Key points:

  • DHL no longer offers branded domestic shipping in the US, but does cover over 160 million residential addresses through a partnership with USPS
  • DHL's international services cover over 220 countries and territories, with DHL Express 9.00 offering guaranteed delivery at 9 AM the next business day
  • Access exclusive DHL shipping rates with Easyship and create a delivery experience your customers love

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Are you looking to start shipping with DHL? This article breaks down the range of domestic and international services available throughout the US. Plus, how to find your nearest DHL shipping location and unlock pre-negotiated discounted rates with Easyship.

International DHL Services Available in the US

While DHL no longer offers domestic shipping carried by its branded fleet within the United States, there is still a range of reliable international shipping options to over 220 countries available. Domestic shipping is now offered through trusted partners, however all services can help online stores offer a reliable delivery experience customers love.

DHL Parcel International Direct

An international service that offers online stores reliable shipping, built to connect to the 37 largest global eCommerce markets. These key destination countries for online stores include:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • European Union (All 27 member states)
  • Hong Kong
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • United Kingdom

This service offers door-to-door tracking visibility, including delivery confirmation. End customers can also access their order's tracking information through a DHL web portal. Also included is an address validation service to ensure the order reaches your end customer without related hold-ups, plus packages are protected up to $100.

Transit times are perfect for eCommerce entrepreneurs looking to ship to international customers. With estimated delivery timelines between 3-10 business days, this option offers direct transportation to the target market, plus track and trace doorstep delivery by a reliable local courier.

There are two key customs clearance options for this service. Tax and duties can be paid in advance (DDP), or they can be paid on delivery by the end customer (DDU). While DDU can bring costs down, it can negatively impact a customer's delivery experience.

  • Transit times: 3-10 business days
  • Maximum Weight: 66lbs (Canada), 44lbs (Rest of the World)
  • Destinations: 37
  • Customs Clearance options: DDP & DDU
  • Shipment value protection: Up to $100
  • Tracking: Door-to-door visibility
  • Maximum Dimensions: : Length: 42” (79” to Canada)

DHL Parcel International Standard

This service offers an affordable option for online stores looking to grow in a wide range of international markets without shipping costs piling up. Connecting US-based eCommerce entrepreneurs to over 220 countries and territories around the world.

Transit times vary, with delivery to customers in Europe and Canada estimated to take between 4-8 business days. While delivery to destination countries in the rest of the world can take between 8-14 business days. There is no variation with the above DHL international shipping option when looking at shipment protection value and custom clearance options.

This service also offers door-to-door DHL shipping tracking in over 55 key countries. This variation in tracking status is due to the diversification DHL offers through leveraging partner national postal carriers and their respective networks. Other services that add value for eCommerce entrepreneurs include a web portal where customers can log in with their tracking number or ID, plus returns management.

  • Transit times: 4-8 business days (Europe & Canada), 8-14 business days (Rest of the world)
  • Maximum Weight: 66lbs (Canada), 44lbs (Rest of the World)
  • Destinations: 220+
  • Customs Clearance options: DDP & DDU
  • Shipment value protection: Up to $100
  • Tracking: Full shipment tracking with final delivery scan in 55+ countries
  • Maximum Dimensions: Length: 47'', Width, 24”, Height 24”

DHL Packet International

Designed for merchants shipping lightweight packages internationally, this affordable solution covers over 220 countries and territories worldwide. With a maximum weight of 4.4lbs, this solution can deliver low-value orders at a great price point and help you avoid complex customs clearance issues.

Tracking visibility for this mail service is limited. Services include providing an arrival in-destination country tracking event for 70 destinations, however no further tracking will be provided by the partner logistics company. If you are looking for a door-to-door tracked delivery service for international shipments, then the previously listed options could be a better fit.

