Key Points:

  • 260 million packages disappeared in the US over the last 12 months
  • eCommerce sales are predicted to rise to $7 trillion by 2024, making it essential to keep your packages safe
  • Automatic label generation avoids shipping delays, saving time and preventing labels from damaging

The festive season is here, and of all that this period is known for, massive sales are prominent. But, unfortunately due to the influx of orders over the peak season, this means that more packages are bound to go missing than ever.

Over 260 million packages have gone missing in the US over the last 12 months. 35% of people who had a package stolen said they had a video doorbell or security camera in place and 17% said they caught the thief on camera. Only 1 in 4 victims of package theft, installed a home security system after their packages had been taken.

In this article, you will learn the necessary measures to ensure that your packages are secured and delivered safely.

Holiday Shipping Boxes

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10 Tips to Keep Packages Safe During the Holiday Season

Have you had your package lost or stolen in the previous holidays and want to prevent experiencing the same this season? In this section, we'll go over ten tips to keep your packages safe this holiday shipping season.

1.Use shipping insurance

Shipping insurance is one sure way to keep your packages safe during this festive period. It affords you maximum protection over uncertainties you have no control over, such as damages, theft,  loss, mishandling, etc. In addition, with the right insurance in place, you're assured of fewer complications with your holiday shipping.

2.Require signature upon delivery

Signing upon delivery is another way to secure your packages. Whenever your delivery drivers come by, you must always request that you sign as that would serve as evidence that you have received your package. If it's likely you would be absent, have someone else sign and accept the package on your behalf.

Fortunately, USPS, FedEx, UPS, and other major carriers offer signature upon delivery. This way, you can keep your packages safe this holiday shipping season.

3.Package delivery boxes safely

When dealing with packing holiday shipping boxes in peak season, one aspect you do not want to be too carefree with is how you package your parcels. Therefore, you have to make sure you opt for the most effective packaging method to secure your goods in its package box.

4.Upgrade your tracking experience

You must avoid all loopholes and leave no room for porch pirates by improving your tracking experience. A good tracking experience in eCommerce helps in many ways, especially by helping you keep track of where your goods are at every moment. It also keeps customers’ minds at rest when they can track their shipments in real-time.

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5.Communicate with customers

You'll agree that there's nothing as good as having a customer who is satisfied with the services offered. A happy customer will most definitely become a returning customer. In addition, with a happy customer, you're assured of good reviews and referrals. Frequent communication builds trust and makes the customer feel that you have their best interest.

6.Utilize address validation software

Have you ever experienced having your goods delivered to the wrong address or not delivered? Sometimes, this could result from not employing the use of address validation software.

Validating your address ensures that the address you registered exists. It also helps in confirming the postal codes and street names used.

7.Use discreet shipping methods

While discreet shipping is used for confidential purposes, it might be the best eCommerce option for shipping your holiday packages. Discreet shipping guarantees that nobody knows about the content of your package except the seller and the customer. It also reduces porch piracy and packages stolen.

8.Opt for additional handling for fragile parcels

When it comes to shipping fragile parcels, you do not want to be too sure of how they are handled. To effectively do this, you must leave no room for guesses by ensuring that fragile parcels are layered and packaged so that they would arrive at their destinations in one piece.

9.Use a reliable shipping platform

As you know, it's the holiday shipping season, especially with the surge of shipments. Many goods may get lost during transit, and many may not be delivered to their locations. But, with the best shipping platform, you can sit back and put your mind at rest knowing that your package is secured.

This holiday shipping season is not the time to try out new shipping platforms that you're not sure of their services. Do not take chances when it comes to keeping your packages safe. Use reliable and tested platforms.

10.Use automatic label generation

Automatic label generation avoids shipping delays, saving time and preventing labels from peeling off. It also ensures that your labels are applied neatly on the package and helps prevent mislabeling. This feature also contributes to easy sorting and delivery.

How Easyship Helps with Holiday Shipping

By now, you should be ready to tackle holiday shipping after reading this blog on keeping your packages safe. When it comes to shipping holiday packages, you’ll want to consider using signature upon delivery, a reliable shipping platform, or even automatic label generation.

To this end, eCommerce merchants should ensure their package is secure by implementing these practices, especially with a reliable shipping platform that can create a frictionless shipping experience.

Easyship offers discounted shipping rates on 250+ couriers with the help of our free shipping rates calculator. Asides from this, you also get to enjoy benefits such as:

  • Automatic label generation for your shipment
  • 24/7 care from our team of shipping experts
  • An all-in-one dashboard to manage your shipping activity
  • Shipping experts that can help you plan your holiday shipping strategy
  • A dashboard you can follow up on your delivery status
  • Up to $10,000 of shipping insurance for all shipments

You do not have to get yourself worked up when it comes to the safety of your packages. By putting the right strategies in place, you can seamlessly sail through this holiday season.

Easyship guarantees that you have a worthwhile shipping experience. It also helps you get ahead of others by ensuring your packages are secured to have a holly, jolly holiday shipping season.

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