Key Points:

  • Discreet shipping is great for sending items confidentially without anyone knowing the contents of the package
  • USPS, UPS®, and FedEx offer discreet shipping services at no extra cost
  • Vape products, high-value items, and adult products are common items that use discreet shipping

Have you ever wanted an item shipped discreetly? Not everyone wants the world to notice what they bought from an online retailer depending on the item. They want to ensure the product’s privacy throughout the shipping process, achievable when items are delivered in ambiguous packaging.

Items like adult products, high-value items, and vape products are the most common items that use discreet shipping. So, how does discreet shipping work, and how can merchants implement this strategy for their eCommerce business?

This blog will go over how discreet shipping works, the types of items commonly shipped, and specific guidelines to follow when shipping discreetly.

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Discreet Shipping Meaning

Discreet shipping refers to sending an item in ambiguous packaging. More specifically, this shipping method involves shipping a product in a way that no one gets to know the content.

What is Discreet Shipping?

Shipping items discreetly offer the privacy needed by the customers on their orders. It hides the product and removes information about the online store. This section will go over some products that are commonly needed to be shipped discreetly.

Adult Products

Discreet shipping helps solve the embarrassing problem faced when ordering adult products. Receiving the products in an undisclosed package can be a huge lifesaver for many people. It saves their face and prevents embarrassment, questioning, and anxiety.

eCommerce brands can indicate a confidential shipping policy for adult products by eCommerce brands on their checkout page. This way, merchants show customers they value customer privacy. Some brands that do this for their customers include Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

High-Value Products

Fourteen percent of Americans say they had been victims of packaging theft in the past 12 months. So, discreet packaging can deter porch pirates from stealing packages to help curb this issue.

Here are common high-value products that use discreet services:

  • High-end technology or gadgets.
  • Medicines
  • Food items

In order to deal with porch piracy thefts,  it's important for brands to package products in a discreet way. This way, no one can guess what the shipment contains, how much it costs, or its value.

Vape Discreet Shipping

Vaping devices are devices used to inhale an aerosol, typically containing nicotine and other chemicals by individuals 21 years or older. In some cases, vape products help conceal smoking habits, and individuals ordering them would want them delivered discreetly.

However, common carriers like UPS, FedEx, etc., don't move or ship vape products due to shipping regulations. Instead, Easyship's approved list of partners can ship your vape products discreetly. Plus, you'll save up to 91% off discounted shipping rates when you create a free Easyship account.

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How Does Discreet Shipping Work?

Discreet shipping is easy to request on any online store or eCommerce platform. For example, customers may request PO Box delivery instead of in-house delivery.

To use this method, customers have to provide their return address for the package to send. However, Customers may also request in-house delivery and also retain discreteness.

Discreet shipping is available on almost all retail and online stores offering the service on the checkout page. Primarily all courier companies engage in this type of confidential shipping service with no extra cost. This way, they can avoid the blooming crime of porch theft and maintain the customers' privacy.

Do USPS, UPS, and FedEx Offer Discreet Shipping?

USPS, UPS, and FedEx offer discreet shipping to their customers at no extra cost. The major couriers maintain a high level of discreteness so that even the delivery guy won't know what you ordered.

The products are shipped in a standard box with only the customers' names and addresses. They might not even brand the boxes just to maintain a high level of customers' privacy.

USPS Discreet Shipping

USPS Discreet Mail Service handles the discreet policy of the company. Plus, they also track the shipping and delivery of the box from start to finish, right until it reaches the customer.

As another option, USPS also delivers to USPS PO Boxes for discreet shipping. To request the USPS discreet service, you must place a single order with your local USPS Discreet Mail Service office. USPS delivers products chosen by the customers to be delivered discreetly through the following shipping services:

  • USPS Priority Mail
  • USPS Retail Ground
  • USPS Priority Mail Express

UPS Discreet Shipping

To ensure customers' privacy, UPS ships all packages in a plain box with absolutely no product labels. Unfortunately, UPS and other major couriers besides USPS, don't deliver to PO Boxes.

UPS ships its products with secrecy if customers choose any shipping services:

  • UPS® Ground
  • UPS 2nd Day Air®

To find out more about UPS discreet shipping services, the UPS website for more details.

FedEx Discreet Shipping

FedEx doesn't charge extra costs for discreet shipping, and they also don't deliver to PO Boxes. Instead, they deliver your packages with plain boxes with their brand name on them only.

Additionally, if the delivery person feels the environment is unsafe, he or she may re-attempt delivery at a later time. This is reflected in FedEx's courier policy.

FedEx shipping services that offer discreet services include:

  • FedEx Ground
  • FedEx First Overnight
  • FedEx 2Day

Amazon Discreet Shipping

Amazon states in its policy to offer standard confidential packaging for all its orders. Plus, the policy states that all items shipped will be enclosed in plain unmarked packaging. This way, no one can guess the items contained in the package.

No matter how large the item is, Amazon will specifically ship it with a plain box with only its brand name. The service is used for items like:

  • Gifts such as toys, musical instruments, etc.
  • Electronic items and accessories
  • Gadgets and laptops

Amazon's topmost priority is to address the privacy concerns of its customers. Thus, the packages come in a standard Amazon box or mailbox, with no label or minimal information on the label.

Discreet Shipping with Easyship

Customers may have personal reasons or packages that contain adult products, vape products, or high-value products to request discreet services. Many customers want to ensure their package is delivered with concealment. So, that's where discreet shipping comes in handy.

Connect with a reliable platform to help you with any unanswered questions about discreet shipping. Easyship offers up to 91% off discounted shipping rates on 550+ courier solutions with the help of our Free Shipping Rates Calculator. Plus, gain instant access to premium benefits like:

  • Automatic label generation for your shipments
  • 24/7 care from our team of shipping experts
  • Access to our global shipping and fulfillment network

Our shipping experts can help you plan your shipping strategy ahead of time and avoid shipping delays or missing shipping deadlines. Our Easyship team is always available to help you with discreet service processes.

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Discreet Shipping FAQ

What does discreet shipping to the USA mean?

Discreet shipping refers to sending an item in ambiguous packaging

Do all Amazon packages come in discreet packaging?

Yes, Amazon packages come in a standard cardboard box with an Amazon sticker/packaging tape.

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