Key Points

  • Shipping address is also your delivery location or when you want your packages delivered to
  • The billing address is the address linked to your bank card
  • Both shipping and billing addresses need to be correctly entered to avoid delivery and bank issues

One of the best ways to get ahead of shipping delays is ensuring the details you enter during purchase is correct. In a survey, 62% of consumers experienced either failed or late delivery. And a significant reason for this delay is incorrect addresses.

When your customers make a purchase online, they are directed to enter a shipping address at checkout and a billing address when selecting the payment option. There are times that a duplicate entry may work, but there is only one explanation for that: their shipping address and billing address are the same! While there is a possibility for this, there are times that the transaction will not go through because the shipping address is not the same as the billing address.

A perfect understanding of the differences between billing address vs. shipping address can help you and your customers avoid simple errors This article explains the differences and how you can enter them correctly in your subsequent purchases.

What's a Shipping Address?

Shipping address and billing address can be the same literally. Both, however, do not have the same meaning.

Though people tend to mix up the meanings of shipping and billing addresses, they are pretty different. In simple terms, the shipping address is where the customer wants his parcel delivered. When you order a product from an online store and want to have it shipped, you must enter a delivery location to help the seller and courier get the goods across to you. That, in clear terms, is your shipping location. Now, shipping doesn't necessarily have to be your home address. You can intend to ship the item to a different place from your usual delivery location. In that case, the shipping address would be the recipient's address. The following are essential things you should know about the shipping address:

  • They are used to confirm that your purchase has been received in a particular location
  • They are used to calculate your accurate shipping fee

Without a correct shipping address, there will be implications. First, the owner will not receive their package, and the package will be subsequently returned to the warehouse or the distribution center. The shipping address should be correctly entered and verified to avoid failed attempted delivery.

What's a Billing Address?

Remember when we said that shipping address and billing address could mean the same? Well, here is what we mean. After entering your shipping address, which is where you want your package delivered, you will be required to enter a location connected to your bank or online payments. This address is referred to as your billing address.

Sometimes, you may want to receive your package at your home, which is likely your billing address. However, if you are shipping the package elsewhere, say to your friend, your billing location becomes different from your shipping address. This understanding will save you from making errors.

  • Your billing address is connected to the location you receive statements from your bank
  • It is also related to where you receive information from the bank regarding your credit or debit cards

You must enter your billing address to authenticate your purchase and reduce the possibility of fraudulent activities.

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What's the Difference between a Shipping Address and Billing Address?

While it is agreed that a billing address can sometimes be the exact location as the shipping address, there are key areas of difference that we like to point out so that you can make informed choices in the future. In the table below, we have highlighted and explained the main differences to help you understand both terms better.

Shipping Address

Billing Address


Delivery address. Where you want you package delivered 

after checkout

Address connected to your credit or debit card 


Necessary to calculate shipping rate delivery time and to verify delivery location

Needed to verify and authenticate bank cards during payment process

Mode of selection

When selecting shipping location at checkout

When choosing payment option


Preferred location for receiving purchased items, could be place of residence, office or address of the person you are sending it to

Address on all debit and credit cards

Mode of Verification

Verified by address verification systems

Verified via mail or phone


Payment will not be processed

Incorrect delivery address; failed delivery

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