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Cart Abandonment: 10 Solutions for Your eCommerce Business

Cart abandonment is a persistent issue for eCommerce merchants. Find 10 solutions for reducing online shopping cart abandonment here!
Cart Abandonment: 10 Solutions for Your eCommerce Business

By Jules


June 10, 2019

Cart abandonment is one of the most persistent and annoying issues that online merchants deal with on a daily basis. Despite your best efforts in optimizing and promoting your eCommerce website, many of your site’s visitors still end up abandoning their purchase when they’re so close to checking out. Frustrating, right?

Though it may seem like your website is the only one that suffers from this issue, you’re not alone. Far from it, actually. Cart abandonment statistics reveal that, shockingly, nearly 70 percent of all online shoppers abandon their cart at the last minute!

There are many reasons behind shopping cart abandonment, including overly-complex checkout processes, added costs like surprise shipping fees and taxes, site errors, unclear return policies and the like.

How Do You Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment?

The cart abandonment rate may be depressingly high - but don’t give up hope! eCommerce merchants have plenty of useful tools and strategies on-hand, including cart abandonment software, to reduce your online store’s cart abandonment rate and ultimately boost your sales. Here’s a look at 10 cart abandonment solutions to consider!

1. Send Abandoned Cart Emails

Sending abandoned cart emails is a popular and time-tested cart recovery solution aimed at letting your site’s visitors know that you understand the reason why they ended up abandoning their carts, especially if their actions were caused by glitches on the site.

Send them an email less than 24 hours after they abandoned their online shopping cart. Don’t hesitate to send a second email within 72 hours and, if there is still no response or re-engagement, try sending another email the following week. To get them back onboard, try offering a discount code or other incentive. Importantly, make sure to include links to their abandoned carts!

2. Use Exit-Intent Pop-ups on Your Site

Sure, pop-ups are annoying, but alongside abandoned cart emails, they’re a great way to reduce cart abandonment!

These pop-ups, which appear when customers are about to exit before checking out, are installed mainly on shopping and checkout pages and offer special incentives, additional offers or simple reminders for the visitor to complete their purchase.

For example, a pop-up offering a 10 percent discount for visitors looking to abandon their cart could offer a strong incentive for them to stay and complete their purchase.

3. Use Progress Indicators on Checkout Pages

The attention span of online shoppers is short, so in order not to lose them and also limit your cart abandonment rate, consider having progress indicators installed on your site’s checkout pages.

These work by showing your customers the stage they’re at in the checkout process. This way, they’ll have a much more transparent and upfront view of the checkout process on your online store. Progress indicators help to eliminate checkout uncertainties, making shopping much easier and clearer for your customers.

4. Use Chatbot Support

Chatbots, much like customer associates in brick-and-mortar stores, are another useful way for reducing cart abandonment.

Having a live chatbot support installed can help to answer customers’ questions and also point them to alternative product options if the one they’re currently considering is out of stock or too expensive. Overall, they’re a great way to engage with customers 24/7 and to make their online shopping experience much better.

5. Include Strong Calls to Action on Checkout Pages

Always be sure to include strong, clear calls to action (CTAs) on your checkout pages. In doing so, you’re able to add an additional reminder for your customers to fully complete their purchase. Having a checkout button that’s simple, compelling and easy to see can help to ensure that your customers complete their checkout fully.

6. Implement a Guest Checkout Option

Another reason why a significant number of online shoppers abandon carts is when they’re forced to create accounts before checking out, something that makes many people uneasy, as they’re often reluctant to give away too much personal information, incur any signup fees or simply take the additional time to do so.

The solution to this is implementing a guest checkout option on your website. This means that your customers won’t need to fill out numerous forms and give out too much personal information before completing their purchase. Remove this obstacle and see how your online store’s sales improve!

7. Keep Users’ Shopping Carts Visible

This strategy is designed to constantly remind your site’s visitors that they have products in their cart, waiting to be fully purchased.

The cart abandonment software for this solution creates a cart icon at the top right hand side of a user’s screen, which is then customized to list the number of items that are in it, making it easier for customers to continue their shopping knowing that they still have items that need to be purchased.

8. Use Remarketing to Target Abandoned Shopping Cart Users

There are customers that, no matter the steps you take to ensure they complete the shopping process, will still end up abandoning their carts. The best strategy for these customers is a remarketing campaign!

This solution, similar to cart recovery emails, aims to target customers who abandoned their carts with tailored ads on search engines and social media platforms that advertise the same products they placed in their online shopping cart before abandoning their purchase.

These ad campaigns, in addition to bringing abandoned cart shoppers back to finish their purchase, can also help to increase the chances of converting these visitors into loyal customers.

9. Offer Flexible Delivery Options at Checkout

Unexpected, high shipping costs are one of the main reasons customers abandon their carts.

The easiest way to remove this barrier is by offering free shipping, but if that is not something your business can afford, you can choose to optimize your paid options instead.

We’ve found that it’s best to offer 3 different solutions at checkout: the cheapest, fastest, and a best value option. This allows you to appeal to a wide variety of customers who all have different delivery preferences.

Consider installing Easyship’s Rates at Checkout plugin so your store will automatically show accurate, calculated rates based on your customer’s location!

10. Offer Numerous Payment Options

Finally, this cart recovery solution improves the overall shopping experience of your customers in addition to cutting the cart abandonment rate.

When you offer just one or very few payment options, you’re practically telling most of your site’s visitors to take their businesses elsewhere. Instead, offer them a variety of payment options, including newer choices like Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

This is especially  important if your online store’s target demographics are younger people using mobile devices and always on the move. Give your customers what they want – variety!

Cart Abandonment: Find Solutions for Your Online Store

You typically don’t see people just walking away from full shopping carts in brick-and-mortar retail stores. Take steps to ensure this doesn’t happen to your own online store!

It’s true that you simply can’t stop every single customer who abandons their cart from coming back to complete their purchase. However, having too many abandoned carts on whatever platform you're using, whether they're WooCommerce abandoned carts, Shopify abandoned carts, Magento abandoned carts or anything else in between, hurts your business' bottom line and costs you potential repeat customers.

Ultimately, by using these strategies, you can cut your eCommerce store’s cart abandonment rate and boost your sales in a very cost-effective way!