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5 Earth-Friendly Brands That Give Back to the Environment

Steve Longo

by Steve Longo

On 2019 M04 25

by Steve Longo

You don’t have to be Captain Planet to save the world! If you honored Earth Day by not shopping, bookmark this story for sustainable brands that are good for your wallet and also for the environment!

Here at Easyship, we’re very fortunate to power some awesome environmentally-friendly companies that make amazing products for people looking for something eco-friendly, whether it’s food, cosmetics or anything else in between.

Here’s a quick look at five eco-friendly companies powered by Easyship that make cool environmentally-friendly products to check out!


Mushrooms and coffee may not seem like they go hand-in-hand with each other - but not at NeuRoast! This keto-friendly, paleo-friendly and GMO-free company uses six mushroom powders (yes, you read that right!) to boost the benefits you get from a cup of joe, enhancing your mental state, focus and clarity without crashing afterwards.

Blending rich Italian dark roast or Arabica coffee with Shitake, Reishi, Turkey Tail, Chaga, Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps mushroom powder, NeuRoast offers both delicious coffee and natural, plant-based creamers free of artificial chemicals, sweeteners and preservatives.

Get your morning caffeine boost and protect the planet at the same time!

NeuRoast Instant Latte


The beauty industry is pretty ugly in many ways. Animal testing and environmentally-harmful palm oil production used to make cosmetics have had negative impacts on the planet’s ecosystem for years.

Axiology looks to change this totally. Offering “100% evil free” vegan lipsticks and crayons, Axiology eschews animal testing, palm oil and soy to create cool products that are both socially and environmentally-conscious.

Look beautiful while wearing no evil!

Axiology Bonafide Lipstick

Sai Organics

If “organic,” “natural” and “sustainable” are buzzwords that piques your interest, there’s no better place to look than Sai Organics.

Founded in 2017 and based in Singapore, Sai Organics is a one-stop-shop for all sorts of organic, environmentally sustainable food, from flour to pasta to cereal and everything else in between. Selling only natural and chemical-free products, Sai Organics is an organic foodie’s dream come true.

Live a healthier lifestyle and help sustain the planet - all in a day’s work!

Natureland Organic Pasta Fusilli, currently available at Sai Organics

Wild Organic Life

Need skin care products but want to be eco-friendly too?

Wild Organic Life is just the place to look! This Hong-Kong based brand prides itself on selling a wide selection of eco-friendly, organic skin care, body care and essential oil products. By using only organically-certified, natural ingredients, Wild Organic Life can help you both heal your skin and save the environment.

See why their motto of “your skin, we care” isn’t an empty boast, but a promise they've kept to countless customers!

Organic Otto Rose Moisturizing Rejuvenation Spray

Gu Organic

A healthy meal replacement in a cup? Why not!

Gu Organic offers instant, organic healthy meal replacements. The catch? They're in powder form! Simply pour the powder into a cup of water, stir and you've got yourself a meal on the go!

Choose from 12 tasty curated options that also make great smoothies with some ice and a blender. All products are made from fresh vegetables, grains, fruits and nuts sans the artificial flavors and additives.

Have lunch on the go while being eco-friendly to boot!

Purple Energy Booster Drink