Key points:

  • WISMO (Where Is My Order) inquiries can be a major pain point for businesses with high order volumes, hurting customer satisfaction and increasing costs
  • To minimize WISMO inquiries, businesses should focus on proactive communication, real-time tracking, and self-service options
  • Easyship is designed to strengthen brand loyalty and reduce churn with automated, on-brand tracking that keeps customers informed from checkout to delivery

Are you a national brand facing a surge in customer service inquiries about order status?  These "Where Is My Order" (WISMO) inquiries can hurt your bottom line and customer satisfaction. Easyship can help you minimize WISMOs with:

Our shipping tools are specifically designed to streamline your fulfillment process and boost customer loyalty.

Impact of WISMO Inquiries vs. How Easyship Can Help
Impact of WISMO Inquiries How Easyship Can Help
Reduced customer satisfaction Proactive communication through shipping notifications
Increased operational costs Real-time tracking and branded tracking page
Decreased operational efficiency Self-service options and clear communication at checkout
Decreased customer loyalty Custom-branded post-purchase experience
Difficulty handling WISMO inquiries Comprehensive knowledge base for the customer service team
Time wasted on courier communication Centralized courier communication handled by Easyship
Unclear customer journey Transparent and detailed information
Lack of data to improve strategies Analytics for improved strategies

Are Rising Customer Expectations Increasing WISMO Inquiries?

Driven by a desire for free, fast shipping with real-time tracking, today's online shoppers expect transparency, speed, and convenience throughout delivery.

Failing to meet these expectations can lead to a surge in WISMO inquiries and hurt customer loyalty. This guide will explore strategies to minimize order status inquiries, aiming to boost customer satisfaction and streamline business operations for better profitability.

Delivery Expectations of Global Online Shoppers: 2022

Statista surveyed over 31,000 respondents worldwide (aged 16+)

Delivery Expectation Percentage of Global Shoppers
Within 24 hours 41
Less than 2 hours 24

Why Minimizing WISMO is Crucial for National Brands

The question known as WISMO is a primary source of customer inquiries that can significantly impact customer service teams and customer satisfaction. For national brands processing thousands of online purchases monthly, effectively reducing WISMO is essential for:

Boosting customer satisfaction: 

Online shoppers demand transparency, speed, and convenience. Meeting these customer expectations can reduce WISMO calls and enhances customer loyalty.

Lowering operational costs: 

A high volume of WISMO inquiries increases support costs and diverts resources from other essential service areas. Reducing WISMO calls from anxious customers can help lower operational costs, boosting profitability.

Increasing operational efficiency: 

Efficient customer communication that automate WISMO requests and proactive delivery notifications reduces the need for customers to contact support, improving overall efficiency.

Developing customer loyalty:

By minimizing WISMO frustrations, national brands can build trust, increase customer satisfaction, and encourage repeat business.

Reduce WISMO Inquiries

4 Key Strategies to Minimize WISMO Inquiries for Customer Service Teams

To effectively reduce WISMO, brands must proactively manage customer expectations and optimize the post-purchase experience. Easyship facilitates these goals with key strategies:

Proactive Communication Through Shipping Notifications: 

Easyship's automated responses and delivery notifications at key milestones keep customers informed and diminish the need to contact support.

Real-Time Tracking and Branded Tracking Page: 

We offer branded tracking pages, allowing online customers to check their package tracking status without needing to contact the customer service team.

Self-Service Options: 

Our enhanced order status page includes delivery status FAQs and self-service options, empowering customers to quickly find answers to common WISMO requests, which helps save time for your support team.

Clear Communication at Checkout: 

Easyship sets clear expectations about the estimated delivery date and potential shipping delays at the checkout page, minimizing post-purchase anxiety.

Reduce WISMO Inquiries

Building a Robust Customer Service Framework

While preventative measures are vital, some WISMO queries will still occur. Here's how Easyship equips your customer service team to handle these efficiently:

Comprehensive Training and Knowledge Base: 

We provide a tailored onboarding and a detailed knowledge base, so customer service agents can handle WISMO inquiries swiftly and effectively.

Integrated CRM and Order Management: 

Real-time access to order and delivery information allows customer support to resolve inquiries efficiently, without relying on multiple channels of communication.

All Courier Communication in One Account: 

Easyship streamlines your customer support workflow by handling all courier inquiries, saving your team valuable time.

Enhancing the Customer Journey to Prevent WISMO Inquiries

Managing expectations throughout the shopping and post-purchase stages is crucial. Easyship enhances the customer journey with:

  • Transparent and Detailed Information: From pre-purchase to the post-purchase stage, we ensure clarity at every stage, including tracking links and delivery timelines
  • Data Analytics for Improved Strategies: Analyze customer behavior and inquiry patterns to refine shipping practices and communication strategies, addressing potential WISMO triggers preemptively
Reduce WISMO Inquiries

Easyship: Your Partner in Reducing WISMO Inquiries

Easyship is the all-in-one solution for national brands aiming to streamline fulfillment, reduce costs, and deliver an exceptional customer experience. With Easyship, you can:

  • Stop WISMO Before It Starts: Automated shipping rules and real-time tracking keep customers informed throughout the delivery process, translating to fewer support tickets and happier customers.
  • Boost Efficiency and Profitability: Access the most affordable shipping options through our global network and automated calculations, allowing you to focus on customer satisfaction.
  • Expand Globally with Ease: Our platform integrates seamlessly with your sales and warehouse management systems, supporting international expansion without added complexity.

Transform customer service and operational efficiency with Easyship. By implementing our strategies, you can significantly reduce WISMO inquiries, enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering brand loyalty.

Try Easyship for free today and create a delivery experience your customers love! Easyship can help you minimize WISMOs with:

Reduce WISMO Inquiries


What does WISMO mean?

WISMO stands for "Where is my order?".

What is a WISMO ticket?

A WISMO ticket is a customer service inquiry specifically about the status of an order.

Where is my order acronym?

WISMO is the acronym for "Where is my order?"

What are WISMO calls?

WISMO calls are customer service calls where the customer is inquiring about the status of their order.

Where is my order or WISMO?

Both "Where is my order?" and WISMO refer to the same customer service inquiry.

What is a branded tracking page?

A branded tracking page is a webpage hosted by the seller that allows customers to track their order using the seller's branding.

What is WISMO? And How Can Businesses Avoid it?

WISMO stands for "Where Is My Order" and businesses can avoid it by providing proactive communication, real-time tracking, and self-service options throughout the delivery process.