Key points:

  • Online stores are responsible for making sure an order is delivered in mint condition
  • As batteries can require dangerous goods labeling, shipping products without batteries can help streamline the delivery timeline
  • Proper toy packaging and shipping are important for a successful sale and customer satisfaction
  • Easyship can help you instantly compare cheap shipping rates from over 250 carriers, to ensure you are offering the fastest and best value shipping for every order

Looking to ship toys? This article breaks down how to pick the right packaging, the importance of correct labeling, and how to prepare toys for shipping. Plus, find out how you can find the perfect shipping with Easyship and effortlessly create a delivery experience customers love.

Choosing the Right Packaging

Like all eCommerce products, the seller is responsible for making sure the order arrives in good condition. Picking the right packaging for the product can be crucial in ensuring a happy customer and reducing returns. While the specific packaging will depend on the type of item being shipped, when it comes to toys, there are some general packaging instructions that can help secure delivery.

The first step should be a strong, sturdy box that doesn't flatten in transit. A suitable box made out of corrugated cardboard can help offer extra protection, ensuring the item isn't damaged by packaging potentially bending or folding. However, if you are shipping loose individual figures, padded envelopes, and poly mailers can work in select cases.

Preparing the Toy for Shipping

The next step is to prepare the toy before packing. Some key areas to focus on are batteries and how to ship plush toys. If you are shipping stuffed animals, then placing them in a plastic bag can help protect the absorbent material against any potential water damage.

Can You Ship a Toy With Batteries in It?

There is a wide range of toys that are battery-powered, which can become an issue if they are shipped with the batteries installed. Unfortunately, batteries can be labeled as dangerous goods by many carriers, alongside items like liquids and imitation weapons.

As most toys use alkaline batteries, like AA and AAA cell batteries, these can be removed from the toys and then sold as batteries not included. Batteries are cheap and widely available, it can be a sustainable solution to recommend customers purchase their own, to avoid the extra shipping hassle for your store.

Lithium-ion batteries are generally found in products like mobile phones and laptops, however, they can be found in toys as well. These rechargeable batteries are not allowed to be packed with equipment, due to the risk of lithium metal short-circuiting. But, they can be shipped separately at 30% of their charge, in line with IATA global guidelines.

Packing the Toy

The next step is to evaluate which packaging materials will help keep your customer's precious order safe throughout the entire transit. As many toys also come in blister packaging with air bubbles, it can be especially important to make sure these aren't crushed by the packaging material. Placing the packaging material around the product can help avoid compression.

Overall, the aim of the packing should be to keep the order in place within the box and make sure it doesn't move around in transit. Check out this quick breakdown of popular packing materials:


One of the most frequently used and obvious packing materials, newspapers, are abundant and can help keep shipping costs down. Rolling newspaper into cylinders can help cushion the item and keep it securely in place. You can also wrap the item in paper, then line the box with crumpled, scrunched-up paper, leaving no space for movement.

One downside to be aware of is the potential negative impact newspaper can have on a store's image. While it is cost-effective, this may come across as cheap to some customers. To counter this, you can promote your use of recycled shipping packing, or use other quality paper materials for your shipments.

Bubble Wrap

This packing material can be an extra expense, however the extra protection it affords can be invaluable, especially for high-ticket products. Wrapping the item up generously, with the bubbles facing inwards, can help secure your shipment through the roughest of transits. Again, make sure the order doesn't have space to move around within the box to ensure smooth delivery.

Styrofoam Packing Peanuts

Although other packing options are available, loose-fill packing peanuts are classic with a range of useful features. They can be great at protecting your online store's toy shipments due to the following:

  • Extremely light, yet can protect against impacts
  • Easy to use automatic filling systems
  • Unlimited storage life
  • Cheaply available in bulk

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Like all eCommerce shipping, clear and accurate labeling can help ensure successful delivery. Make sure to include key information like the customer's shipping address, your return address, and relevant product information. Make sure to double-check addresses with an address verification service, before shipping to reduce any potential holds ups because of customers passing over incorrect or outdated information.

You can take the guesswork out of shipping documentation with a simple-to-use shipping tool. Easyship can help you automate your shipping labels, packing slips, and customs paperwork. This can help you save time on lengthy manual processes that don't add any value to your shipping while ensuring your shipping documents are correct for every order.

Picking the Perfect Shipping

Choosing the right carrier for international and domestic shipments can be a lengthy process, taking into account the time it takes to calculate all the shipping costs. Other factors to consider are potential delays, damages, and even lost shipments. Unfortunately, this can make shipping one of the most dreaded and painful aspects of running an online store.

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