Key points:

  • Unlock Aussie growth: Boost sales and tap into the forecast $57.45 Billion Australian eCommerce market
  • Ship to Australia with USPS: Choose Priority Mail Express for speed, Priority Mail for balance, First-Class for budget
  • Easyship simplifies USPS Australia shipping: discounted rates, automated paperwork, real-time tracking, multi-carrier comparison
  • Ship smarter, not harder: Streamline workflows, compare rates, track shipments & build customer trust with Easyship's all-in-one platform

The Australian eCommerce market is forecast to surge from $41.82 Billion in 2024 to $57.45 Billion by 2028, fueled by an 8.26% annual growth rate. This offers a huge potential market for ambitious eCommerce entrepreneurs looking to grow their business in an English-speaking market.

However, navigating the intricacies of international shipping, particularly with the vast distance involved, can feel like a daunting task. This comprehensive guide explores how to ship Australia with the United States Postal Service, plus how to find the best rates with Easyship today!

USPS Australia: Your Options Explained

The United States Postal Service offers a range of shipping options to Australia, catering to various needs and budgets. Each service boasts unique advantages, making it crucial to understand the landscape before choosing the right one for your package:

Priority Mail Express International: 

The king of speed, Priority Mail Express International guarantees delivery within 1-3 business days, making it ideal for urgent shipments or critical documents. Expect to pay a premium for this lightning-fast service, but the peace of mind and guaranteed arrival are often worth the investment.

Priority Mail International: 

This reliable workhorse delivers within 3-5 business days, offering a balance between speed and affordability. It's the perfect choice for most time-sensitive shipments, like orders with expedited shipping options or gifts for loved ones.

First-Class Package International Service

The budget-friendly champion, shines for lightweight packages under 4 lbs, with delivery times ranging from 7-14 business days. This option is ideal for sending small items like books, souvenirs, or light apparel, where cost-effectiveness is paramount.

Global Express Guaranteed

This hybrid service combines the speed of Priority Mail Express International with a money-back guarantee if delivery deadlines are missed. It serves as a safety net for crucial shipments, offering the promise of swift delivery and financial compensation in case of unexpected delays.

Beyond the Big Four 

USPS also offers additional options like Registered Mail International and Surface Mail International, catering to specific needs like increased security or budget-conscious bulk shipments.

USPS Australia

Customs Forms: Avoiding the Paperwork Maze

International shipping involves crossing borders, and borders mean customs. Don't let customs forms turn into your personal labyrinth! USPS provides clear instructions and downloadable forms for various destinations, including Australia. 

Easyship, a powerful shipping platform, can further simplify the process by automating customs documentation, saving you time and headaches. Plus, Easyship offers a free and easy-to-use Import Duty Calculator to help you estimate your tax and duty fees before you ship. 

Simply enter your shipment value and product type, and our calculator will do the rest, factoring in the latest Australian customs regulations and duty rates. With transparent cost estimations up front, you can confidently budget for your shipments and avoid unforeseen expenses at the border.

Send Mail to Australia With Easyship

Easyship becomes your secret weapon for mastering shipping to Australia. This platform seamlessly integrates with your online store, automating tasks like label generation, customs documentation, and shipment tracking. Easyship growth of your online store with:

  • Discounted USPS rates: Access exclusive discounts on USPS shipping, saving you money on every Australian journey your package takes.
  • Automated paperwork: Easyship handles all customs declarations and invoices, freeing you from the burden of paperwork.
  • Real-time tracking: Keep tabs on your shipments in real-time, offering peace of mind and transparency for you and your customers.
  • Multi-carrier comparison: Compare rates and services from various carriers, including USPS, to find the best option for your specific needs.
  • eCommerce platform integrations: Integrate Easyship with popular platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento for a seamless shipping experience.

Optimizing Your USPS Australia Strategy: Pro Tips for Success

Beyond choosing the right service and platform, consider these expert tips to optimize your USPS Australia shipping:

  • Consolidate shipments: Combine multiple orders into one package to save on shipping costs
  • Pack efficiently: Use lightweight packing materials and optimize box dimensions to minimize weight and size. Remember, Australia has five delivery zones, with prices escalating as you move towards more remote areas. Keeping your package streamlined can save you substantial costs
  • Declare customs accurately: Honesty is the best policy! Ensure accurate and complete customs declarations to avoid delays and potential fines. Easyship can help you navigate the intricacies of Australian customs regulations, ensuring smooth passage for your package
  • Offer competitive shipping rates: Pass on some of your shipping savings to your Australian customers to boost conversions. Remember, price-sensitive shoppers often prioritize affordability, so making international shipping slightly more accessible can lead to more orders
  • Communicate clearly: Transparency is key! Keep your customers informed about shipping times, potential delays, and tracking information. Consistent communication builds trust and fosters positive customer relationships

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USPS Australia

Cheapest Way To Ship To Australia From The US

Need to ship to Australia and not certain about the affordability of services like Priority Mail International or Priority Mail Express International? Here's a breakdown of the most cost effective shipping options for a 2 LB package from New York to Australia, based on data from Easyship's free-to-use shipping calculator:

Cheapest Overall:

  • Australia Post Global - ePacket stands out as the most budget-friendly option, costing only $16.40. It offers delivery within 12-16 working days and limited tracking capabilities.

