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  • This blog talks about the 9 trending product niches that are selling fast and high in 2022 and beyond
  • The easiest way to find trending products online is with Google Trends
  • Easyship saves users up to 89% off discounted shipping rates on 250+ couriers to reach global customers across the globe

You’d be rich if you sold Pet Rocks in the 90s. Or Hammer Pants. Or yoga pants in 2015 for that matter. So what’s going to be the best-selling online product for 2022?

Anticipating what customers want is one of the more difficult aspects of eCommerce. You’re not a mind reader, after all. The best way to identify trending products is to listen to customers, monitor social media, and use trend research tools like Google Trends.

Today we talk about the 9 trending product niches that are selling fast and high in 2022 and beyond. And since Easyship loves to save you money on shipping at every opportunity, we’ll also show you how to ship these products as cheaply as possible.

Table of Contents

1. Swimsuits

After a long COVID winter, shoppers are keen for fun in the sun. Unsurprisingly, swimwear sales are rising faster than the temperatures. This Google Trends graph shows the upswing in organic search for swimsuits.

Trending Product for eCommerce in 2021

According to a smattering of fashion blogs, the most popular swimwear styles for women are:

  • Upside-down bikinis
  • Bottom tops
  • High-waisted bikini bottoms
  • Monokinis

Meanwhile, sustainable swimwear is a growing category for both men and women. Sustainable swimsuits are made from recycled textiles and shipped in recycled, reusable bags to lessen their environmental impact. Adding these seasonally trending products to your eCommerce store is a smart move as people gear up for summer.

What’s it cost to ship a swimsuit? Using our free shipping rate calculator, we get an instant quote for a 1-pound swimwear package sent from New York to Colorado.

Quote for a 1-pound swimwear package sent from New York to Colorado

At $7.97, USPS Parcel Select will be your cheapest option. If you need it there in 3 days or less, USPS Priority Mail is just a dollar more. And by using Easyship, you’ll save almost $6 on USPS Priority compared to using the Post Office.

2. Athleisure Wear

The fashionable activewear of today goes by the name “athleisure.”

Piggybacking off the craze for yoga pants, these garments offer the wearer a blend of style and convenience. As an apparel category, athleisure includes everything from t-shirts to leggings to sports bras.

After pioneering athletic gear, the US has since come to favor athleisure apparel as a more flexible variant of workout apparel. International merchants beware: international audiences may be less enthusiastic about this trending product because of its informal appearance.

3. Homewares

Life in lockdown gave people a new appreciation for a comfy and well-organized living space. While other retailers went under, homeware brands like West Elm exploded in popularity during the pandemic.

One year later, people are still looking for ways to beautify and organize their homes. For example, bookcases and living furniture are each receiving a whopping 49,500 searches per month. As you source products, look for vendors with top ratings on quality and unique products.

What’s it cost to ship a homeware item?

Let’s say we’re shipping a 15-pound bookcase from Washington to Mississippi. We can get a rate quote instantly using the Easyship shipping rate calculator.

Shipping quote for 15-pound bookcase from Washington to Mississippi

Wow, it’s less expensive than I thought. For less than $10, you can send your bookcase from WA to MS on USPS Priority Mail. Of course, you’ll also save about 60% on the listed USPS rate by using Easyship.

4. Dog Training

You may be, or at least know, a person who got a dog during the lockdown. Pooches need training, and Google Trends reflects the steady increase in demand for dog training over the last year.

Google Trends report for growing eCommerce product

Dog training is expensive, however, and many owners will opt for cheaper ways to train their new best friend.

Trending information products to sell include training video series as well as books on dog training, such as Cesar Milan’s How to Raise the Perfect Dog. Other trending products to consider in this space include training shock collars, bark deterrents, and training toys.

Somewhat related: inflatable dog and cat collars are selling like hotcakes. These are used to help animals travel or recover after an injury.

5. Baby Carriers

All that time we spent indoors last year has also increased the need for baby carriers. This year, front-facing baby carriers are a trending product for mothers and fathers on the move.

Baby carriers a trending product for 2021

The search term "baby carriers" get a monthly search volume of 49,500. When it comes to shipping, these items should fit inside most free boxes available from top courier companies.

6. Phone Cases

Everyone’s favorite accessory is their smartphone. Unsurprisingly, smartphone cases are a perennial top-seller in eCommerce. According to, “mobile accessories” gets around 49,500 searches per month.

Smartphone cases a perennial top-seller in eCommerce


For merchants, phone cases are cheap to buy, offer high returns, and are cheap to ship. What’s not to love? And with so many styles of phone cases on the market, you can definitely find a style or two that complements your brand.

7. Seat Cushions

Many people are turning to seat cushions to offset the impact of their sedentary lifestyle. This trending product has gained popularity as more people work from home, an inexpensive alternative to ergonomic chairs. This seat cushion from Amazon (which I use and love) has over 64,000 reviews.

Seat cushion: trending product on Amazon

Seat cushions are a high-profit item when sourced from suppliers like Alibaba. You can maximize your margins with Easyship’s pre-negotiated discounted shipping rates – up to 70% of all retail rates from USPS, FedEx, and more.

8. Board Games

What’s to do when you’re sick of Netflix? Board games! People are returning to this classic mode of entertainment as a way to get social while limiting their screen time.

Board games are a leader among trending product categories in global eCommerce markets.

Board games are a leader among trending product categories

From classics like Scattergories to cult favorites like Dungeons & Dragons, the perfect game is an ideal item for an online store. For international shipments, you can quickly calculate any duty and tax due with our free duty and tax calculator.

9. Cycling Gear

Here’s the state of play for cycling and commerce:

  • Bike manufacturers sold out in the summer of 2020
  • Peloton indoor cycling is massively popular
  • Summer is coming

All considered anything cycling is set to be a booming eCommerce category for the rest of 2022.

You could invest in the apparel side of things with cycling jerseys or cycling caps. Biking accessories like helmets and bike seats are also popular. For example, the search term “bike saddles” is getting 22,200 searches per month, according to Shopify.

What’s it cost to ship a bike seat?

For a 2-pound bike seat going from New York to Colorado, USPS Priority Mail gets it there for $9.14.

Shipping quote for a 2-pound bike seat going from New York to Colorado

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A bit of research and intuition are your best help when trying to identify the next trending product in eCommerce. When it comes to maximizing your profits, using the cheapest shipping rates is a no-brainer.

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How to find trending products?

The easiest way to find trending products online is with Google Trends. This tool reflects the organic search volume for product queries on Google, making it a signpost for what's on the come-up.  

What can I sell online fast?

The fastest-selling online products are always in flux. However, there's stable demand for electronics and their accessories, fashion items, and home-use goods that create comfort and convenience.