Key points:

  • USPS shipping rates will be increasing in 2023
  • Easyship users can benefit from discounted USPS shipping rates despite the rate increase
  • You can manage all your USPS shipping needs through our easy-to-use dashboard

With the holiday period not long over, businesses around the world are now preparing for the year ahead. There’s never a better time to create a strong shipping strategy now that things have calmed down from the year-end.

When it comes to shipping, staying informed about current rates is crucial for ensuring that your customers are always aware of the latest costs and delivery times. That's why we want to bring to your attention the recent announcement from USPS regarding updated shipping rates for 2023. While the rates have increased slightly, Easyship is here to help you save on your shipping costs.

As an Easyship user, you have access to discounted shipping rates when you ship with us. Our goal is to always provide the best shipping discounts possible through our courier partnerships, and that includes offering the lowest possible USPS shipping rates. In fact, we even offer lower costs than Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP) on certain services.

Check out the new USPS Priority Mail Rates and compare them with CPP, and see for yourself how much you can save by using Easyship. With our easy-to-use dashboard, managing all of your USPS shipping needs has never been more convenient. Don't let the rate increase worry you. With Easyship you’ll always get access to the lowest rates possible.

Priority Mail Rates (Retail vs CPP) for Weight-Based Packages

Up to 1lbs

Up to 2lbs

Up to 3lbs

Up to 4lbs

Up to 5lbs

Zone 1













Zone 2













Zone 3













Zone 4













Zone 5













Zone 6













Zone 7













Zone 8













Zone 9













These changes will reflect the Commercial Price Plus (CPP) rates that Easyship users pay and are lower than retail rates. We are also pleased to offer much lower rates when choosing USPS Priority Mail® on certain shipments.

Priority Mail Flat Rate (Retail vs CPP)



Discount %

Flat Rate Envelopes




Legal Flat Rate Envelope




Padded Flat Rate Envelope




Small Flat Rate Box




Medium Flat Rate Box




Large Flat Rate Boxes




Large Flat Rate Boxes (for APO/FPO/DPO)




So as you can see, even though the new USPS rates have increased slightly, you will still be saving money when choosing to ship with USPS through Easyship.

You can use our free shipping calculator for USPS to calculate how much your package will cost to send, and see how much you can save.

USPS 2023 Shipping Rates

USPS Discounts for All Services

To give you an example of the discounts you can expect to receive when shipping with Easyship, here are the average discount percentages.

  • Priority Mail Express - Up to 20% discount
  • First Class - Average discount of 33%
  • First Class International - Up to 20.32% discount
  • Priority Mail International - Up to 9.8% discount
  • Priority Mail International Express - Up to 9.65% discount

Breakdown of the Rate Change

Priority Mail Regional Rate Boxes to Be Discontinued

USPS have decided to discontinue Regional Rate boxes. This comes “as part of an effort to simplify the Priority Mail products offering” according to a statement from the Postal Service.

Priority Mail Cubic is used for shipping packages that are close in size to Regional Rate boxes. It is a faster and more affordable option when it comes to sending packages that are under 0.5 cubic feet. With Priority Mail Cubic being a more popular choice than Priority Mail Regional Rate, this shouldn’t disappoint too many people.

Zone 1 and Zone 2 Shipping Areas Will Be Split

USPS has made the decision to split Zone 1, and Zone 2 into separate zones rather than grouping them together. As well as this, Local Zone will be removed for all products apart from Connect Local. These changes apply to First-Class Package Service, Parcel Select Destination, Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, and Ground Return Service.

Note: Zone 1 - is within a radius of 50 miles and Zone 2 is within 51–150 miles. You can expect a 2% price difference between Zone 1 and 2.

Why Choose USPS?

Choosing USPS as your preferred courier can provide a multitude of benefits for your business, in addition to the discounted rates that Easyship customers receive.

One of the major advantages of using USPS is that there is no minimum volume required. All Easyship users have access to USPS pricing and functionality, regardless of the size of their business.

Another benefit of using USPS is that there are no surcharges for fuel or residential addresses. This means that you can ship to any residential address without incurring extra costs.

Easyship's platform also makes it easy to manage your entire USPS shipping experience. From scheduling pickups to generating shipping labels and tracking your shipments, our platform streamlines the process.

In addition, Easyship users have access to Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP) discounts and more, which are not available at the post office. With these discounts, you can save even more on your shipping costs.

Ready to ship and save with USPS through Easyship? Sign up for an account today and get access to these great discounted rates and expand your business this year