Easyship is excited to announce our partnership with OnBuy, the UK’s preferred online marketplace.

Onbuy merchants now have access to Easyship’s omnichannel cross-border fulfillment capabilities plus a suite of flexible shipping tools. As OnBuy expands into global sales, Easyship will be the vehicle for merchants’ growth at scale.

Key benefits of the OnBuy and Easyship integration include:

  • Optimized omnichannel shipping
  • One-click order sync
  • Powerful shipping features and automation

Optimized Omnichannel Shipping

“Our partnership with OnBuy reflects Easyship’s commitment to merchant success at a global scale. OnBuy is the preferred platform for growth-driven UK merchants. Easyship offers a streamlined omnichannel fulfillment platform for cross-border shipping. It’s a perfect match.” – Tommaso Tamburnotti, CEO of Easyship

The eCommerce boom continues and almost 20% of global sales are expected to happen online in 2021. OnBuy sellers can tap into North America and emerging markets using Easyhip’s revolutionary platform built for omnichannel cross-border shipping.

Easyship integrates directly with all top eCommerce cart software and marketplaces. This means sellers can open additional stores then manage all shipping activity in Easyship. With a flexible catch-all fulfillment hub, OnBuy merchants can finally sell wherever their customers are.

Beyond full control and visibility of shipments, Easyship provides a suite of key fulfillment features, including:

  • Inventory management
  • Order management
  • Shipment management
  • Delivery management
  • Returns management
  • Third-party logistics partner management

OnBuy merchants can now sell and ship anywhere worldwide with Easyship’s omnichannel capabilities.

Seamless Order Sync

Easyship is ready to use with OnBuy in seconds. OnBuy sellers who create an Easyship account can integrate their store directly with Easyship via automated order sync.

The one-click sync loads all existing store orders into Easyship. No need to import CSV files or do manual uploads. Sync is done in seconds.

Every omnichannel order appears in Easyship as a shipment with all details included. Existing orders retroactively update with the tracking information provided by the courier. This  frees users from the tedium of back-loading tracking data.

Simultaneously, the sync updates all orders as shipments in OnBuy, including the shipment status included, as seen below.

After syncing, all incoming omnichannel orders appear as shipments in Easyship. This allows sellers to maintain an accurate view of all orders and shipments in one place. The key benefit here is streamlined fulfillment management. Meanwhile, merchants can now use all Easyship features freely for any global or domestic order, regardless of sales channel.

Powerful Shipping Features and Automation

OnBuy merchants gain a powerful suite of shipping features with Easyship. From the intuitive dashboard view, sellers can save on shipping and streamline fulfillment all at once.

Here are the core features of Easyship’s all-in-one shipping platform:

  • Compare rates from 250+ global couriers: Easyship gives merchants a handy comparison window for the best rates from all available courier services, making it easy to pick the best rate for each order.
  • Save up to 70% off shipping rates: Gain instant access to pre-negotiated discount rates from North American couriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx or DHL. All rates are discounted up to 70% off retail. Or link your own courier account to use those rates.
  • Instant access to reliable 3PL network: Use Easyship’s network of proven experienced fulfillment and warehouse partners to save money on cross-border commerce at scale.
  • All in one shipping dashboard: Manage all shipment activity within the easy-use dashboard. Create shipments, batch print labels and more for streamlined fulfillment without hangups.
  • Omnichannel fulfillment analytics: Gather insights across sales channels with real-time shipping reporting for optimal business performance.
  • Global shipment tracking: Distribute tracking information automatically with Easyship’s triggered notifications.
  • Branded post purchase communications: Drive retention and repeat purchasing with logo-emblazoned email notifications, tracking pages, packing slips, and more.
  • Auto-generate customs documents: Easyship automatically generates all shipping documents for you, including all required customs documents specific to the country of destination.
  • Automate shipping couriers: Establish rule-based shipping preferences for courier selection based on key shipping factors like package weight, SKU, delivery destination, and more. This saves heaps of time on courier selection as shipment volumes climb.

OnBuy and Easyship together are set to launch UK sellers into the realm of global eCommerce. For more details, check out this video on starting with Easyship.

You can create your free Easyship account for 50 free shipments per month here.