Key Points:

  • The easiest way to ship a rolled poster is through a shipping tube, rather than using a box or poly mailer.
  • Finding the cheapest way to mail posters begins with the size of your poster and understanding how you plan to package and ship
  • Easyship can help you save up to 91% on shipping and provide transparent dynamic rates at checkout for your customers

Posters have grown in popularity over the years, and these days are sold by many artists and merchants. They can come in many sizes, shapes, and styles, so shipping them can be tricky.  They can easily get damaged, hence requiring careful packaging and extra handling during transportation. So if you are selling posters for your eCommerce store, you need to know how to package and mail them safely to assure they arrive at your happy customers.

In this article, we share a step-by-step guide on how to package and ship rolled, flat, and framed posters, and how to find the cheapest way to ship posters. Plus, how Easyship can help you find the cheapest rates for shipping your posters.

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How to Ship a Rolled Poster

The easiest way to ship a rolled poster is through a shipping tube, rather than using a box or poly mailer.

To prepare your rolled poster for shipping, you will need the following packaging materials:

  • Shipping tube
  • Cushioning material like bubble wrap or foam rubber
  • Adhesive tape
  • White acid-free tissue paper

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Properly Package and Ship a Rolled Poster

  1. Cover the printed area of your poster with a white acid-free tissue paper
  2. Prepare the shipping tube to make sure that the length of the tube matches the length of your rolled poster. You can easily do this by putting some cushioning materials at the bottom of the tube. This will reduce any free space and prevent your artwork from shifting.
  3. Roll your poster, along with the acid-free tissue paper, and place it in the shipping tube.
  4. Close the shipping tube with a cap. Then bubble wraps both ends of the tube and to protect the ends.
  5. Affix a shipping label on the side with a clear warning that it is a delicate item that needs to be handled with care.

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There are many ways to ship flat posters. Here, we describe the most common one.

Let's begin with the materials you need:

  • Flat cardboard that you can cut into four pieces larger than your flat poster
  • A clean plastic bag
  • Packing tape
  • Tape measure

Packaging the poster:

  1. Place your poster on a clean surface
  2. Measure the outside dimension of your flat poster.
  3. Cut your cardboard into four sheets that are at least two inches larger than your poster on each side.
  4. Place your poster inside the plastic bag and tape it shut. If there is any extra space fold and tape it to ensure a snug fit of the poster inside the bag.
  5. Place the poster at the center of the first two cardboard sheets. Then tape the corners of the poster against the cardboard sheets so that it doesn't move.
  6. Place the remaining pieces of cardboard on top of the poster with the ribs facing in different directions.
  7. Tape the package together, and wrap the entire outside edge at least once with strapping tape.
  8. A fix a shipping label on the side with the warning " Fragile Do Not Bend".
  9. Get a shipping quote and send your package.

How to Ship Framed Posters

Shipping framed posters is different because they cannot be rolled. If not properly packaged, framed art can get damaged in transit, especially when the artwork is shipped without removing the glass.

It is recommended that you remove the glass and pack it separately, but if that is not possible, you should take extra precautions when packaging your posters. If the frame exceeds 36" x 36", it is good to create it.

You will need the following packaging materials:

  • Glass mask or surface protection tape
  • 3" packing tape
  • Foam Corners
  • Scissors
  • Two boxes
  • Styrofoam packing peanuts

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Ship Framed Posters

  1. Cover the glass with the glass protection tape. This limits potential damages in the box if the glass breaks in transit.
  2. Cover the entire frame with bubble wrap. Ensure that the bubbles are facing inward, then seal with the 3" packing tape. Make sure that the tape is flat against the glass and extends to the corners and edges.
  3. Further, cushion the corners with foam
  4. Fill the bottom of one of your boxes with styrofoam peanuts up to a minimum of 2".
  5. Put your framed poster inside the box, and fill any empty space with peanuts.
  6. Seal the box and place it inside the second box. Seal the outer box and secure all the seams with the 3" packing tape.
  7. Shake and squeeze your box to ensure that it is ready for transit.
  8. Affix a shipping label showing that it is a fragile item that needs careful handling.

The Cheapest Way to Ship Posters

Finding the cheapest way to mail posters begins with the size of your poster and understanding how you plan to package and ship. This will impact the costs. In most cases, shipping them rolled up in a tube is going to be the cheapest route. Sending them framed will increase their size, and there will likely be a different fee structure.

As an example, let’s take a medium-sized 18x24 poster weighing one pound that will be shipped from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, and Brooklyn to Hong Kong. Let’s use a 38in. x 6in. x 6in packaging. This is a common-size tube provided by the major couriers.

Brooklyn to Los Angeles

ServiceCostDelivery Time
USPS Priority Mail$8.822 days
USPS Parcel Select$8.527 days
UPS 2nd Day Air$83.872days
FedEx Express Saver®$46.755 days

Brooklyn to Hong Kong

ServiceCostDelivery Time
FedEx International Economy®$219.405 days
UPS Worldwide Expedited$214.725 days
SF Express Economy Express$46.666-8 days
USPS Priority Mail International$45.9310 days
DHL - Express Worldwide$70.923-4 days

If you have different dimensions or weights, you plug that figure into our shipping rates calculator and compare shipping rates from different courier services to get the most accurate quote.

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Shipping Posters FAQ

How much does it cost to ship a cardboard poster tube via UPS?

On average, you can expect to spend between $8 to $12.

How much does it cost to ship a 24x36 canvas?

You can expect to spend around $10-$50 depending on the courier.

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