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  • Fast shipping from France to the US can take 1-3 days
  • La Poste is France's national postal service that you can rely on for international shipping
  • Get up to 91% off on shipping rates when you use the Easyship shipping calculator

Whether you are a small business owner or want to send a parcel to your friend from France to the United States, understanding the basics of international shipping is essential. With a population of over 67 million and a projected online sales of €102.80 billion in 2022, France is a country booming with eCommerce activities. So if you are considering exploring new international trade routes, buying and selling from France is a great option.

Some of the restraints merchants consider when selling or buying across borders are the international shipping rates and delivery dates. Typically, international shipping can take a while. Still, the courier use and the speed you opt for will determine how long it will take you to ship from France to the US.

This article provides an extensive overview of how you can plan your next France - US shipping. We will go over the vital information from the courier services, how to calculate shipping rates easily, and tips for international shipping. Let's get started.

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How Long is Shipping from France to the US?

Shipping from France to the US could be as fast as 1 - 3 days if you use an express service. If you go for a more affordable service, delivery can stretch to over 10 days. However, the size, weight, and other factors like courier and distance will affect the delivery time.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship from France to the US?

International shipping costs more than domestic shipping, and delivery times can stretch into days. Using Easyship's free calculator can give you a glimpse of the cost of shipping from France and the delivery dates, so let's consider some examples in the tables below. We will compare the cost of shipping a lightweight package from France to the US and the cost of shipping a heavier package.

In the table below, we used Easyship Free Calculator to calculate the cost of shipping a 5kg package from France to the United States.

To compare, let’s see how much you might be spending to ship a 50kg package from France to the US.

The Easyship calculator gives you an all-in-one solution that allows you many possibilities on one dashboard. You see the available couriers ready to ship your package from France to the US, and their services save you the stress of visiting their independent websites.

You can compare shipping rates from all available couriers to choose the one suited to your budget. The delivery lead time of each courier is also displayed, allowing you to make your most preferred selection. You can access this information as a visitor on the Easyship website. When you sign up, you will get more options, which conveniently shows you a comparison from all leading couriers. Easyship also offers exclusive discounted rates on all courier services and shows taxes/duties, so there aren't any nasty surprises.

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Is La Poste reliable?

Shipping from France? La Poste is the national postal service of France that you can rely on to provide fast and cost-effective shipping services. Distance, size, and speed determine shipping rates like other shipping services.

La Poste shipping services include Colissimo and Chronopost. Colissimo offers affordable shipping services for domestic and international shipments. Services include Colissimo Access, Colissimo Expert and Colissimo International.

On the other hand, Chronopost is geared more toward offering international shipping services to over 230 countries. Chronopost shipping services are Chronopost Express International, Chronopost - Chrono 13, and Chronopost Classic International.

If you are considering shipping from France to the US, these couriers from La Poste in France are there to help you. You can choose from the fastest, expedited shipping which costs more, to a more affordable one which might take a longer delivery window.

5 Things to Remember When Shipping Internationally

Shipping across borders is relatively easy when you have the right logistics partner. Still, to ensure that your shipment is safe and ticks all international shipping requirements, you must keep a few things in mind.

1. Check the List of Prohibited and Restricted Goods of the Receiving Country

To avoid issues with your shipment, it is vital that you confirm that it is not on the list of restricted goods of the country you are sending it. Customs officials prevent prohibited goods from entering the country, and you want to avoid this at all costs.

Also, check out for perishable goods. International shipping takes days which can ruin perishable goods.

2. Consider Insurance

Shipping couriers make sure they keep goods safe while in transit. Still, there are exceptions when unforeseen circumstances happen. Cases of missing parcels or damaged items are still prominent today, and the best you can do is to get insurance for your shipment. With insurance, you are guaranteed to have your money back in case of shipping issues.

3. Get all Necessary Documents Ready

Certificate of origin, commercial invoice, and some others are necessary documents required for international shipping. To avoid delays, getting all these documents ready for shipping is vital.

4. Pay Customs and Taxes

All countries have different customs tariffs and taxes, and knowing the one that applies to the country you are shipping to is a great way to prepare for international shipping. Taxes are often charged based on the value of your shipment. Using a duties and taxes calculator will save you time. All you need to do is to fill out the details of your shipment, and you can ascertain the amount you will be paying.

5. Package Goods Correctly

Compared to domestic shipping, international shipping takes days, and you must prepare your package for the long trip. First, ensure you use the correct packaging for the goods you are shipping. Fragile products and electronics will require additional packaging, so ensure you double up on packing materials.

Also, ensure you label fragile products appropriately to help the postal service staff handle your package correctly. Do not leave your package only to the care of the courier, do your due diligence by ensuring your packaging is secure and tamper-proof.

Shipping From France to the US with Easyship

Trying to ship France to the US on your own can be pretty challenging, considering the processes you have to go through. Like every cross-country shipping, you need to be well-informed about the basis of international shipping. Getting documents ready, paying accurate customs duties, and getting the best shipping service at an affordable price and key aspects you must keep in mind.

When you use Easyship, you get access to many solutions that help make shipping from France to the US hassle-free. Easyship's free calculator helps you get the fastest shipping at affordable prices and added discounts.

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