Historically, dealing with shipping insurance claims is a drag for merchants. But what if you could enjoy the benefits of shipping insurance without the headaches?

Announcing a new frictionless insurance experience for eCommerce merchants. Our revamped Insurance Claims Process gets your claims paid faster and with less paperwork for zero headaches.

Easyship’s new insurance portal is a one-stop-shop for shipping insurance, allowing you to:

  • Reduce claims filing to 1 minute
  • Eliminate paperwork with upfront data capture
  • Maintain total visibility of claims status
  • Accelerated claims payout

The new portal is still free for Easyship users who opt-in to purchase Premium Insurance for their shipments. We’ve upgraded this popular feature to better help merchants protect both their products and profitability.

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A New Seamless Flow for Insurance Claims  

Insurance providers must have missed the memo about technology making our lives easier. Maybe that's why dealing with shipping insurance claims puts you ankle-deep in paperwork. Soon you're trapped in a back-and-forth with the insurance company for additional claims information. Meanwhile, you've already refunded your customer, which puts you out of pocket until the claim is finally settled.

Our new insurance portal simplifies the claims process for merchants. The secret? We simply ask for fewer data. We also make sure to get all the necessary details upfront.

Our new claims portal actually reduces the time to file by 80% – down from five minutes to just one minute.

Our new flow ensures our shipping insurance provider, InsureShip, gets all the claims information they need the first time. Just one and done. So you can enjoy a simpler insurance experience that pays faster.

Faster Claims Payout Helps to Retain Buyers

When something goes wrong during delivery, the clock is ticking. You need to do right by your customers without being out of pocket for too long.

On average, our new claims portal shaves 2-3 days off the claims process. We realized that the usual back-and-forth was costing everyone precious time. So we shortened everything.

Our reworked data capture form gathers all necessary data from claimants upfront. With all data on hand from the start, our insurance provider resolves all claims in just 5-7 days.

Real-Time Claims Visibility

If you’re like most merchants, you offer shipping insurance to manage your risk of loss, damage, or theft on high-ticket items (estimated at 5-15% of shipments).

You can view the real-time status of every insurance claim in your Easyship dashboard. All insured packages are clearly labeled. At a glance, you can see what’s paid and what's still processing.

This visibility makes it easy to follow up with buyers, and perhaps offer a discount on their next order. It's best to conduct outreach when positive sentiment is highest. Claims visibility lets you be tactical about restoring confidence in your brand after delivery mishaps.

More Approved Claims, Less Risk

Third-party shipping insurance is a boon to sellers because it offers more coverage in more markets. By contrast, shipping insurance from couriers is designed to be denied.

Couriers focus on making shipments instead of optimizing claim payouts. As a result, insurance resolution from couriers tends to be slow and puts the onus for proof on the shipper. It’s a matter of incentives. Every claim that's denied by USPS is money in their pocket. Third-party insurers, though, make their name on getting merchants paid.

Easyship has partnered with InsureShip, a trusted third-party insurance provider that puts customers first. InsureShip is an A+ rated company that offers premium protection services on both domestic and international shipments.

In fact, InsureShip beats the coverage from carriers like USPS, FedEx, UPS and other providers in every area. At Easyship we do our best to help merchants ship safely. So we bring you the absolute best shipping insurance available.

Our New Portal For Faster, Frictionless Insurance Claims

Using shipping insurance with Easyship just got a lot easier. Our new claims process is now 80% faster for customers. All payouts arrive in 5-7 days, thanks to our partnership with the speediest, most reliable insurance provider on the market. Check out our shipping insurance page to find out more.

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Already an Easyship user and want to learn more? Our support article provides additional details on what our new claim flow entails.