Key Points:

  • Protect your valuables from damage and loss with the right shipping carrier, secure packaging, and comprehensive insurance
  • Shipping high-value items internationally? Understand customs regulations, potential import duties, and secure documentation
  • Overcome these challenges with Easyship, the leading shipping platform for online stores. Automate shipping workflows, secure your valuable orders and pass over a tracking number to your customers ASAP

In the world of online shopping, it's important to ship your valuable items safely to keep your customers happy and your business's reputation intact. This is especially critical for businesses that sell high-value items like jewelry, art, or collectibles. If something goes wrong during shipping, it could have disastrous consequences.

This article will break down the key steps involved in shipping valuable items safely and securely. Discover how to choose the most reputable carriers, optimize your packaging, enforce comprehensive insurance coverage, and navigate the intricacies of shipping across borders.

Plus, explore how Easyship is the perfect shipping platform for eCommerce businesses. We provide a complete solution for safely and efficiently delivering your valuable items.

The Importance of Safe Shipping for Valuables

Shipping valuable items demands an extra layer of care and attention compared to standard shipments. The heightened risk associated with these high-value items necessitates a proactive approach to ensure their safe passage from sender to recipient.

Potential consequences of shipping mishaps involving valuable items include:

  • Damage or Loss: The inherent fragility or susceptibility to damage to certain valuable items makes them more prone to physical harm during transit. Loss due to mishandling or theft can also occur, resulting in significant financial losses for the sender
  • Reputational Damage: Shipping incidents involving valuable items can severely tarnish the reputation of an online business. Negative customer reviews, social media backlash, and potential legal action can significantly damage a brand's credibility and hinder future sales

To mitigate these risks and uphold the integrity of their business operations, online businesses must adopt robust practices for shipping valuable items. Easyship stands as the ally of eCommerce stores, providing a suite of tools and features specifically tailored to address the unique challenges of handling high-value shipments.

Essential Steps for Shipping Valuables the Safest Way

Navigate the complexities of shipping high-value items with these essential steps to ensure their safe and secure delivery.

Choose the Best Carrier:

The selection of shipping carriers is crucial for ensuring the safe delivery of valuable items. Reputable carriers with a proven track record of handling high-value shipments should be prioritized.

Easyship offers prenegotiated rates and integrations with popular services of major carriers such as USPS Priority Mail and Registered Mail. Plus private networks that are faster and more secure like DHL Express and UPS.

This allows you to compare rates and select the best shipping carrier when you ship high-value items.

Secure Packaging:

Robust packaging is the cornerstone of secure shipping. Use sturdy boxes, ample cushioning material like bubble wrap, and tamper-evident tape to protect the valuable item from shock, vibration, and unauthorized access. Easyship's packaging resources provide detailed guidance on selecting appropriate packaging materials and techniques for various types of valuable items.

Insuring Valuable Items:

Comprehensive insurance coverage is indispensable for safeguarding expensive shipments. Easyship offers seamless shipping insurance integration, allowing businesses to purchase the appropriate coverage level based on the value of the item being shipped.

Please note that most Fine Jewelry is not insurable on Easyship. Precious Stones and Precious Metal and exempt from insurance protection in our terms and conditions.

Thorough Inspection and Documentation:

When shipping high-value items, thoroughly inspect packages for any pre-existing damage or imperfections. Document these observations clearly on the shipping label or packing slip to avoid disputes or claims.


Shipping High-Value Items Internationally

Shipping valuable items across borders introduces additional considerations. Customs regulations, import duties, and potential language barriers must be carefully navigated to ensure smooth delivery.

Easyship's comprehensive international shipping capabilities guide businesses through the complexities of international shipments, including customs clearance and documentation requirements.

Compliance with Customs Regulations: 

Research and adhere to the specific customs regulations of the recipient's country. Accurately declare the value of the item and provide any necessary documentation to avoid delays or penalties. Easyship's international shipping tools assist in determining customs requirements and completing necessary paperwork.

Potential Import Duties: 

Some countries may impose import duties or taxes on certain goods. Check with the recipient or consult customs regulations to determine if any import duties apply to your package and factor them into the shipping costs. Try Easyship's free tax and duties calculator to help you estimate potential import duties and fees.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage: 

For international shipments, consider purchasing additional insurance coverage beyond the standard insurance provided by the shipping carrier. This extra layer of protection can provide peace of mind and ensure adequate compensation in case of loss or damage.

