Key points:

  • Extensions can add extra functionality to your store, helping increase sales, customer satisfaction and conversion rates
  • There are a huge range of free and paid extensions to choose from
  • Easyship extension allows you to offer your customers the cheapest, fastest and best value shipping options available at checkout

Looking for new WooCommerce extensions to help scale your store? This article breaks down our top picks of both free and paid plugins. From offering your customers the best real-time shipping rates at checkout, to integrating with online marketplaces with billions of active users. Explore how extensions can help grow your online store today.

Table of Contents

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a customizable, open source WordPress plugin. This eCommerce platform is designed for online businesses of all sizes, from individual entrepreneurs scaling their first store to well established, global brands.

With a market share of 38.68% as indicated in this Statista study, WooCommerce was the world's leading eCommerce software platform in 2022. Simply add the WooCommerce plugin to any WordPress site and start selling.

Why Are Extensions Essential for Your Woocommerce Store?

With millions of eCommerce entrepreneurs using WooCommerce to power their online store, extensions play an essential role in helping business grow. Every extension adds extra functionality that can significantly benefit store owners.

Each specialized service will benefit each specific store differently. Some key benefits include:

  • Provide actionable insights and access to an online store's data
  • Purchases made through apps can be analyzed to increase conversion rate
  • Apps can improve the user experience for mobile or tablet users
  • Increase sales through optimizing the checkout process
  • Product pages can be optimized to increase add to carts
  • Create effective marketing campaigns
  • Integrate store with social media
  • Offer trusted payment gateways
  • Offer your store in a range of languages

10 Best Free WooCommerce Extensions

With over 750 search results for extensions available, the WooCommerce store has a seemingly endless range of extra functionality. However, there are only 50 free versions available without monthly or annual fees. We have broken down the top-rated 10 free WooCommerce plugins to help your store grow:

1 Easyship

Connecting your WooCommerce store to Easyship allows you to add real-time shipping rates to your checkout page. Show your customers the fastest, cheapest and best value shipping options available to help increase conversions today.

2 WooCommerce Payments

Taking payment is essential for your online store. This WooCommerce built extension allows you to seamlessly accept popular payment methods on your checkout page, with no monthly fees or setup costs. By avoiding third party payment pages, this can help drive sales by making customers more comfortable with the checkout process.

3 Trustpilot Reviews

With over 70 million reviewers on the Trustpilot site, their WooCommerce integration allows online stores to build social proof customers trust. You can automate customer review requests and use the TrustBox tool to showcase feedback on your site, dragging and dropping them in place.

4 LiveChat for WooCommerce

A customer service essential that allows your customers to reach out over multiple platforms. Offer support over messenger, apple business chat and through a chat window on your site. You can use this to capture email addresses, increase sales and also improve customer satisfaction.

5 Google Analytics

Integrate the market leading analytics platform with your online store. Analyze which marketing channels drive the most traffic to your site, plus track sessions and events with Universal Analytics. Enable enhanced ecommerce analytics to check product views and shopping cart actions.

6 Stripe

From Apple to Walmart and AliExpress to Target, these huge brands use Stripe to process payments for their online stores. The extension for WooCommerce sites allows you to accept payments directly on your store, for both web and mobile.

7 Klarna Checkout

This extension is embedded into your site to provide your customers with a full checkout experience. It can also offer a range of payment methods, such as pay later, pay now, installments and even financing to help increase your store's conversion rate.

8 Jetpack

Site downtime can result in lost sales, making store security essential. The Jetpack extension offers automated malware scanning, brute force attack prevention and authenticated customer logins. You can also further protect your store through real time back-ups, saved after every sale, with a one click restore.

9 OpenNode Bitcoin Payments

Compatible with any Bitcoin Wallet, this extension can allow you to start accepting Bitcoin payments for your online store. From there, you then have the option settle the funds in Bitcoin, USD or both.

10 Paypal Payments

With over 430 million active users in 2022, Paypal is known as a secure payment method worldwide. This extension offers an all-in-one checkout solution, including PayPal, Paypal Pay later and country specific options like Vemno for US customers.


20 Best WooCommerce Extensions

With a wide range of extra functionality available, we have broken down our top picks for paid WooCommerce extensions. From increasing sales to streamlining email marketing, checkout what you can add to your store.

1 Walmart Integration

Connect your online store with the Walmart marketplace and showcase your products to millions of shoppers. After successfully purchasing the extension, you also get access to a dedicated account manager, plus 24/7 support. While there is not an extra monthly fee, you do pay commission on every sale.

2 Order Product Samples

Introduce new customers to products through free or paid samples. This plugin offers a range of features including setting fixed or percentage based prices, apply rules to specific categories and customizing the order button's color and text.

