Each year, Valentine’s Day keeps retailers on their toes. This is because the date drives demand for Valentine’s Day delivery services and retailers have to be sure that orders are received on time. Understanding how to handle international shipments for the big day - and which courier services to use - is the key to winning the game this Valentine’s Day. This guide will break down how to navigate this tricky shipping period.

Going Global for Valentine’s Day Gifts

Statistics have shown that the more money people make, the more inclined they are to spoil their loved ones with a variety of gifts. Previously, people would not mind buying cheaper gifts like flowers (over 36 percent) and candy (approximately 50 percent) but in recent times, all that has changed. People are now opting for more expensive gifts like clothing, accessories, dinner nights, or exotic vacations.

The need to get something unique - perhaps from a different country - means that local companies offering same-day Valentine’s gift delivery is no longer enough. In fact, now, global deliveries are the norm.

So, if you have creative ideas for global Valentine’s Day deliveries, then you may be sure of connecting with more customers. From personalized mugs to bespoke fashion accessories, there are many ways to increase your sales this holiday, no matter where you’re selling from.

Couriers: Which Ones Offer Same Day Valentine’s Gift Delivery?

It doesn’t matter if you’re shipping chocolates, fashion, breakable items, or jewelry. The most important thing is to ensure that your items reach your customers on time. This is where fast shipping for Valentine’s Day gift delivery for him (or her) comes in handy. There are a number of couriers that offer fast international shipping as well as local same-day shipping. Here are a few:

  • USPS
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • DHL

As a bonus, these couriers also have staff who are trained to professionally pick up your items, pack them, and ship the parcels to recipients.

International Valentine’s Day Shipping for eCommerce Retailers: Things to Consider

Even if you already ship internationally and think you know the ins and outs, you still need to prepare yourself well to handle the high demand that ensues for Valentine’s Day. Here are a few things you should consider before offering your customers Valentine’s Day gift delivery for her (or him!):

  • Courier Shipping Deadlines: Most couriers have deadlines for Valentine’s Day deliveries. These scheduled days are designed to ensure your orders reach your customers in good time with Valentine’s Day shipping. Find out what your courier’s cutoff dates are and stick to them.
  • Perishable Goods: These include flowers and chocolates. Before you ship these kinds of items, make sure the locations and services will allow your products to be delivered in good condition. There’s nothing worse than receiving (or giving) a present that’s gone bad.
  • Import Tax and Duties: This is a crucial point as if these are not paid appropriately, your goods may not make it to their intended customers. Make sure you’ve got all the right customs paperwork for the country you’re shipping to, and be sure to note who will pay the necessary taxes and duties. If you need to figure out how much these charges will be, we can help you out.
  • Shipping Charge: You already know that Valentine’s Day shipping will incur big charges. Minimize your cost by packing your parcel appropriately and using calculators to estimate accurate shipping fees.
  • Restricted Items: You wouldn’t want to get into trouble by trying to sneak restricted goods into a country. Always check with your courier - or the destination country’s official customs page - to make sure that you can ship your goods without any problems.
  • Means of Transportation: There are various options for eCommerce merchants, including air, sea or ground shipping. The option you choose for your Valentine’s Day delivery service will likely be determined by the delivery time.
  • Appropriate Insurance Coverage: Last but not least, one of the most important things to remember for your Valentine’s Day shipments is insurance. Easyship can help - we offer insurance coverage for shipments valued below US$1,000. And, we process claims fast, too!
International Shipping for Valentine's Day

How Can I Get Flowers Delivered Internationally?

Flowers are a popular gift for Valentine’s Day. And, since you can order and ship flowers internationally, they’re a great choice if your main squeeze is in a different country. Best of all, many international flower delivery services offer same-day services. Here are a few international flower delivery companies you can look at this Valentine’s Day:

  • Flora Queen - this Barcelona-based flower shop ships to 100 countries around the world.
  • FTD - Operating since 1910 this florist ships mainly in the US.
  • The Flower Business - With a great network, quality products, and decent prices, this company is a great choice for international flower deliveries.
  • BloomNation - this company partners with local florists to offer speedy flower deliveries across the US.
  • Interflora - the granddaddy of international floristry, this company basically is the blueprint of using a network of local suppliers for international flower shipments.
  • Direct2Florist - this enterprising florist uses local partners to offer delivery in 14 countries including the US, Canada, Australia, and Brazil.
  • FromYouFlowers - with affiliations with over 200,000 florists around the world, this is a great service for international flower delivery.
  • eFlorist - this UK-based florist works across Europe, including France, Germany, Norway, and Sweden.
  • 1800flowers.com - Since the 1970s, this company has been delivering flowers to over 195 countries around the world.

Global Shipping for Valentine’s Day Made Easy

While domestic shipping and international shipping might seem similar on the surface, there are several important differences. International shipping has far more regulations, paperwork, and procedures that need to be dealt with.

Whether you choose local same-day Valentine’s gift delivery or shoot for the stars with fast international shipping, you should make sure the day counts for your business.

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