Key Points:

  • USPS processes and delivers nearly 25 million packages every day
  • With Easyship, our address validation makes sure all addresses are accurate to what’s on file with your courier
  • Contact USPS directly if it’s been over 7 days since the expected delivery date

Lost package? We’ve all been there. The USPS processes and delivers nearly 25 million packages every day so it’s inevitable that some packages go missing. But what’s the next step?

USPS classifies a package as “missing mail” after seven days since the expected delivery date. In these cases, it’s time to submit a search request for your missing mail. While a search doesn’t guarantee your package will surface, it’s your best bet.

This blog helps you understand how to track and find a lost USPS package with all available assistance. With Easyship, you can manage all your tracking and shipment issues in our simple dashboard for total visibility of all shipments, regardless of their delivery status.

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5 Common Reasons For a USPS Lost Package

USPS defines missing mail as mail that hasn’t been delivered after 7 days from its intended delivery date. Cue the frustration. You may wonder why your package went amiss. Here are a handful of the most common reasons packages go missing in the US Postal Service system:

1. Lost

It’s a big world out there and packages sometimes get lost. If you used a USPS shipping service with a money-back guarantee, you can request a refund. And be sure to complete a missing mail form.

2. Environmental forces

Inclement weather and even more mundane forces like bad traffic can causes delays. If it’s been more than 7 days after the expected delivery date, you can file a missing package claim.

3. Wrong/incomplete address

Your package might be MIA because the shipping address entered was inaccurate. Maybe you wrote the address wrong on the label, or the customer entered their address wrong at checkout. If you spot an erroneous address, contact USPS to fix the address, and maybe this will help resolve the issue.

With Easyship, our address validation makes sure all addresses are accurate to what’s on file with your courier. Our automated label generation also ensures your labels print with the right address.

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4. Missorted package

Mistakes happen, and sometimes your package might be missorted, especially if it’s been over the 7-day threshold for missing packages. Contact USPS directly if it’s been over 7 days since the expected delivery date. That way you find out if the delay was due to missorting. Of course, you can also file a missing mail claim.

5. Stuck at customs

Forgot to correctly fill out your international shipping documents? Unpaid duty and taxes? This could be why your package is amiss. Avoid this issue by making sure you have all the required documents together for international shipments. That way you can avoid unhappy customers.

Easyship generates all the necessary documents for international shipment. This includes vital documents like custom declarations to packing slips so you can avoid shipping errors. Plus, our address validation software ensures addresses are complete and accurate.

How to Find a USPS Lost Package

Naturally, you’ll want to find your mail if it’s lost or delayed. USPS recommends the following steps in the case of lost packages.

1. Check the USPS lost package status

First, check the tracking status of your package on the USPS website or in Easyship. Has it been more than seven days? If so, it’s time to move forward. If not, maybe you prefer to spend a bit more on a courier like FedEx, UPS, or any of the hundreds of certified couriers in Easyship’s global courier network.

2. Ask for help

Before you stress out about your missing package, always ask for help first. USPS customer service can answer any question regarding your package. Either visit your local post office or call their customer service line directly. Hopefully, someone will find where your package went amiss.

3. Submit for search request

In the case that your package hasn’t arrived after 7 business days after completing the help request form, the USPS recommends submitting a search request with the following information:

  • Sender and recipient mailing address
  • Dimensions and type of packaging used
  • A description of the contents of the package including, what it is, color, size, or other specific information
  • Pictures to help postal workers identify the item
  • Information such as the USPS tracking number, mailing receipt, or your Click-N-Ship label receipt

4. Wait and Hope

USPS will send a confirmation email once they receive the missing mail search request. You’ll also receive additional updates throughout the search process. To check the status of your missing mail request, visit your USPS account. One of the following statuses will be displayed:

  • Accepted: This indicates that your search request form was submitted. Now, it’s undergoing the search process so you can sit back and wait
  • Mailpiece found: Hooray! This means your item was retrieved from the postal service’s inventory. Your item will be mailed back to the customer
  • Expired: This indicated your search form reached the retention period and is
  • Saved as draft: This means you started a missing mail or package request but have yet to complete it
  • Rejected: This indicates your form was rejected by a postal clerk, or for some other reason. Contact USPS directly if you receive this status
  • Canceled: This status indicates a canceled missing mail or package request

If you used a USPS service with a money-back guarantee, you can also request a refund for your missing item. Alternatively, you can connect your USPS account to Easyship for a seamless shipping experience. Plus, we offer insurance coverage of up to $10,000 for any shipment.

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Easyship Helps Prevent USPS Lost Packages

USPS handles millions of packages every day, so it’s bound for some packages to go amiss.

To recap, the following is recommended in the case of a missing package:

  • Visit your local post office for assistance
  • File a claim for repayment via the USPS website (for qualified services)
  • Submit a missing mail search request
  • Visit the USPS website for more information on your issue

The earliest you can submit a missing mail request is 7 days after the original date of mailing. You’re also able to submit a request form up to 365 days after the original mailing date, though USPS strongly recommends submitting one sooner.

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