Key Points:

  • 71% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand to other users if their social media interaction with that brand is positive
  • A recent report shows that approximately 90% of marketers have been able to significantly increase the online exposure of the businesses they are promoting by using social media
  • 42% of the world’s population uses social media

In 2019, there were more than 3.4 billion social media users around the world. And, that number is set to grow even more in the coming years. With that in mind, it makes sense that eCommerce retailers should pay attention to strategies that enhance customer acquisition through social media. In the 21st century, social media and eCommerce go hand in hand, so you’d do well to pay attention.

These days, customers are demanding faster, more accurate fulfillment when they shop. Therefore, any retailer that offers this has a better chance of making sales and increasing their revenue. According to a Social Media Barometer report, approximately 87% of businesses believe that using social media goes a long way in helping them stay competitive. That’s why customers and social media should go together when coming up with an effective marketing strategy.

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What's the Role of Social Media in eCommerce?

Social media use has been climbing steadily in recent years. And, with more people embracing platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, the relationship between customers and social media doesn’t look like it will end any time soon. That’s why this is a trend your business should take advantage of if you want to stay ahead of the competition. With each social media user spending an average of 136 minutes on their platforms each day, marketers are catching on to the fact that promoting their products through social media channels can grow their business. Connecting with customers through social media can drive significant traffic to your website and help increase sales. This is why social media and eCommerce are inextricably linked.

According to a published infographic, approximately 71% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand to other users if their social media interaction with that brand is positive. The reverse is true if their experience is negative. Approximately 42% of the world’s population uses social media, while 88% of millennials use social media at least once a day. That’s why approximately 73% of online marketers believe that social media marketing is effective.

How Does Social Media Attract Customers?

But, all of these impressive facts and figures beg the question of how does social media attract customers? The answer is surprisingly simple. A great social media campaign will create brand awareness by putting your brand in front of the right audience. Perhaps more importantly, an effective social media strategy will create a tribe around your products, making them seem like cool and must-have items. All of this will drive customers to your website, which is why you need social media for eCommerce.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

5 Reasons Why Social Media Should be in Your Marketing Strategy

Every business strategy has its benefits, but social media marketing has many. Here are five reasons why you should work toward engaging customers with social media:

  • Ability to Sell to a Larger Audience: A recent report shows that approximately 90% of marketers have significantly increased the online exposure of the businesses they are promoting by using social media. Plus, 75% of organizations report that social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn drove increased traffic to their website. Customers and social media should be inextricably linked in your mind if you intend to maximize sales.
  • Marketing on Social Media Is Economical: Compared to the massive costs of traditional advertising, marketing your products and services on social media is very economical. Plus, with the ability to target ads to your exact audience, your dollar will stretch further. Engaging customers with social media can actually offer a great value proposition for your business.
  • It Increases Inbound Traffic: Another important effect of connecting with customers through social media is that you see quickly see an increase in inbound traffic. Because ads are so targeted, you’ll find that many people who see the ad find it relevant and click through to your online store or website.
  • It Increases Conversion Rates: Another factor of the social media ads being so targeted is that it generates quality leads. Which, of course, ultimately leads to higher conversions of these leads into sales. That’s why it’s so important to be able to engage customers on these platforms - social media for eCommerce can be a huge growth strategy.
  • Improved Search Engine Optimization: Having your business rank at the top of results on search engine queries is a huge plus for your business. And, social media plays a role in this. Google has even gone so far as to take "social signals" into account while ranking web pages. The more your business is mentioned on social media, the better your site's SEO will be.
Connecting with Customers Through Social Media

How to Reach Customers Around the World with Social Media

Now that you have understood the role and importance of customer acquisition through social media, let’s take a look at how you can effectively reach customers around the world by implementing social media for eCommerce. Some strategies include:

  • Share content with value.
  • Be consistent in your voice and approach.
  • Always answer your customers’ questions.
  • Give your business a human face by interacting with your customers.
  • Create and maintain a dedicated digital portal in the form of a blog or website.
  • Keep your content catchy and compelling.
  • Offer giveaways of your products and services.
  • Build ‘tribes’ around your brand on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
Social Media eCommerce
Dynamite Clothing / Instagram

Examples of Great Social Media Marketing in eCommerce

Savvy eCommerce retailers have already figured out that connecting with customers through social media can seriously boost their sales. Here are a few examples of clever companies that have implemented strategies for social media for eCommerce - and how they did it:

  • Fabdog - They used high-frequency retargeting ads on Facebook to drive sales of their matching pajamas for humans and dogs.
  • Wayfair - This homeware online shop showcased their products with Facebook Carousel ads and mentioned the benefits of shopping with them (i.e. discounts).
  • FabFitFun - They used shoppable pins on Pinterest so that customers could click through from the social media platform directly to a landing page to make their purchase.
  • Dynamite - This fashion brand uses short videos on Instagram stories to drive sales of their chic outfits; customers can also swipe up to go to purchase URLs.
  • Babyleggings - They used in-app purchases on Instagram so more customers would buy their cute pants for tots; plus, they offered Instagram-only discounts.
  • Kohl’s - This American retailer started pushing workout videos out through Facebook Live and saw their activewear sales soar.

Leverage the Power of Social Media to Grow your Global Brand

With consumers readily taking to social media for inspiration and purchases, using these platforms in your marketing strategy is a necessity. You need to begin building a strategy for customer acquisition through social media. This is especially because of its many benefits. Of course, an effective social media marketing strategy means you’ll soon be shipping out lots of orders. That’s where Easyship can help you. Sign up for a free account now to start sending those orders around the world.