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Introducing Shipping Tags: A New Way to Improve Shipping and Fulfillment Workflows

Shipping and fulfillment workflows often involve a manual process. With the release of Shipping tags, Easyship helps improve and automate these workflows.
Introducing Shipping Tags: A New Way to Improve Shipping and Fulfillment Workflows

By Jules


July 27, 2020

Running an eCommerce company involves managing many tasks which are often repeated on a day to day basis, eating time that could be better spent growing your business. One function that often involves manual processes is shipping and fulfillment.

While using the Easyship dashboard, you’ve probably created your own tips and shortcuts for repeatable processes, and perhaps even thought, or suggested, ways to add automation to increase efficiency. We’re with you, and have been busy developing a new tool to optimize your shipping workflow.

Easyship Tagging Feature

Shipping Tags Are Here!  

Shipping Tags give you the flexibility to easily implement some of those day to day tasks and reminders that previously required you to make notes, or work from memory.

With Shipping Tags you can:

  • Add customized labeled tags to individual shipments in order to identify, filter and organize orders.
  • Set up useful shipping rules, so you can automate shipping processes based on your customized tags.
  • Sync the tags from your Shopify store with Easyship.

Shipping Tags Help Optimize Shipping Workflows  

Our goal is to make the eCommerce shipping process as efficient as possible so you can focus on growing your business. Shipping involves several steps in the process so finding ways to optimize the workflow will save you time. Shipping tags will help you manage and organize a high volume of orders and enhances the communication within the Easyship app as tags can be used across the dashboard.

Here are a four ways that Shipping Tags can help automate your shipping workflows.

1. Add tags while creating or editing shipments from the order form

You can tag shipments at any time. This is great for situations such as adding a tag so that your customer service or warehouse team know they need to follow-up on something.

2. Use tags to easily filter the shipments you are looking for

Many eCommerce companies find it more efficient to fulfill orders in batches. Now, you can automate this workflow by using tags to filter orders by categories such as priority destination countries, order size or any other customizable category. Each tag can be labeled whatever makes the most sense for your workflow and business.

3. Using Shipping Rules you can tag shipments and apply actions based on tags

Shipping Tags in combination with Shipping Rules can create powerful automated workflows for your shipping process.

For example, you can set up a Shipping Rules automation for any tag with ‘Insurance’ and those orders will automatically have shipping insurance included in the order.  

Another application where Shipping Rules can come in handy with tags is for when certain conditions are met. For example, you could tag as ‘International’ so those shipments can be printed separately due to the extra documents required.

4. Use tags directly from your Shopify store

For Shopify users, Shipping Tags offer another powerful tool for shipping automation. When you sync a shipment to Easyship from your Shopify store, the shipping tag will already be applied.

For example, if you tag shipments in your Shopify store for VIP customers, those will automatically sync to your Easyship dashboard. And what’s great about this automation is that you could have a Shipping Rule set up in Easyship so that any VIP tag will get an express courier.

Shipping Tags will also allow you to exclude or include specific shipments from being imported to Easyship. For example, in instances where a customer requests to pick up the shipment directly from you or in other cases where no shipping is required, then you can easily use tags to prevent those shipments from coming into Easyship.  

Save Time Managing Shipping Orders with Shipping Tags

Shipping Tags are a powerful, flexible tool to help you save time and optimize your shipping and fulfillment workflows. They will help you easily track, filter and organize your shipments, and in conjunction with Shipping Rules will allow you to set up powerful automations for repeated tasks.

For Shopify users, Shipping tags will sync with your existing tags, and provide new opportunities to enhance the integration with Easyship.

The ability to tag shipments opens up a host of new options for managing your shipping process. They will be particularly useful for merchants that ship in high volume or prefer to ship in bulk.

At Easyship, our goal is to improve the shipping experience for you, your team and your customers. If you’d like more information about how to use Shipping Tags, head over to our Help Center for detailed step by step instructions.

Or sign up for Easyship today and use the power of Shipping Tags to turbocharge your shipping workflows!