Key Points:

  • Just 35% of online retailers offer same-day delivery options to their customers, but 99% aim to by 2025
  • From growing your potential customers to increasing revenue, choosing to offer same-day delivery services can help your business exceed sales targets
  • Approximately 30% of consumers don’t mind paying extra for same day shipping

Cited as one of the eCommerce trends in 2022 to look out for, same-day delivery is in high demand for many consumers. Depending on where your small business is located, you may have the opportunity to provide this service to your customers, and this post will share how exactly you can do that!

But before we go further, it is important that you understand that there is a difference between delivering purchased items on the same day and shipping purchased items on the same day.

With shipping out orders on the same day, it means the items go on transit the same day you ordered, but not promising they would arrive on the same day or even the next.

In this case, same-day delivery means that your items are guaranteed to be delivered the same day you made the purchase.

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Why Is It Important that Small Businesses Offer Same-Day Shipping?

At the start of 2022, just 35% of retailers offered same-day service to their customers, with 99% aiming too by 2025.  It's slowly changing the way people shop online, with more consumers getting used to it being an option.

For example, research has shown that approximately 64% of millennials are more likely to make a purchase from an online retailer that offers same-day delivery. In the same vein, approximately 30% of consumers don’t mind paying extra for same day shipping.

Offering same-day delivery is also a good way to increase sales during peak holiday seasons, especially for those who procrastinate on buying gifts. According to Dropoff, last-minute shoppers are 78% more likely to purchase gifts from retailers that offer same-day delivery.

Shipping Tips for Offering Same-Day Shipping

In order to ensure that you don't have any major operational issues in your attempt to improve your delivery services, here are some same-day eCommerce shipping tips you should consider:

  • Assess demand: Get insights into where your customers are located. Engage with your customer base by conducting surveys or asking on social media if same-day delivery is something they want you to offer.
  • Audit your current supply chain: Take a look at your supply chain and see if there are any opportunities for improvements or better efficiencies. If you're unsure how to do this, you can look into hiring a company to do the audit and provide optimization tips.
  • Analyze your warehouse: You really don’t want to start offering this service without making sure that your warehouse is stocked with the items being advertised in your online store. Such service requires orders to be processed within minutes at your warehouse, or by a supplier.
  • Liaise with a reputable shipping company: This is a huge factor in same-day delivery success. There are credible courier service providers out there that have the resources to help you out with shipping your customers’ orders to them within 24 hours. For example, Easyship offers DHL same-day delivery for New York City, Chicago, and LA businesses. given metropolises. In choosing a courier service, always consider the service type, security, speed of delivery, cost, and other shipping tips that would guarantee a favorable experience.
  • Have customer service representatives ready to assist: While FedEx's same-day delivery or UPS's same-day delivery will offer a good tracking service, it's best to have good customer service coverage on hand in case any issues arise.

Pros & Cons of Same-Day Delivery

Here, we'll go over the pros and cons of offering same-day delivery. This way, you'll know if it's right for your eCommerce business.


  • Improved sales
  • Improved customer relationships
  • Competitive advantage
  • Broader target audience
  • Affiliate opportunities


  • Can be expensive
  • Will only be applicable to customers within a small radius of your business
  • Requires more hands on deck


From growing your potential customers to increasing revenue, choosing to offer same-day delivery services can help your business exceed sales targets. However, you should ensure that you deal with the right courier service to make your business dreams of same-day delivery a reality.