and other major sales events. By shopping smart and using tools like the Amazon shopping app to compare prices and add items to your wish list in advance, you can ensure you’re getting good deals. 

Additionally, many items are offered at special prices exclusively for Prime members, making it an advantageous time to purchase high-ticket items like electronics and appliances.

What is the big deal about Prime day?

The big deal about Prime Day is its ability to offer discounts rivaling other major sales events, driving massive sales volumes in a short period. It’s a chance for Amazon Prime members to access exclusive deals, special offers, and significant price drops across a wide array of product categories. 

For brands, it’s a critical opportunity to increase visibility, boost sales, and attract new customers. The event’s scale and reach, supported by Amazon’s extensive marketing efforts, make it a crucial date on the retail calendar.

What is advantage of Amazon Prime Day?

The main advantage of Amazon Prime Day is the opportunity for brands to tap into a massive customer base eager for good deals and exclusive discounts. The event allows brands to move inventory quickly, attract new customers, and enhance their overall sales performance. 

For consumers, Prime Day provides access to a wide array of discounted products, often with perks like fast shipping and early access to sales for Prime members. This creates a win-win scenario for both shoppers and sellers.

At what time does Amazon Prime Day start?

Amazon Prime Day typically starts at midnight PT (Pacific Time) on the designated day, giving shoppers across different time zones the opportunity to start shopping as soon as the deals go live. 

Brands should ensure their listings and promotions are ready to go well in advance to capitalize on the early rush. Keeping track of the start time and being prepared can make a significant difference in maximizing sales and taking full advantage of the event.