Key Points:

  • Use the tracking number on your mailing receipt to find the status of your shipment for a delayed USPS package
  • As a recipient, you should consider contacting the shipper for relevant information on your shipment
  • USPS delays can be caused by an adjustment in the estimated shipping date

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is known for speedy delivery geared at improving service reliability. Over the years, USPS has built a reputation for providing prompt, reliable, and efficient services. USPS handles millions of packages daily, and USPS delays are unusual.

As a business owner, there are many things to worry about if your customers are not getting their packages on time. It could even strain your relationship with them if you cannot provide answers and solutions about delayed shipment.

Have you been bothered about USPS delays and stuck on how to handle the situation? Below is helpful information on the five things you can do to keep your mind at ease.

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Check USPS tracking

One of the best things you can do when there is a USPS delay is tracking your shipment via their website or mobile device. USPS always provides a tracking number on your mailing receipt.

By entering the tracking number of any USPS package on the tracking page, you get access to vital information about the current status of your shipment. Other information like delivery or attempted delivery information, date and time, or delivery location are also included.

Tracking information is periodically updated. So, if you get no useful information after checking, you can try again or try the next step below.

Contact the shipper (if you're the recipient)

Everyone wants to deliver their packages on time, but sometimes things don't go as planned. A general rule is to contact the shipper if your package is delayed. They probably have helpful information.

It's no news that more than three-quarters (83%) of shoppers expect regular communication about their orders. Plus, every shipper should be ready to communicate shipping delays with their customers. Communications can be in the form of automated messages that provide recipients with tracking information and explain why delivery might take longer than expected.

For shippers, frequent communications can go a long way to keep a customer's mind at ease and make them trust your brand.

Offer customers free shipping or discounts

If deliveries take longer than expected and the situation is beyond you, you need to develop an idea to keep your customer happy. Sometimes, customers may not understand that delayed deliveries are not your fault, but you need to convince them enough so that they keep doing business with you. One way is to offer free shipping or discounts on their next purchase.

According to statistics, 90% of consumers would shop online more often if given the option of free shipping. If USPS delays occur, free shipping or discounts can keep your customers loyal to your brand.

Research reasons why there might be a USPS delay

Knowing the causes of USPS delays will help you communicate efficiently with your customers. In addition, it will keep you informed so you can plan accordingly for future deliveries. Sometimes the delay could be a result of minor errors or omissions.

USPS delays - tracking

Other times, they are inevitable and beyond the postal service. Common causes of delays include:

  • Weather
  • Incorrect address
  • Holiday rush

Though these are not the only reasons for USPS delays, they give you ideas of what could cause one. Bearing these factors in mind, you can always address future uncertainties.

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Wait and be patient

Depending on your service and delivery date, you may need to wait patiently for your package to arrive. For most USPS services, delivery times are estimates, which means that you can have your parcel delivered sooner or later than the delivery date. The USPS First Class Mail, for example, offers 3-5 days in delivery, but you can receive your package before the expected date.

In other cases, you are advised to wait for more if delivery is not forthcoming for up to 10 or 14 business days. Wait patiently, but consider contacting customer service if you have fears about your package's status.

Dealing with USPS Delays This Week 2022 with Easyship

USPS is a major courier, offering affordable domestic and international shipping services. You should get your package within the estimated delivery date, but shipping delays can happen.

The causes of delays vary, but it should not get you distraught if you ever face one. Instead, try to be proactive by tracking your shipment or contact USPS customer service to rectify the cause of delays. As a business owner, frequent communication with your customers will save you a lot of stress and keep them loyal to the brand.

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  • USPS Tracking: You can take advantage of our global tracking system to offer your buyers a streamlined post-purchase experience with branded emails, dedicated tracking pages, and text message alerts

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