3 Eye4Fraud Online Fraud Protection Software

Protect your store from fraudulent users, while avoiding extensive verification processes that can put off potential customers from completing a purchase. Offering a 100% chargeback guarantee and refunding chargebacks within 24 hours, you can ensure your store only pays for orders that ship.

4 Price by Formula Calculator

Add a cutting edge pricing calculator to your store and start factoring in customizable variants into your product listing's prices. Not limited to a simple formula that prices by product dimensions, there are up to 16 customizable fields available.

5 Tiered Pricing

This extension allows you to build a tiered pricing model to offer discounts to customers. Define the maximum and minimum range and create pricing rules based on a range of factors including product, category, user or role. Other features available can also help increase conversions, including an add to cart button for guest users.

6 Datalayer

Start tracking customer data in real time with the Datalayer extension. Analyze product impressions, clicks, add to carts and coupon effectiveness on any digital marketing platform that requires a datalayer. From Google Ads, to Tiktok and Facebook, plus many more platforms, create data based plans today.

7 YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

Allow your customers to create lists of products they are interested in and share them with friends and family. This plug in also allows you to analyze trends in your customer's interests and which products are the most popular. Sending promotional emails and targeted incentives to customers based on the contents of their wishlist is another useful feature that can help drive sales.

8 eBay Integration

Start selling on the world's second most visited online marketplace, with almost 3 billion monthly visitors in 2022. This plug in offers real time data synchronization, allowing online entrepreneurs to integrate their online store and effortlessly list WooCommerce products.

9 Registration & Login with Mobile Phone Number

Allow potential customers to create a unique one time password for logging into and registering for your store. This enables customers to keep track of the store with just their phone, removing the need for usernames and passwords. Start offering easy and fast customer registration today.

10 Abandoned Cart Recovery

Create follow-up emails and include incentives like coupons to increase your store's sales. Track your cart recovery performance using the extension's built in dashboard and optimize your store's order recovery process.


11 Import Export Suite

This extension allows you to quickly and easily populate or update data. From product types to reviews, customers and their passwords, coupons, subscriptions and orders. Get all the existing data in a .csv or .xml file and schedule automated import or export at preferred times.

12 YITH WooCommerce Quick View

This extension allows users to view product details in a streamlined quick view window, without leaving the shop page. Limiting the number of pages to load and clicks can help drive conversions by taking customers to check out in the shortest time possible.

13 MultilingualPress

If you are looking to make your WooCommerce multilingual, then this is one of the best extensions for your online business. Create a multisite network of connected stores with a range of languages, allowing you to overcome language barriers and adapt each store to your target market.

14 Print Invoices and Packing Lists

Generate pick lists, invoices and packing slips for your online stores orders. This WooCommerce extension allows you to print documents direct from the orders page, in a few simple clicks. This can be done for both single orders, or in bulk to save time.

15 Mailchimp

With over 17 million users, Mailchimp is a leading marketing automation platform. Atomically synch your store's customers and their purchasing data with Mailchimp. Start sending targeted campaigns, follow up on customers post-purchase, recover abandoned carts and continuously optimize your store's marketing campaigns.

16 HubSpot

This WooCommerce extension allows you to integrate your online store with an existing HubSpot account. This can allow you to track and recover abandoned carts, send marketing emails, build ad campaigns on popular platforms and track effectiveness through analytics.

17 Affirm Payments

A popular pay over time solution, this can be one of the best WooCommerce extensions to unlock new customers and increase conversions. Give your site's visitors the flexibility to purchase what they want today and pay later.

18 Zapier

This WooCommerce extension allows you to send your order, product, customer, booking, subscription or coupon data directly to 5000+ Zapier enabled apps. Popular app types include sheets, emails, CRMs, support, accounting, phone, projects, social and plus content. Set up an automation every time an event like a new order comes in and let it interact with multiple apps.

19 Google Analytics Pro

Add advanced ecommerce and event tracking to help manage your online store with this WooCommerce extension. Automatically push important events like add to carts and purchases to Google Analytics and evaluate important metrics like average order value, conversion rate, sales by product. Analyze detailed insights in your shops traffic and customer behaviour to optimize your sale funnel and increase conversions.

20 Google Product Feed

import your products from your online store to the Google merchant center, linking them to your Google Adwords account. This enables you to simply set up product ads and control over your ad send. This extension also allows you to capture data required by google not normally in WooCommerce using the plug ins unique additional data entry fields.

Start Scaling Your Store With The Easyship Extension Today

With hundreds of WooCommerce extensions available, there is an almost unlimited range of extra functionality available for your online store. From fraud protection to popular payments methods, the best WooCommerce extensions can help optimize your online store.

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