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What to look for in a shipping software


by Jules

On 2018 M09 6

by Jules

Shipping is very important in eCommerce, and finding a shipping software that will make fulfillment seamless is a must.

Using an eCommerce shipping software is important because it lets you manage the entire shipping process, from order entry to create labels to tracking your packages to ensure they get delivered.

A good web-based shipping software not only lets you streamline your fulfillment process, but also helps you save money on shipping and expand your courier selection.

Here's what you should consider when searching for the best eCommerce shipping software for your business.

What to look for in a shipping software

Overall, a solid eCommerce shipping software should focus on automation and efficiency. It should also take into consideration the following:

  • Pricing. Shipping softwares usually offer two kinds of pricing plans: one being a monthly pricing plan where they allow a certain number of shipments for a monthly fee, the other being a charge per label or per shipment.
  • Availability of shipping solutions. It's best to focus your search on a multi-carrier shipping software. The platform should offer you the choice of using many different couriers. If you already have credentials with certain couriers, you can also find a software that allows you to link your own courier so you can still access your preferred rates.

    Also worth noting is that not all multi-carrier shipping software is created equal – in order to use certain couriers on these platforms, you may be required to open a business account with that courier in order to use their services.

    Ideally, the software you choose won't require that you open a separate account to access discounted rates.
  • Discounted shipping rates. Speaking of discounted rates, find you an eCommerce shipping software that already offer discounted rates so you don't have to negotiate on your own.

    If you're an established business, it's also worth asking if you can get additional discounts based on your current volume of shipments.
  • Ability to enhance your store checkout. A good web-based shipping software offers an app plug-in that allows you to display calculated rates at your store checkout, so customers can immediately see how much shipping will cost without having to contact you for a quote.
  • Integrations. Find an eCommerce shipping software with a robust list of integrations to other platforms so your operations will be a well-oiled, connected machine!
  • Handling international shipping. If your business ships worldwide, it's best to find a software that can calculate duties and taxes for international shipments, in addition to generating customs forms and other required documents.
  • Return shipments. Returns remain a thorny issue for eCommerce sellers. If you can find a web-based shipping software that can print return labels and process returns in general, that would be a bonus.
  • API access. If your business has specific shipping requirements, the best software also offers access to their shipping API so you can further customize your shipping options.

What Easyship can offer

If you're looking for a shipping software that's fit for small businesses, consider yours truly, Easyship.

All you need is one account to automate your shipping and fulfill packages worldwide. Other benefits include:

  • Free account. There are no monthly costs or fees per label; you only have to pay for your shipping costs.
  • Duties and taxes – solved. No need to stay on top of duty and tax changes for every country you ship to – leave that to us! Our platform automatically calculates this figure for every international shipment so you know the exact costs.
  • No more manual data entry. You can generate labels and all required documentation in an organized, manageable and centralized system.
  • 3PL services available. We partner with multiple warehouses around the world to offer eCommerce fulfillment services – perfect for  eCommerce businesses who are ready to scale, or are experiencing quick growth.
  • Multiple integrations. We also offer many integrations with eCommerce platforms and inventory management tools to help your back office operations run as efficiently as possible.

Sign up for your free account today! Got questions? Contact us and we'd be happy to assist.