Don't overpay for peace of mind! Easyship offers affordable insurance with three customizable options:

  • Pay for What You Sell: Insure at the item's selling price for efficient, value-driven protection
  • Tailored Coverage: Choose a percentage-based option that perfectly matches your risk tolerance
  • Set Your Limits: Define your own insurance value for complete control over cost and coverage

Easyship insurance is a budget-friendly way to mitigate shipping risks and protect your valuable goods. Ship confidently and keep your business growing with our flexible, affordable solutions.

Documentation and Language Barriers:

Ensure proper documentation, including detailed descriptions of the item and its value, is translated into the recipient's language to avoid misunderstandings or delays.

Declared Value: The Key to Protecting Your Valuable Shipments

In the world of shipping valuable items, declared value plays a crucial role in ensuring that you receive the necessary compensation in case of loss or damage. It is essentially the monetary amount that the sender declares as the worth of the packages being shipped. This declared value serves as the basis for determining the insurance coverage provided by the shipping carrier.

Why Declared Value Matters

When you ship high-value items, declaring the correct value is essential for several reasons:

  • Shipping Insurance Coverage: The declared value directly impacts the insurance limits provided by the shipping carrier. If the declared value is too low, you may not receive sufficient compensation in case of loss or damage
  • Customs Clearance: Need to ship value items across the borders? The declared value is used for customs clearance procedures. Accurately declaring the value ensures that you fulfill legal requirements and avoid potential penalties
  • Reputational Protection: Overestimating the declared value can raise red flags and potentially damage your business reputation. Underestimating it, however, could leave you with insufficient compensation in the event of a loss

Declaring the Right Value

To determine the appropriate declared value for your valuable shipment, consider the following factors:

  • Cost of Replacement: The replacement cost of the item being shipped is the most accurate indicator of its value
  • Fair Market Value: If the item has a secondary market value, consider using that as a reference point for the maximum value
  • Comparable Sales: Research the item worth of a similar recently sold high-value item to establish a baseline for the declared value of unique luxury items
  • Shipping Carrier Limits: Each shipping carrier provides coverage up to a maximum limit for insurance claims. Ensure your insured declared value of your claim falls within these limits

Using Easyship for Declared Value

Easyship simplifies the process of declaring the value of your high-value item. Upon creating a shipping label, we’ll sync the retail price from the store through our integration based on your store’s sale price.

Easyship can automatically calculate the shipping insurance premium based on the declared value, ensuring you have adequate coverage for your high-value items. Protect your shipments with Easyship today!

How to Ship Fine Jewelry

Shipping fine jewelry requires meticulous attention to detail and specialized packaging to ensure its safe delivery. Here are four key steps for shipping fine jewelry items:

  1. Secure Packaging: Utilize sturdy boxes, ample cushioning material, and tamper-evident tape to protect the jewelry from shock, vibration, and unauthorized access
  2. Protective Materials: Use protective jewelry pouches or a small box specifically designed to safeguard delicate gemstones and clasps. These containers often include shock-absorbing foam or custom-cut compartments to ensure the high-value goods reach their destination safely
  3. Insurance Coverage: Comprehensive insurance coverage is indispensable for safeguarding expensive items. Purchase the appropriate coverage level based on the maximum declared value of the jewelry being shipped
  4. Reliable Delivery Service: Shipping a high-value item made out of gold, silver or platinum requires the best carrier. From next-day delivery to services requiring a recipient’s signature, Easyship is the best way to ship. Compare exclusive rates from over 250+ carriers worldwide today.

Easyship: The Ultimate Shipping Solution for Online Businesses

Easyship is the premier shipping platform for online businesses, providing a comprehensive suite of features tailored for shipping valuable items, both domestically and internationally.

  • Real-Time Tracking: Easyship provides real-time tracking for all shipments, providing merchants and customers with peace of mind throughout the delivery journey
  • Robust Insurance Options: Easyship offers a range of insurance options, from basic to comprehensive, to insure and cover valuable shipments worth up to $10,000
  • Customizable Shipping Labels: Create customized shipping labels with your branding and logo, enhancing brand consistency and professionalism
  • Easy Integration with Top Sales Channels: Easyship seamlessly integrates with popular eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento, streamlining the shipping process and eliminating the need for manual data entry
  • Cost-Effective Shipping Solutions: Easyship negotiates discounted rates with over 250+ shipping carriers, providing businesses with access to the most cost-effective shipping options for their valuable shipments

Shipping valuable items can be a crucial aspect of eCommerce operations, and online businesses must prioritize secure shipping practices to maintain customer satisfaction and protect their reputation.

Easyship is a crucial partner for businesses shipping expensive items. We offer a comprehensive suite of tools and features to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of valuable items worldwide.

By connecting with our customer-centric shipping solutions, you can navigate the complexities of shipping valuable items with ease. Championing your high shipping standards, and fostering exceptional customer experiences.