At Easyship, we know how important it is for you to know the status of your shipments, and that starts immediately with the package pickup. This critical first step in the delivery process assures that a package will arrive on time for your customers, so it’s vital for you to have visibility and transparency.

We’re happy to introduce a new page on the Easyship dashboard that will allow you to easily manage your pickups and take different actions, like Rescheduling, Cancelling, or directly contacting the courier providing the pickup.

Our goal is to make it seamless for you to create your shipments, and provide the tools for you to reach the courier to resolve any problems you may encounter with the handoff of shipments and delivery. We’re here to help facilitate this communication so you can resolve your issues quickly and satisfactorily.  

The new Manage Pickups page allows you to easily check the status of a group of shipments by a particular courier so you can quickly know the status, and if necessary make changes. If you encounter problems, you can now easily take direct action to request support from many of the couriers in our network to make sure any issues are properly addressed.

How to Track and Manage Pickups from the Easyship Dashboard

Easyship Scheduled Pickup Options

The new manage pickups page is easily accessible from the Easyship dashboard by navigating to the menu on the left hand side, where you’ll see a new icon labeled ‘Pickups.’ This page will show you a list of your current pickups, including courier, data and pickup time, address and request status.

The pickups can be filtered by three criteria: Pickups Happening, Requests failed and Estimated Courier no show. Here’s what each of these mean.  

Pickups Happening: These are pickups that are scheduled to happen during the current timeframe which can be found under Date & Time.

Manage Pickups Happening

Requests failed: Under this filter, you can see the package pickups that have failed, primarily due to incorrect information, like an inaccurate address. You modify any pickup by selecting clicking on the pencil icon to ‘Edit Pickup Info’ which will take you to the form below where you can make the necessary changes.

Change pickup information

Estimated Courier no show: While most pickups happen without a hitch, there are times based on our tracking and the timetable, where we determine that the courier may not have arrived as scheduled. In those instances, you have the option to make other arrangements, like cancel the pickup, reschedule the pickup time or contact the courier.

Estimated courier no show

Making it Easier to Connect With Couriers for Support

Logistics is a complicated business. With millions of pickups happening all over the world daily, there are going to be times when problems arise for more reasons than we could possibly list. We know that you count on us to connect to our courier network and make sure every delivery arrives safely and on time for your customers.

Sometimes when problems do arise, it can be frustrating to get assistance from the appropriate courier so you can gain visibility into the issue, and better understand why a package might be delayed. It’s important that you keep your customers informed as they will certainly be contacting you for status updates.

With our new Manage Pickups page, we’ve simplified the process for contacting couriers in order to make the process more transparent. If an issue arises for a package pickup, you can ‘Ask for Support’ by clicking on the ‘Phone’ icon. This will bring you to a pop-up with the shipment and contact information for the courier.

Contact courier

If after contacting the courier, the issue is still not resolved, you can ‘report the issue’ and our internal team will work on solving the problem. Under ‘Request Status’ you’ll see a new line with ‘Issue Reported.’

Issue Reported

For certain couriers, not all of the action like Edit Pickup, Reschedule and Cancel will be available, but you will always have the option to ‘Ask for Support’ or mark as resolved.  

If you have any questions about the Manage Pickups page, you can find details in our Help Center, or reach out to the Easyship support team for advice and guidance.