  • Transit times: 4-8 business days (Arrival in the destination country)
  • Maximum Weight: Up to 4.4lbs
  • Destinations: 220+
  • Customs Clearance options: DDU
  • Shipment value protection: Up to $100
  • Tracking: Tracking events in the US, but visibility ends once arrived in the destination country
  • Maximum Dimensions: Length + Width + Height = 36”

DHL Express

This shipping option is the fastest express international service available through DHL from the US, whether you're a personal shipper or online shop. If orders are time sensitive, then there are a range of guaranteed delivery service levels available for the next possible business day:

  • DHL Express 9.00
  • DHL Express 10.30
  • DHL Express 12:00
  • DHL Express Worldwide (end of the next possible business day)
  • DHL Express Envelope (end of the next possible business day for documents under 10oz)

While DHL Express shipments are fast door-to-door courier services, they come with a premium price tag. All include full tracking visibility and customs clearance, plus a money-back guarantee for the services delivered by midday.

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Domestic DHL Shipping in the US

While domestic shipping is no longer offered by DHL's branded fleet, the courier has partnered with the United States Postal Service (USPS) to offer services throughout the US. With local carriers handling last-mile delivery and return pickups, these options offer coverage to more than 160 million residential addresses in the US.

DHL SmartMail Parcel & Parcel Plus

While these are two different services, they share many of the same features. SmartMail Parcel is designed to connect eCommerce merchants shipping light packages under 16oz with customers throughout the US. While the Parcel Plus option is available for packages between 1-25lbs. Packages can be shipped through three different service levels, balancing cost and transit time:

  1. Expedited Max: 2/3 transit days
  2. Expedited: 2-5 average transit days
  3. Ground: 3-8 average transit days

Another feature of these services that may appeal to online stores with a more sustainable brand is the unique green credentials of the Expedited Max service. This fast and reliable option is completely carbon-neutral, through carbon offset protection projects, in line with DPDHL Group's Mission 2050: Zero Emissions.

From ZIP code validation to free Saturday delivery and estimated delivery dates, there are a range of key features that can help create a positive delivery experience for your domestic customers. However, packages have to conform to USPS shipping restrictions and prohibited items, plus can't contain materials designated as first-class by the carrier.

  • Transit times: Depends on the selected service level
  • Maximum Weight: Up to 16oz (Parcel), 25lbs (Parcel Plus)
  • Shipment value protection: Up to $100
  • Tracking: Full visibility for every event
  • Maximum Dimensions: Length 27'', Width 17'', Height 17''

DHL SmartMail Parcel Return

This service offers the ability for customers to send returns through three different service levels, including an express mail option. With end-to-end tracking visibility, every event from label creation to final delivery is easily broken down for both the customer and the merchant.

Customers can simply return orders by placing the parcel in their mailbox or any USPS collection site. There are three different service levels available, with different combinations of transit times and maximum package weights:

1.DHL SmartMail Parcel Return Light.

  • Transit time: 2- 4 average days
  • Maximum weight: 16oz

2.DHL SmartMail Parcel Return Plus.

  • Transit time: 1-3 average days
  • Maximum weight: 70 pounds

3.DHL SmartMail Parcel Return Ground.

  • Transit time: 3-8 average days
  • Maximum weight: 70 pounds

Is There a DHL Location Near Me?

Available throughout the US, there are three types of different locations to ship with DHL. You can find the type of location closest to you by using the DHL Servicepoint Locator tool on the DHL site.

1.DHL Authorized Shipping Centers

These retail stores are operated by partner businesses, offering DHL coverage throughout the US. While these locations are owned by other businesses, the staff can help prepare packages and accept drop-offs.

2.DHL Staffed Facilities

Not as common as the above-mentioned shipping centers, you can find these branded stores in major cities in most states. These specialist staff offer some specific shipping supplies, plus the following DHL Express delivery services:

  • DHL Express Worldwide
  • DHL Express 12:00
  • DHL Express 9:00

3. DHL Drop Boxes

The DHL drop box network, found throughout the US, are convenient for shipping parcels with dimensions less than 18” x 13” x 4”. Packages are collected every weekday.

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