Key Points:

  • Switzerland applies an 8 percent VAT with a tax and duty threshold of zero percent
  • Switzerland is estimated to reach a whopping US$18.16bn in eCommerce sales by the end of 2022

Switzerland conjures up images of breathtaking mountains and quaint villages. For eCommerce entrepreneurs, it should also conjure up something else: dollar signs!

Shipping to Switzerland is a great way to grow your online business. Though a small country, it’s very prosperous and advanced economically, making it ideal for online merchants looking for cross-border sales opportunities in Europe.

Before you start shipping to Switzerland, it’s important to have a better grasp of the country’s eCommerce landscape, particularly its top online marketplaces, import restrictions, taxes and duties and the like. Here’s a look at all of that - and more!

Solid eCommerce Revenue Growth in Switzerland

Switzerland is estimated to reach a whopping US$18.16bn in eCommerce sales by the end of 2022. eCommerce revenue has been projected to show an annual growth rate of over 18% which would lead to a market volume of US$29.90bn by 2025. It is also expected that the number of eCommerce users in Switzerland will rise to 6.4 million in 2025.

All in all, these stats make Switzerland a very attractive opportunity for  growth-minded online merchants!

Heavy hitters like Amazon and AliExpress stand alongside popular local online marketplaces in Switzerland. Specifically, some of the most popular online marketplaces in the country include:

  • Zalando
  • Amazon
  • Nespresso

Swiss Online Shopping Habits are Diverse

The Swiss have diverse online shopping habits, buying items from a wide array of product categories on a regular basis.

The most popular category is electronics, followed by fashion and Toys, Hobby, and DIY. Media, Beauty, Health, Personal and Household Care are also very popular among online shoppers in Switzerland.

Invoices, Credit Cards Top Payment Methods in Switzerland

The most popular payment methods in Switzerland are payment against invoices and credit cards. Bank transfers, e-wallets, cash on delivery, cash on collection and advance payments are also commonly used.

Remember - having multiple payment options for your online store can help to cut cart abandonment sharply!

Shipping to Switzerland

If you’re planning on shipping to Switzerland from the U.S. or elsewhere, it’s important to have a strong grasp of the country’s import regulations, import duties and the like. All of these must be crystal clear before you send a package to Switzerland.

Also - don’t forget to use the Easyship shipping rates calculator to compare courier shipping solutions and find the best option for you!

Import Regulations in Switzerland

There are certain items that you cannot send to Switzerland, and there are some items you can send but only after getting special permission from authorities and paying extra import duties. Here’s a closer look!

Restricted items in Switzerland:

  • Drugs and chemicals
  • Fuel
  • Food items
  • Vehicles
  • Precious metals

Prohibited items in Switzerland:

  • Radar detectors
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Textile articles
  • Oil products
  • All products containing DMF

A more comprehensive list can be found here!

Shipping To Switzerland

Taxes and Import Duties in Switzerland

Switzerland applies an 8 percent VAT with a tax and duty threshold of zero percent. Taxes and import duties are calculated based on the sum of the customs value, shipping cost and insurance, as per the CIF method.

Import duties vary by product category. Mobile devices, computers, cameras, books and games are not subject to any import duties, but fashion items, watches and luggage are all taxed at three, five and 12 percent, respectively.

You can also use Easyship’s duties and tax calculator to evaluate taxes and duties for different categories of items when shipping to Switzerland!

Best Ways to Ship Packages to Switzerland

You will find many courier services, both local and international, for shipping to Switzerland. Couriers like UPS, DHL, USPS and FedEx offer reliable, affordable shipping solutions to consider.

Local courier services in Switzerland also include:

  • TNT Switzerland
  • World Courier
  • Kurier Zentrale
  • VeloKurier Biel
  • Strada Kurier
  • Flash Kurier

Switzerland: A Growing eCommerce market in the heart of Europe.

Switzerland, with its robust eCommerce revenue growth, strong economy and high Internet penetration levels, offers one of Europe’s top opportunities for online merchants looking to expand cross-border.

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