Key points:

  • GlobalPost ships from the US to over 220 destination countries, with both its Standard and Economy International services
  • GlobalPost Economy International is Delivered Duty Unpaid. On delivery, your end customer can have to pay extra costs
  • Easyship can help your store scale international sales seamlessly. Explore exclusive discounted rates, with up to 91% off over 250 couriers worldwide

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Looking for cheap international shipping options for your online store? This article breaks down GlobalPost, how it works, and the key differences between the international shipping options.

What is Global Post?

Global Post offers a range of international shipping options to over 220 countries for eCommerce merchants based in the United States. This network is fulfilled through partnerships with various worldwide national and commercial carriers.

These partnerships are selected to offer potentially cheaper and faster delivery services. Primarily by utilizing the established postal network in the destination county. These shipping options enable US online stores to grow internationally, connecting with local national carriers for delivery. GlobalPost offers the following services:


  • Parcel Select Destination Entry


  • GlobalPost Economy International
  • GlobalPost Standard International
  • GlobalPost Plus

Global Post currently ships from the US to over 220 destination countries with both its Standard and Economy International services. While the Plus service is only available for shipments going to Canada, Mexico and the UK.

How Does GlobalPost Work?

GlobalPost shipping software can connect merchants with end customers throughout the US and in over 220 countries. Checkout this quick breakdown of the process below:

  1. All Global Post domestic and international packages are first sent by USPS to a regional shipping center
  2. For international mail, the delivery service prints and applies the package's international shipping labels and electronic customs forms
  3. The package is then passed over to a partner national postal carrier in the destination country. For domestic shipping, USPS takes care of last mile delivery

Please note that Economy International is Delivered Duty Unpaid. This means for this service the end customer will be responsible for any duties, taxes or import customs clearances. This can negatively impact customer satisfaction and quickly lead to bad reviews for your online store.

Global Post Tracking

The tracking service available varies on the Global Post shipping service picked by the user. Checkout this quick breakdown below to help pick a delivery experience that best fits the needs of your online store:

Economy International

The mail tracking on this budget international option will track your package until it leaves the US. Once the package has been processed by customs and left the country, the tracking system will not update.

GlobalPost Plus and Standard International

Track your international package's door to door with these more expensive options. Your tracking number will update throughout the delivery process, clearly showing when the order has been delivered to the end customer.

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Differences Between GlobalPost's International Options

If you are looking to ship internationally with GlobalPost there are some key differences between each shipping service. Checkout this quick breakdown below:

Economy International

Standard International

GlobalPost Plus

Weight Limit Per Package

4.4lbs ( Flats up to 16oz)



Countries Served

Over 220

Over 220

Canada, Mexico and the UK

Free Coverage (against loss or damage, plus shipping costs)

Up to $100

Up to $100

Up to $200

Restricted Items

Anything prohibited or restricted by the USPS or the destination country will not be accepted. Researching the destination's specific restrictions can help ensure orders are delivered. GlobalPost won't accept any responsibility or accept coverage claims for packages confiscated by customs.

Ship International Sales with Easyship

GlobalPost's range of international shipping options deliver through a partnership with leading local national carriers. Depending on the destination country, this can help you create a delivery experience that uses an established network customers trust.

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