At Easyship, we love getting to know the unique and innovative brands that use our shipping solutions to connect with their customers around the world. We’re consistently amazed at the new and interesting products that they bring to the market and share with the world. This dazzling innovation is what makes the ecommerce industry so dynamic, interesting and rewarding for modern shoppers.

Each month, we’re showcasing a few of the most recent brands to start shipping with Easyship, offering you a glimpse at some of the amazing products on the market. We’re betting that you’ll probably even be tempted to have a few of them shipped off to you. We’re happy to help make that happen!

This January, we’re starting the new year featuring an aquatic themed jewelry company on a mission, a brand pursuing the slower side of fashion, a company helping children up to the table, an innovative new electric toothbrush and a role-playing game publisher ready to build a new community.  

Dorsal Bracelets

Dorsal Bracelets is on a mission to help restore aquatic ecosystems with their stylish collection of ocean themed bracelets, necklaces and apparel. They believe that a simple bracelet has the ability to spark a conversation about some of the challenging environmental issues the world faces today.

With every purchase, customers know they are contributing to removing plastics from the ocean, helping fund coral restoration and aiding ocean conservation.

To date, they’ve helped remove 13,722 pounds from the ocean while contributing to the planting of 515 coral fragments. Along with their partners, Plastic Bank, The Ocean Agency they plan on to “preserve and protect the sustainability of all things” and do their part to #respecttheway.

On Instagram they have gained over 67,000 followers by sharing inspiring photos and customers enjoying the ocean while wearing their bracelets. Passionate fans can also join the Dorsal Crew, where they will join a community of like-minded folks and gain access to behind the scenes features, an exclusive lifetime discount, weekly contests and more.

Odd Muse

In the social media age, it seems like fashion trends arrive faster than people can scroll. There’s always something new to see and buy in a click. The team behind Odd Muse believes this combination of social media and fashion is unnecessarily overwhelming for many women. They prefer the slower side of fashion, and think their audience will too.

Embracing the concept of ‘investment’ fashion they want to create timeless clothes that remind women they don’t need to look and dress any sort of way because in their minds “you are you.” All of their pieces from the new line of sweats to sequin shirts are designed in-house and exclusive to the brand. Oh, and about the name Odd Muse? Well, If being a muse in the modern world is odd, then for them, it’s perfectly fine to be an ‘odd muse.’ We totally agree!

Like many fashion brands, they have staked their territory on Instagram, gaining over 13,000 followers and growing. Follow along to stay inspired and updated on the latest from their collection.  

Berry Bear

Meal time with young children can be chaotic as any parent understands. The kids can’t help themselves, they are hungry and want your attention, but for you the family cook, performing both of these tasks can be difficult, if not nearly impossible.

The team at Berry Bear has a solution. Raise the children up to the tabletop so they can get involved. It’s a great idea. Their goal is to help nurture young children’s desire to be independent and participate with the adults.

We all remember that feeling, right? With the Janus Learning Tower, parents can feel confident they are providing their little ones with a safe and versatile stool so they join in the kitchen fun.


With the PomaBrush, the lonely toothbrush is getting a major style upgrade.  Launching on Kickstarter last fall, they easily hit their fundraising goal, with over 2,000 backers eagerly contributing to get their hands on this innovative toothbrush.

What makes it unique? First, it’s sleek, minimal design took home an A’Design Award last year. That’s a big deal. Next, it only needs to be charged three times a year. That’s impressive! But most importantly, it gets the job done. The soft antimicrobial bristles only need to be changed every 6 month, and won’t irritate your gums or enamel.

With no stand or bulky attachments, it’s made for your on-the-go lifestyle. Just don’t forget the toothpaste!

Possum Creek Games

Creatives Jay Dragon and Ruby Lavin are on a mission to revolutionize tabletop role-playing games and connect with a community that traditionally hasn’t played these games. Their new company, Possum Creek Games is launching with two titles: Wanderhome, a “pastoral fantasy role-playing game about traveling animal-folk, the world they inhabit” and Sleepaway, ‘a game of horrors, dreams and summer camp.”

Based in the Hudson Valley of New York, the duo believes there’s more to the act of creation than profit margins that sometimes dominate our corporate culture. Working with a team of artists, designers, writers and editors they are committed to building a sustainable, compassionate company that empowers creators and collaborators to produce their finest work.

You can follow their journey on Instagram, and pre-order the first two titles from their site. We’re looking forward to shipping these out!