Key points:

  • Leading eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Walmart are raising shipping expectations, making fast shipping an industry standard
  • Not only are customers expecting fast shipping, but 2022 research is indicating that the majority of online shoppers are now expecting it for free
  • Easyship can help you stay ahead of the competition. Start offering every customer the cheapest, fastest and best value delivery options on your store's checkout

Are you looking to explore the future of fast shipping? This article breaks down how important fast shipping is for customers, plus whether online shoppers prefer free or fast shipping. Plus, explore how Easyship can help you hack fast shipping. Offer your potential customers exclusive shipping options that will boost conversions.

How Important is Fast Shipping to Consumers?

Today's online shoppers are increasingly expecting faster and faster delivery timelines. With Amazon Prime setting the standard throughout the United States, it is arguably rapidly raising expectations for all online customers. Other leading online marketplaces are now competing, launching their own expedited shipping options:

  • eBay Fast 'n' Free: Guarantee customers will receive the listed product within 4 days if both the buyer and seller are located in the continental US
  • Walmart 2-day delivery: Completely free for shoppers and guarantees delivery within 2 business days in the continental US

This rapidly evolving delivery service expectation reaches beyond the US and customers worldwide are starting to expect expedited shipping. In a 2022 Statista survey of global online shoppers, 41% hoped to receive it within 24 hours. While 24% reported wanting their order in less than 2 hours.

These trends indicate standard shipping and delivery options could fall below customer expectations, even when shipping internationally. Fast international shipping options can now cover over 220 countries and territories, however shipping rates can quickly add up for international shipments.

How Many People Prefer Free Shipping Over Fast Shipping?

With Amazon Prime shifting shipping charges to a less visible monthly model, free standard shipping is also becoming a customer expectation. A 2022 study conducted by Santa Clara University reveals that 96% of the top 100 US online apparel retailers now offer free shipping options. While this has become an industry norm, 62% of online shoppers questioned in the same study also expect their free shipping orders to arrive within 3 business days.

The main takeaway from this report is that the majority of customers within the US now want free and fast shipping on all orders. With online shoppers demanding more than ever, it's up to online stores to offer the delivery services that customers expect. Combining a positive shipping experience with good customer service can help build a strong customer base and boost repeat sales.


How to Hack Fast Shipping Today

When offering overnight shipping and next-day shipping, costs can quickly start eating into your profit margins. On the flip side, eCommerce customers are increasingly expecting free and fast delivery. Shipping can be a crucial factor in converting hard-won traffic into paying customers. Hack fast shipping for your online store with Easyship's easy to understand, and easy to use, cutting-edge shipping tools.

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How Fast Is Express Shipping?

Express shipping is one of the fastest shipping options available for online store owners. Usually, this option is offered by air couriers, with delivery being expected overnight or within the next day. The main difference, compared to standard shipping, is that this option is typically flown most of the distance.

How Fast Is Priority Shipping?

Similar to express shipping broken down above, packages shipped via priority are typically transported by air. A standard shipping timeline for this shipping option takes between 1–3 days, Monday to Friday.

Does USPS Have Fast Shipping?

USPS Priority Mail Express shipments offer guaranteed 2-day delivery. Within this service, the flat rate envelope option allows you to ship packages up to 70 lbs to any state. This flat-rate shipping service can allow you to offer a priority mail service at a simple rate.