Best Value:

  • Australia Post Global - ePacket Plus strikes a balance between affordability and tracking, costing $17.75 for delivery within 12-16 working days and regular tracking
  • Asendia - e-PAQ Plus is another strong contender for best value, priced at $25.11 with regular tracking and delivery within 12-18 working days


  • UPS Worldwide Saver® takes the lead for speed, delivering packages within just 3 working days for $46.74. It also offers excellent tracking
  • UPS Worldwide Expedited® follows closely behind, ensuring delivery within 4 working days for $45.03, also with excellent tracking

Factors to Consider:

  • Delivery time: If speed is crucial, consider express services like UPS Worldwide Saver® or Expedited®
  • Tracking: Assess the level of tracking you need. Basic tracking provides milestones, while regular tracking offers more detailed updates.
  • Package weight: Costs may vary for heavier packages
  • Specific needs: If you require insurance, signature confirmation, or other special services, factor those costs into your decision
  • Remote areas: Delivery to remote areas in Australia may incur additional charges
Courier Delivery Time Tracking Total Cost
Australia Post Global - ePacket 12 - 16 working days Limited $16.40
Australia Post Global - ePacket Plus 12 - 16 working days Regular $17.75
Flat Export 15 - 20 working days Limited $19.88
Asendia - e-PAQ Plus 12 - 18 working days Regular $25.11
Asendia - Epaq Select 4 - 9 working days Regular $28.83
Asendia - e-PAQ Standard 6 - 15 working days Basic $28.94
USPS - First Class International 10 - 14 working days Basic $35.25
GlobalPost - Economy 10 - 15 working days Basic $38.99
Passport - Priority Delcon 13 - 21 working days Regular $39.77
GlobalPost - Standard 6 - 10 working days Basic $40.15
UPS Worldwide Expedited® 4 working days Excellent $45.03
UPS Worldwide Saver® 3 working days Excellent $46.74
Aramex - Parcel 10 - 15 working days Basic $55.09
USPS - Priority Mail International 10 - 15 working days Regular $69.86
USPS - Priority Mail Express International 9 - 13 working days Regular $81.05

The shipping rates displayed on the Easyship blog are for informational purposes only and may not be accurate at the time of shipping. Easyship does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of any shipping rates displayed on the blog.

USPS Services: A Familiar Choice for Shipping to Australia

USPS offers several services for shipping to Australia, each with its advantages and disadvantages compared to the options listed above. Here's a quick comparison:

USPS First-Class International:

  • Cost: Budget-friendly, similar to Australia Post ePacket options
  • Delivery time: 10-14 working days, slower than most listed services
  • Tracking: Basic, limited updates compared to regular tracking
  • Pros: Affordable, familiar for US-based businesses
  • Cons: Slower than many options, limited tracking

USPS Priority Mail International (PMI):

  • Cost: Moderate, more expensive than Australia Post ePacket but cheaper than UPS
  • Delivery time: 10-15 working days, comparable to ePacket Plus and Asendia options
  • Tracking: Regular, provides detailed updates
  • Pros: Reliable, faster than First-Class, good tracking
  • Cons: Not the cheapest, slower than express services

USPS Priority Mail Express International (PMEI):

  • Cost: Most expensive option, similar to UPS Worldwide Saver®
  • Delivery time: 9-13 working days, fastest USPS option, comparable to UPS express services
  • Tracking: Regular, provides detailed updates
  • Pros: Fastest USPS option, guaranteed delivery
  • Cons: Most expensive, not as fast as top UPS options

USPS vs. Other Services:

USPS offers familiar and reliable services at competitive prices, particularly for First-Class and PMI. However, they may not be the fastest or most cost-effective choice, especially for urgent shipments or budget-conscious businesses.

  • For speed: UPS Worldwide Saver® and Expedited® deliver faster than any USPS option
  • For value: ePacket Plus and Asendia options offer similar delivery times and tracking to Priority Mail International at a lower cost

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your specific needs and priorities. If you prioritize affordability and familiarity with the postal service, USPS is a good option. However, the local post office in Australia is Australia Post. But if you need the fastest delivery or the best value for money, consider exploring other carriers in the same price group on Easyship's platform.

Remember: Easyship can help you compare all available options, including USPS services, and choose the best fit for your next shipment to Australia.

Beyond Australia: Expanding with Easyship

While this guide focuses on conquering the distance to Australia, Easyship empowers your online store to ship to over 220 countries and territories with ease. Whether you're eyeing the bustling markets of Europe, the vibrant shores of Asia, or the expansive landscape of South America, Easyship provides the tools and expertise to navigate international shipping complexities and unlock new sales opportunities in other countries.

Shipping USPS to Australia

USPS Australia, along with Easyship’s cutting-edge shipping algorithm, opens the door to exciting growth for your online store. With reliable shipping services, streamlined workflows, and expert guidance, you can confidently tap into the Australian market and reach new customers across the globe.

So, don't let the distance daunt you! Dive into the world of USPS Australia shipping, conquer the logistical challenges, and boost your sales in a new English-speaking target market.

Ready to start growing your sales internationally? Contact Easyship today and let our dedicated team be your compass on your international shipping journey!