Key Points:

  • In order to rank high in the search rankings on Etsy, you should consider offering free shipping
  • Each seller on Etsy determines their own shipping methods, and whether or not they offer expedited shipping options
  • Easyship integrates with Etsy and allows Etsy merchants to ship anything whether it’s domestically or internationally

We all know Etsy as the handmade and vintage eCommerce marketplace. If you're a seller that's interested in Etsy shipping your unique wares worldwide, you do have a few options on the platform. They offer domestic as well as international shipping to some, but not all of its sellers.

In this article, we'll go over the limitations of Etsy shipping and what your options are if Etsy can't cater to your business needs.

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How Does Etsy Shipping Work?

Generally, Etsy buyers have paid for shipping. However, Etsy encourages its sellers to offer free shipping. After all, what do customers ultimately want? Free shipping.

Typically, Etsy sellers will raise their item prices to cover shipping costs, or to offer free shipping on certain orders. It is important to note that Etsy merchants should think about offering free shipping on some orders. In order to rank high in the search rankings on Etsy, you should consider offering free shipping.

Luckily, Easyship integrates with Etsy and allows Etsy merchants to ship anything whether it’s domestically or internationally. With our powerful shipping software, Etsy merchants can also save up to 91% off on all retail shipping rates with couriers such as USPS, FedEx, DHL, and more. You can even use our free shipping rate calculator to see how much you’ll save in seconds.

If you want to offer free shipping on Etsy, check out our total guide to free shipping for eCommerce stores.

Etsy Shipping Options

Your package is ready, what’s next? Now it’s time to choose your shipping provider. Etsy only offers only three couriers for shipping:

  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • Canada Post

Of course, this can make international shipping on Etsy pricier. After you purchase a label for an order, Etsy automatically marks it as shipped.

It is also important to note that sellers are responsible for shipping their sold items to buyers. If you’re using a shipping or fulfillment service, it is important that you keep in mind that you are ultimately responsible for making sure your buyers receive their orders.

The Price of Etsy Shipping Rates

Each seller determines their own shipping rates. In addition, Etsy rates can vary depending on weight and distance. If a seller is concerned about this, the seller can charge a high estimate while explaining in their listing description that you will refund any extra postage.  

To help, the seller can request that the buyers need to contact the seller before purchasing for a more precise shipping quote.

If you prefer to set your own shipping rates, continue to follow along with reading.

Calculated Rates on Etsy

For those lucky enough to access Etsy's calculated rates, it's simple to set up. When you add a listing, in the Shipping section, make your shipping costs set to "Calculate Them for Me (Recommended)," enter in the zip code you're shipping from and which countries you'd like to ship to. You can also add calculated shipping to multiple listings to save time.

Setting Your Own Shipping Rates on Etsy

If your store doesn't qualify for Etsy shipping, you'll have to set your own rates. This is where it can get a little tricky. On Etsy's help center, it's advised to list a high estimate for shipping costs while explaining in the listing description that you will refund any extra postage.

You can also figure out a shipping average and list that as your shipping cost, meaning you will lose money on some shipments but gain it back on others. Another thing you could do is have buyers contact you before they buy for an exact shipping quote. Once decided, you can edit the shipping rate and reserve the listing for your buyer.

Etsy Shipping with Easyship

With Easyship, shipping is made easier. Here are some of the benefits of using Easyship for your Etsy store.

  • Easyship is available to sellers based in the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia.
  • Get access to more couriers than just UPS and FedEx: over 100+ shipping solutions with discounts up to 91% off.
  • Provide accurate shipping rates to your customer based on their location. By using our Get a Quote feature, you can provide your customer a complete breakdown of additional fees, duties, and taxes for their shipment.
  • Avoid manual data entry by syncing your orders to our platform. Automatically generate shipping labels and all required paperwork for both domestic and international shipments.
  • To save even more time, schedule pickups directly on the dashboard and have the courier pick up all your shipments where you're located.
    Learn more about our Etsy integration, or better yet, sign up for your free account today!

Need additional assistance with our Etsy integration? Please visit our Support Center for more information.

Etsy Shipping Tips

Here are some shipping tips to consider when you are shipping with Etsy.

1. Calculate Your Shipping Costs

No matter where you are shipping to or from, it is important to first calculate your item’s weight and dimensions in order to know the cost of postage. If you don’t have access to a scale of your own, you can take your items to your local post office and use their free postal scales.

Once you know the weight and dimensions of your package, you can use our free shipping rate calculator and compare rates from local and international carriers.

2. Keep Your Customers Informed

It is paramount that you communicate with your customer throughout the order process. With Easyship, we can update your store, send emails and even host dedicated tracking pages with the latest delivery status.

3. Pack Your Order

Once your item sells, it’s time to start the shipping process. In addition to the packing materials such as bubble wrap and other ingredients, creating a branded experience can make the package feel more complete.

Fortunately, Easyship offers a delivery experience consistent with your brand. Add your logo and advertising materials to your tracking emails, landing pages, or even your packing slips.

Shipping with Etsy FAQ

Do Etsy sellers pay for shipping?

No, the buyer is responsible for paying for the shipping. The seller is responsible for shipping their sold items to buyers.

Is Etsy shipping reliable?

Granted, delays and other unexpected issues may arise just like any other package. To reliably ship your orders, the Etsy seller needs to set clear and realistic expectations with their buyers. It is also important for the seller to also set accurate processing times as well. If the seller doesn't add your own processing time to a listing, it’s automatically given five business days.

Does Etsy have fast shipping?

Each seller on Etsy determines their own shipping methods, and whether or not they offer expedited shipping options. If a seller offers shipping upgrades automatically through Etsy, you’ll see a “Standard Shipping” dropdown menu to the right of the item in your cart.

Should I offer free shipping on Etsy?

While sellers can offer free shipping on Etsy, free shipping isn’t always a viable option for all sellers to offer based on their profit margins and other variables. As a platform for handmade and vintage items, most Etsy shoppers know what to expect.

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