Deciding to sell globally can increase your sales dramatically, so choosing to sit out is leaving money on the table!

But managing orders for international customers can be a challenge, especially when you are handling everything on your own.

International customers are prone to experiencing the following:

  • Higher shipping costs
  • Longer delivery times

The above can also be made worse due to taxes and duties, depending on where the customer is based.

This is where an international fulfillment partner can help.

It can be very beneficial to work with a fulfillment partner who is located within the same country or continent as your international customers.

First off, you can remove the hurdle of the customer having to pay the tax and duty. By making the warehouse the first delivery destination for your products, your business can handle any additional taxes & duties that need to be paid.

That way, products shipped to your customer are already cleared by customs. This greatly reduces friction in the customer experience, caused by customs contacting the customer to settle any outstanding amounts.

Second, with the warehouse located closer to your customers, shipping costs are drastically reduced and delivery times will be quicker, resulting in more satisfied customers.

You can also consider working with a fulfillment partner that is close to your manufacturer, as this can help you cut costs on transporting your goods from the factory.

Additionally, outsourcing saves you time. With professionals handling your order fulfillment, shipments will be packed securely and efficiently, making same-day dispatches possible and shortening the delivery timeframe.

Lastly, you can expect a lower rate of rejected shipments, as there will be lesser errors in packing and dealing with incorrect paperwork.

Ready to look into hiring an international fulfillment partner? You’re in the right spot! We partner with warehouses in strategic locations around the world, who are happy to help you with your global fulfillment goals. Learn more.

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